Ways To Stop Suicide – Today’s Important Question

Let’s see here how nature has given us best way to stop suicide?

Ways To Stop Suicide – Today’s Important Question

Enjoy Happiness In Life-

Nowadays when we are starting a TV we have news only on ''Sushant Singh'' While reading newspaper we have a news on front page about his suicide. Every channel, every media are filled with his news. It's very sad event and unforgettable for everyone. It has been created a huge vacuum in everyone's mind. So many parents are getting worried with this news.  But, now we must have to find reason and the person who made him force to do this case. But, still I think that, whatever maybe he had problems he must have to share with his family members or with his dear one's.

You maybe tell that traditional people or village people are mad but, if you will look smartly you will understand that, why did these people are always happy if they have a lot of problems and have the worries what to eat tomorrow? Still they are always happy and always light in their life.

Why?  Do you know? As they are not keeping any dust in mind. They are easily shared heavy events to the family members or any relatives or with neighbors.   

Enjoy journey of life.-

Since this news is coming on the TV I became nervous and completely panic, and  started to think positive with every event. I think I can’t imagine it.How could this hero have suffered from any depression? So bad, and so worrying story.’

'‘Hey GOD: Give everyone power to tolerate life’s negative challenges.’’

I was   going on thinking why parents are doing a lot of  Efforts to grow their kids? Is to see this day from their students?  Is to become unhappy in their life?
We have seen 3 Idiots film also in this film they have shown one student had suicide himself I think that, sometimes this message of a film given a chance to take a wrong decision..

now that Govt. also doing a lot of efforts through education for everyone’s life. and there is a say that

‘’Education is the milk of tigress, who can drink it he will be run forever.’’ 
If we will see in the environment have you
heard?  any cub, any bird, any animal, any fish or any tiny creature have done suicide? They are struggling to lead their life in a difficult situation. They never do suicide if they are in any difficult situation then why did man?

In case in nature, every living thing is trying to lead a life not for dying but for the living.

We know that so many birds migrate from one place to another. So many animals are hiding themselves  -2 days from a hunter. They can walk fast, run fast, swim fast but they never do suicide. then why did man?

Peaceful place for peaceful life.

There is the proverb in ‘’Bhagavatgeeta’’  ‘’ Happiness and unhappiness are the same things in difficult situation ‘’ If we can understand these lines clearly then there is no any question of depression. 

Life is beautiful and there is not the measurement of man’s life.  We can’t do man’s measurement anywhere, as nature has given us beautiful body, beautiful face, unmeasurable intelligence. If we can use all these things nicely then we can lead our life happily and perfectly.

journey of life

But keep in mind that no one is completely perfect to lead life then why did we are insisting to be perfect?


free enjoyment

If you want to enjoy real life then observe beautiful nature , observe nice streams which are flowing in the mountains, rivers which are flowing silently giving a message that whatever may be hurdles will come in the path of life we have to hit that hurdles without any damage  and proceed ahead.


The mountains  which are standing in the rain and hot summer telling us proudly that,

‘’Don’t become panic in any situation, be ready to welcome any problem or challenge’’ Huge blue Ocean giving us a message that   ‘’In so many storms also we should have to become peaceful. Blue sky also giving us the message that’’ Make Your Mind Huge So That You Will Feel Proud Yourself’’

The flowers which are blooming in the garden or in nature tells us that if we have to emerge from the mud or we have a lot of thorns around it then also we have to laugh and  give happiness to others through our scent. India’s so many festivals and rituals give us lot of energy to everyone..Goodreads

and we know that We got this birth after a lot of our nice past karma. and It is never getting back to finishing. Then why did there is a question?      

If like this nature is giving us a nice message to lead a life then why did so many feels depress and vacuum?

Why did so many thinks to complete their life?

If all things studied , observed carefully and implemented in our life then really life is interesting ! Life is interesting !

‘‘Hey GOD: Give everyone power to tolerate life’s negative challenges.’’

‘’Don’t become panic in any situation, be ready to welcome any problem or challenge’’

”Education is the milk of tigress, who can drink it will run forever”

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