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Forgiveness is the best way to make every wrong thing correct.

Interesting Story On Forgiveness 

    Once upon a time, there was a king in a historical city. He was very cruel. He was always giving cruel punishment to everyone for their small mistakes. He had kept Jungli Dogs to give punishment. Who maybe have done any mistake had to give cruel or hard punishment so that the life of that person may end there. It may be any Minister, secretory, or his close assistant. 


 He was feeding a lot of meat to the dogs to make dogs cruel. When any person has been made any mistake he sends these dogs on their body to tear them. Then that dogs were tearing their body taking out all types of their inside body parts, makes them bloody and in them, that person has to leave their body. 

A lot of people getting hurt and unsecured with it. They were living their life with full of fear. School Band Fees Band Job Band – Unemployment

One day his special and closed servant has been made a small mistake with an absent mind. Now with his rule, he had assigned to give the punishment of death.

When he had been bought near to the punishment spot. He had asked him what is your last wish? Then that servant told him I have only one wish, ‘’Please give me 10 days to think before giving me punishment’’. Now this punishment has postponed ahead. 

  After 10 days have been completed and again that servant has bought on that spot. With their plan, all Jungli dogs have been sending on his body. But instead barking or bite the dogs. They are loving that person also they were playing with them. Now the king and all people became astonished, how this has happened? Heart Touching Story On Spiritual Healing

 Now that servant has been told that the days which you have given me in that I have worked with these dogs. I have given them their favorite food also loving them, taking care of them as family members. So, they have kept gratitude towards me. Also, they started to love me but, I have done your work with full of honesty and have made a small mistake with an absent mind. But you have not forgiven me. King, you are a man should have to understand my honest work but these dogs have understood my work. 

  By this answer and work the king become very shameful and told to his servant that to this work please forgive me. Come back again to work. Then that servant told, now I never do your service instead I will always do service of all dumb animals.  Today’s Most Important Treatment – Detoxification Of Mind

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