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Get to know here my some life experiences. and blogging journey.

Hi friends, hope you have enjoyed Sunday very well .

I would have to thanks to the daneelyunus for nominating me to the above award . Please visit his site here . To read his excellent posts. He is very good person as a blogger. Choosing excellent topics to write the articles. I like his articles on multi niche. He always inspires,motivates , gives confidence to the readers to be consistent. As readers are our welcome guests. We always respect readers attitude, pleasure, gratitude to reach us . Reading our posts. Always heartily thankful for their good appreciation.

This is 5 Th Mystery Blogger Award post.

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I like to write on multiniche. Especially by watching any things in the life of people.

I like to share my mysterious life experiences to my blogger friends.

Writing on life skills, present situation, mental health, health is my best choice.

Innovative writing, research on daily life’s some questions is my passion.

I think that, spiritual journey is the way to live a life happy .









1] How do you get time to run your passion from household chores ?

Very well question for me. So many are thinking that, I am behind in the business. But , I have written 3 , 4 books as living same journey. I think my self that to mange everything in the successful manner in the difficult situation. In the contrast surrounding is the main skill of life. I have managed all these things and reached here, to interact with international members. This is the top most good moments in my life. Now question remained of success. I am running here everyday and giving readers new

experience is best success for me. Now, I think that other success will also follow me automatically. As in my journey I have overcome a lot of difficult situations to reach here.

2] Your Favorite Destination

Somnath temple and the surrounding area of it.

3] How did you will define your highest happiness state?

When I am writing new innovative article on any topic and publishing it. Getting good compliments on it is my best happiest thing.

4] Your favorite book.

Success Through Positive Mental Attitude.

5] What Anonymous you most

Toxic people.

At last thanks to the Daneelyunus for nominating me to this award.

Happy Blogging Journey

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By dpranita583

I am the author in Maharashtra. Want to write and research on life skills, mental health, relationship and some life's issues. I am always passionate to collect spiritual knowledge, some mythological stories, food, recipes, like to write on general topics, some regular health problems etc.

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