My Interesting School Memories – Reflection Of Life

Let’s enjoy my sweet memories of school Godavery Devi Lahoti Vidyalaya , Latur.


    I was learning in a big school. It was the famous school in my city at that time. No, any school can run a competition with my school. I never forget the memories of my school. 

    A Confidence Building School 

   That school was taking a lot of activities in the school. Like sports, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, reading, writing competitions, fancy dress, a new style of competitions. I have very proud of my school. I am here due to my school. As my school was the confidence-building school. It was a very rich people’s school. Body members of the school are very high-level perfect business persons. Still, they have complete attention to my school. 

  Many Competitions Are Running ...

  At that time we have celebrated at least one-month gathering. All competitions were running. Students were performing amazing performance. At that time. Our school teachers were working continuously for school. They were all ladies not only working for the school but, for the development of every student. 

   It Was Only Girl School 

   Another important thing about my school is, it was a girl school. Only all girls and ladies’ teachers were there. No, any gents were there. Everywhere we see ladies. Peons also ladies. When I have entered college, I have a lot of fear for the gent’s students. To enter the college also have too much fear. After arriving at the school, if 1 minute was also late, we have to stand outside. No entry in the school. Of them, if any teacher has compassion, she was calling in the ground. Giving punishment to stand the whole day. 

  About Prayer Of School

  There was prayer in the morning and evening as radio broadcasting was running. While evening prayer starts ‘’VANDE MATARAM’’ we have to stop instantly on that stop. This event gives us a different meaning to our life with curiosity. No moment has to do still finish that song. If we had been standing in the opposite direction will have to stay there.

Why Did I Love My School?

Our English teacher was our class teacher. Her personality is filled with full of activities. Today also she has 80 years but taking part in so many social activities. She is my idol for my life. Her teaching, her lifestyle, her loving nature towards students, strictness, etc. I never forget it. 

I was learnt there only for 3 years 8 to 10 class. At that time, we were a very poor family. There was no time to make food for me. And my all friends were bringing every day a new type of food. I was shy to bring roti in the school so I never take tiffin with me in the school. 

How Class Teacher Keeps Personal Attention?

  One day how this information was reached to my class teacher. She came upside on the first floor to see is I had been bought tiffin or not? She saw I didn’t have bought tiffin and she caught my hand and reached in her staff room to eat the tiffin. This memory I never forget in my life. 

  In the 10Th class, all students have tuitions outside to learn English. But, we few students have no money to join the outside paid tuitions. 

Then she carried tuitions at her home. She was calling to us at her home to teach the English on Sunday. She teaches us for 2 hours. Makes our English perfect. mystery-blogger-award-dpranita583/

Our Speech Competition

I think in the 9 TH class there were competitions held in the school. For the English speech. Then notice came in every class. From each class 2 students have been ready to take part in it. In our class
Our monitor, Gaytri Kalantri, and I took part in the speech program. She is from a very rich family. But, a very loving nature. Very ambitious, clever, active. She behaves strictly in the class when there was no teacher but, after that, she loves everyone.
Now the competition has been holding and we took part in that competition. It was an English storytelling competition. Then mam has given us topics to learn. She has given a story on Mahatma Gandhi and I was given ‘’ Story Of Bagdad’’awesome-blogger-award/
Now I was learning that speech perfectly. Then mam took the practice of both. Because external examiners were called to examine us.
The competition had been started first she performed. She has very well. Now my turn. I had been no stage of courage. I was singing a song on the stage but in the corous. Still, I went to the stage. Start to speech. The first paragraph and honoring were perfect. But, in the second part, I have lost my confidence and forgot my second para and blocked there. Then still I told my speech is over. Thanks. interesting-story-hava-kahe-suraj-kare/
MORAL: We think that these types of competitions are not important in our life. As percentage is very important but, when I remembering this event, I thought definitely these types of events give us the courage to be ahead in life. Today when I was thinking about my book and articles, I realize that this competition is the main root of my preparation.
My class teacher’s name was Sumathi Jagtap.

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