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Fried Modak Recipe _ Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

There is a say that the person who can’t get bore to make is never tired to do efforts in his life. Welcome Ganesha

Say Om Gan Ganpataye Namah and welcome to Ganesha to publish and marketing of recipes. Will see how did Ganesha helped me to make this recipe? Now he is here to share my Recipes.

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Ingredients To Make It: Wheat Rava : 1 Bowl, ghee:50 gm , milk: 1/2 cup, Mixture of grated Coconut and Jaggary: 1 cup

Siddhivinayak Ganesha/
Modak before frying/

Method To Make:(1) Take wheat flour Rava in a dish . (2) Add 1 tbsp ghee and knead it with milk. (3) Make mixture of Jaggary and grated Coconut with caradamom powder (4) Grind it in the mixture jar. (5) Now make 21 doughs . Roll it slowly. (6) Add slowly 1/2 tbsp mixture of Jaggary and grated Coconut. Give it shape of Modak . Fry it in the ghee. (7)Keep it for Navyidyam.

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