What Is Mean By Self Respect – Self Awareness

Let’s us know here what is mean by self respect?

What Is Mean By Respect?

How To Keep Self Respect? – Self-awareness 

Does respect carry sansakar? 

Have you depresses any time with disrespect? 

Is Respect give meaning to life? 

Have you carry self -respect

When we see your capacity and accept others as it is, is respect.

If you are rude then you can’t make the respect of others, as rudeness makes you blind and that is the wrong ego.

Respect means give value to the next person or front person with good behavior.

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To give respect to the other peoples by accepting his social condition, or by accepting his education, by accepting economical or social prestige keep a balance between self-respect and other persons respect means to build a good relationship.

Every person is the gift of God, and everyone has some good virtues. and we know that everyone tries to make happiness in another person’s life but everyone`s definition of happiness is different. and when we know that we are doing all this work purposely and by knowing us or without knowing us also.

          Respect has the most important in everyone`s life. we are teaching our children to respect parents, teachers, culture, respect the emotions of other persons, and so we are keeping the respect of a person who is the capacity of keeping respect. 


Environmental science teaches as, keep respect with trees, we know that so many times people quarrel loudly but they are keeping respect also. (Pranāma)

Our life will become good if we can keep the respect of others. If we do not take anyone`s help then also we can lead our life strong. 

Our life is depending on how much we are giving self-respect to us if we are not giving self-respect to us and not to others then also we can`t keep respect for us friendships/ 

It is the best philosophical part of common sense.

So we will see what is self-respect?

Self-respect means keeping the respect of other people’s desires and opinions.

Respect tries to keep the peace but that is not what is wrong we should try to understand.

So what is respect?, Respect means not make another people’s` life difficult or give anyone unhappiness do not behave him, another person, politely It is not acceptable but live with him with compassion, with keeping right, if he didn`t have respect with himself.

Respect means accepting all different people’s opinions, respect means to keep the respect of other people’s opinion and being an important life with compassion.


1] Respect means behavior with another person respectfully and keeping care of his rights.

2] Respect means to make our life peaceful and special.

3] Give cooperation to others

4 ] Keep anyone’s natural behavior safe and give him space to live life.

5] Respect another he has with him.

6] Respect means to give love and inspire him

7] Respect always keep to live away from our hurting values.

8] Respect means understanding other people’s desires, needs and dreams, and imaginations.

9] Respect means keeping care of other people’s lives and keep care of the earth.

10] Respect means keep respect for our rituals, sanskaras, festivals, and rules of the country and obey the law of the legal process.

11] Respect means to give respect to others and take respect from them.

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