How To Search Happiness In Lock down- Happiness

Happiness is our choice. I have to decide it, How should I will be happy?

Create Happiness With Inner Beauty – In Lock down

Keys Of Happiness In Lock down 

Love, devotion and detachment is the main key to happiness. When we are keeping positive thoughts on our words and actions then automatically happiness comes to you.

When we are doing any karma with selfless mind then also automatically happiness sat in the mind for a continuous process.

When we are in a happy mood then we can feel positiveness in every
negative people. Happiness is the sign of stable mind. It can get due to our aims, words and actions with humanity, environment as well as some spiritual work we get it automatically.

When we can keep our needs in control of our budget and we not indulged in any bank’s loan
then also we are living happily with this small budget. As we have keeping values with truth.


The person who is earning money with truth keeping values in his mind, whose thoughts, actions, karma are clean and selfless than that mind makes his karma with enthusiasm and his prayer gives him happiness. Taking and giving has to get the same value of happiness.
We can also get happiness when other persons are in happiness state for ex.: When two
persons are laughing with reason then surrounding persons also laughing without reason.
So many people thinking that collecting a lot of money means happiness.

Some people are doing work or any business for getting happiness. Forex. The job of nursing in the hospital is the best work for patients, in that service they are getting respect for happiness and satisfaction.  Primary teachers get students pure love with respect and so they are automatically living happily. Friendships Success Brings Happiness and Satisfaction.
Many people build big buildings to get happiness and satisfaction, but when another
person build another huge building in front of him then his happiness get reduced for some days.


A student whose relationship with his primary teacher gives inspiration and this inspiration remains long life up to the last state of life.
Any person searches happiness in the environment or in relationship keeping so many
memories with him. So there are a lot of ways to bring happiness then also there is a say that
‘’One reason for happiest people brings unhappiness in another persons’’

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