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Date Chutney Recipe – Hello world!

Let’s learn here how to make instant delicious date chutney


  Hi friends, we know that we Indians are very fan of chutney’s. Without chutney we didn’t eat food. Our diet is square diet. Means we are taking all types of food in one thali. In this Thali we include rice with ghee, chapati, Subzi’s, Dal, papad, salad, curd or buttermilk, etc .But, most important part of this Thali is to give us taste with our chutney. 

There are plenty  types of chutney’s. I think this chutney means bringing out housewives skill or potential. As making chutney is an art and a small talent which can give delicious taste to our food. Some chutney’s we can make in a short time that have so delicious taste. We didn’t need any another food for Roti and chapati.

Let’s check it how I have made it? 

  Author’s name: Pranita deshpande

  Cuisine : India 

  food type : Chutney recipe 

  Keyword: Date chutney recipe 

    serve for 2 


  Dates : 250 gm 

  tamarind [ripened] : 10 gm 

 Jaggaary : 10 gm 

 cumin powder : 1 tbsp 

 Hing : 1 pinch 

 Dhaniya powder : 1/2 tbsp 

   red chilly powder: 1 tbsp 

INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE IT :  Take the good quality dates. 

                                                     : Remove its peel, grind it in the                                                                      mixture.                                                                                                     :Take the ripened tamarind ,

                                                     :wash it with warm water.

                                                    :Make its solution and keep it aside.                                                    : Add chilly powder, salt, grated                                                                Jaggary,cumin powder, dhaniya powder,                                                    hing in the powder of date. Mix it well.                              Now add the solution of Tamarind into the above                                     mixture. : Stir it well.  Well prepared chutney is ready to serve. Serve it with rice, chapati, roti, bread, any breakfast , etc.   

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