Indian Festivals Rituals – What Gives Us

Let’s know here list of my festival celebration

Nowadays everyone wants to celebrate rituals and  FESTIVALS with positive energy, with enthusiasm and getting together to exchange their energies. So many people attributed that ‘’Rituals are made by God’’ Someone is saying that they are not real. Is there a need to celebrate it? Someone is telling us that these are giving energy to us so we must have to celebrate it. If their existence is lost everything will lose in our life.

 Which Are Rituals In Our Country? 

  Starting from the year there are so many rituals in our country. Like Makarsankrant, Gudhi Padova, Vasant Panchami, etc. In Tirupati Tirumala temple there are a lot of rituals every month for God and to celebrate its millions of people collect in one place. Living behind their families, sometimes with a family’s also. Rituals are celebrated not only in Tirupati temple but everywhere in every temple. These functions show the existence of God by spreading good vibrations all over in the environment.

To Celebrate Rituals and Festivals Is My Hobby.

I like to celebrate rituals and festivals as they give us energy, inspiration, and increases soul power to lead life successfully and happily. It also creates enthusiasm, increases willpower. Behind every Indian ritual, there is a scientific reason and when we celebrate it with our good intentions and emotions we can see to our life with positive attitudes.

 They increase our economic growth

  • If we will look to rituals with positive attitudes they change our social awareness, they increase creativity in business. Our market is also with the greatest joy and happiness. So it helps us to increase economic growth. It creates peaceful vibrations everywhere, Reducing bitterness from everyone’s mind and increases the relationship closer. Makes everyone’s life mentally strong. Sometimes they create selfless love promoting to build a nice relationship. They help us to connect God. To connect God means to transform our thoughts.

We Can Make Our Economical Growth With Rituals and Festivals  

 Traditions, Rituals, Customs

Every person makes his life strong with rituals, maybe he is a singer, an artist, painter, an engineer, whoever maybe .. Everyone’s business also make a lot of financial exchange in rituals.  

Rituals or festivals are coming from generation to generation with full of energy to build a human’s life strong with keeping discipline.

Without rituals man will become idle, lazy, reduce willing power, no energy exchange lacking desire. E enthusiasm, stopping vibrations of love, peace, happiness, compassion, etc.

So for the next generation, I want to tell everyone that ” don’t forget to celebrate our rituals as they are increasing our lifespan with full of energy, discipline in life, teaching love to nature and good touching to our birthplace soil sending good vibrations and purity.”

List Of Festivals Of India 

  Festival Month 

Gudhi Padava Mar/ April 

Akshay Tritya May 

Chaitra Gauri May 

   Basant Panchami June 

Vatpooornima June 

     Ashadhi Ekadashi Jully 

      Chaturmasaranbh / Dwadashi Jully 

          Nag Panchami Jully 

             Jari Jivantika Pujan Friday Jully 

           Shri Krishna Janmashtami Jully

                Raksha Bandhan Jully  

         Pithori Amovyasha / Bail Pola Jully/ Aug 

                 Haritalika August 

          Ganesh Chaturthi : Augest 

        Independence day 15 August 

           Mahalakshmi Pujan Augest 

        Pitra Paksh : September 

      Devi Navratra Aranbh : Sept/Oct 

            Daserra : Oct/ Nov 

     Diwali Nov/ Dec 

     Malhari Martand Pujan : Nov/December 

      Yela amoyasha : Dec/ Jan

    Makarsankranti : 14 /15 Jan  


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