5 Books Must Be Read In Quarantine- Exit COVID

Read these books and share your thoughts with us.

1] Are you reading in the lock down?

2] Have you read following self -help books?

3] Are you feeling motivated with these books?

4] Can you share your interesting books list here?

5] Do you think that reading books means keeping self discipline

in the life?

Self Book Must Read In Quarantine: Hi friends, today we are going to a very typical situation. Of them, if we are at home we are safe. But, if we are wandering here and there for any reason then we have to be quarantined. Then where we quarantine didn’t know it may be in any school, in any hospital, In rest house or in any farmhouse. Everywhere we have to deal with our empty minds. Of them, if we will read or listen to horrible news we have a lot of fear to live safe. In this situation what we have to do?
Suppose the person is very sensitive and has nature to catch problems then it is very hard to come out from this situation. So to come outside from these situations we must have to read some self-help books which can help us to keep strong mentally and physically.

Let Us Know Here Which Books Can Make You Strong?

1] Nepolean Hill: Success Through Positive Attitude
This book means the real development of everyone’s life. I have been reached this step in my life due to this book. I have read this book 3 times in my life. Not only read but learned all QUOTES from his book. I have made ‘’PARAYANA’’ of his quotes. Written plenty of times to understand the meaning of each and every Quote. After that, I have decided to write books on Quote and started to collect a lot of quotes and thoughts. In this way, I have collected 1000 Quotes and written books on it.
Then I wonder to publish it in all Maharashtra shops with the help of the phone. At last, I got a Penguin Random House Publishing Company. I have tried to publish this book with that company. They have published my ‘’QUOTATIONS AND STORIES’’ book with no any complaint within a time. When I have heard about another author’s stories of publications. They told me we have spent 50 thousand RS, some are told we have paid 5 Lakh still our book is not published for 2 years but my book has been published in 2 Months. This is the miracle of positive thinking of Nepolean Hill Book.
2] Where The Will There Is Way: I have read so many books of this author before publishing my books. He has given me a strong willing power to live life happily to make progress in life. I had been faced a lot of difficult situations with this book.
3] Personality Development BY Swami Samarth Ramdas: He had given beautiful rules to make life meaningful. He has given so many discipline rules to make life valuable so I have read that book and running with their rules to be happy and stress-free in any situation.
4]How To Win Friends and People – Dell Carnegie
Written in 1937
I have got this book in one seminar. It Tag Line only gives us full of energy to run life. The book really makes a strong difference in everyone’s mind.
5] Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: Again I turned to him I think that he is the main positive energy creator in the universe as well as the creator of rich people. I have written so many articles with the help of his book.
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