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My happy wishes to all teachers.

Since childhood, I have the attraction of this day. I think that something is special on this day. As small children are innocent, clean, and clear they have good impressions of teachers behaving on their minds. They catch easily how the teacher is behaving? the teacher is an ideal identity in front of them so they completely behaving the same as that teacher. They make an image of the most likely teacher in their mind and trying to behave like them. This image they never forget throughout their life.

So many students now also searching perfect matching teachers to their thoughts. If they didn’t get they want like that teacher they are losing interest in education. So I think a teacher is the main foundation of any education and then after syllabus and I Q of students. The relation between teacher and students must be loving not professional. Students must have to feel secure in education. Whatever may be difficult come we have a good teacher to solve difficulties with us so we didn’t have to feel any insecurity.

In today’s education, a lot of students are running in too much fear and frustration about jobs. As well as for the settling of life and this insecurity keeps students away from real education as they are not stable for any business or jobs. So any teacher must have to give guidance to them the protection of their carrier as well as the settlement of their life. 

In our country everywhere there is a discussion about education that is education = carrier = A lot of money. If this equation is not running in anyone’s life then his life is useless.

Maybe this person is talent, good behaving, or running with the values and virtues. In education, we must have to understand that what is real artists hidden in the mind of students?. What does he want to learn actually? We didn’t have to push the children as in this job there is a lot of packages. This type of thinking reducing to find out the real potential of the students and students are getting indulged in unwanted fields and they didn’t get real satisfaction in their life. Means they are doing their job as ”I must have to do not with a good interest” If we will select a teacher with thinking that we are getting a lot of package in this field then this teacher never give any type of satisfaction to the children otherwise he is the burden for the students.

The teacher must be curious, intelligent, prompt, careful for his job, thinker, that is we are not coming in the school to collect the only payment but we have to emerge some good qualities of students as well as find out their true potentials.

Education never gets waste in life. It is useful anywhere, anytime then why there is a question? If any lady is educated maybe she will not be doing any type of job but she can carry her family and home neatly and promptly with her education. This means there is no need for jobs everywhere.

Our previous President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishanan was a teacher but his thinking and thought power made him PRESIDENT OF INDIA. so every teacher must have to think about it.

 Wish to all teachers Happy Teacher’s Day.  [

Education never gets waste in life. It is useful anywhere , anytime then why there is a question?


”Our previous President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishanan was a teacher but his thinking and thought power made him PRESIDENT OF INDIA. so every teacher must have to think about it.”

Wish to all teachers Happy Teacher’s Day.  

Happy teachers day/

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