Students Responsibilities – Teacher’s Day

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Students  Responsibility – Teachers’ Day

   Happy teacher’s day.

      We are every time pointing to the teachers that teachers should be like this. Teacher must have to do good work, he must have to run with principals, he must have carried good habits, behave good, etc.  ……/happy-teachers-day-today’s-education/

     But what about students no one is talking about students. We are celebrating every day there must be a student day. For the students. As foundation of life is building in this age. inspirational-quotes-thoughts/

   Of them today we have abundance in everything then parents are taking a lot of care for them. They are providing them everything what they want easily.

Today’s students have no need to realize anything in their life. As they are getting everything ready. No struggle in life. After getting good position to the student’s parents have to be live fearfully with them. I have observed it in so many families. Due to outside prestige some parents are tolerating it as it is. Some are preferring to live away from them.  /ways-to-stop-suicide-today’s-important-question/

    In the city life tuitions teacher are preparing perfect pattern for how to get out of marks. Only students have to learn this pattern to get complete marks. No need to do planning or no need to study that where have been we made mistake? Of course, mistakes are also parts of life.   


1] Student must have the passion to increase knowledge of any field. Not only for carrier but to lead life successfully and happily need all types of knowledge. Only doing study for getting good marks is less aim but he must have understood surrounding events, observation skill, curiosity, discursive mind. He must have an idea about how to find immediate conclusion? Which thing is happening in the world?


For ex: Many students are the fan of Sushant Singh, as they are watching his so many films. Then generally students are easily finding conclusion that ‘’Sushant Singh’’ is very good actor. Okay, he is perfect in acting and you have made him perfect hero. But, what about his behavior. Today we are listening that he had been caught in the drugs folk also had so many girlfriends, etc., now tell me can you make him an idol of your life?

  We watching films and keeping that character in our mind so perfect that we didn’t want to think more about him. And we are easily finding conclusion that this actor is very good.

Here, if you want to love any artist. Love for his art and character not for him. Because that character has given him a good value, identity, etc. How he had using it have to check us?

Here, if you want to love any artist. Love for his art and character not for him. Because that character has given him a good value, identity, etc. How he had using it have to check us?

Students must have this skill to run the society better. As you have made him hero.

When any students have these types of skill then I think that this skill is more powerful than getting 100 % marks in the exam./my-interesting-school-memories-reflection-of-life/

  This situation is not only in the case of Sushant Singh but, it can happen in your school, in the body members, any school teachers, journalist, politicians, etc., any officer, etc. after all we have given them this position. I think these cases are happening due to more amount of money.

  In today’s period we need clean, clear minded persons to run organizations successfully. You must have to keep Dr. A. P. J. Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi, Veer Savarkar, Swami Vivekanand, in front of you.

   To get anything we didn’t have to accept any evil way that is corruption, dishonesty, addiction, etc. Always earning more money is the best value for life this type of thought brings evil attraction. So, while earning be careful. Learn to be satisfy and happy in any field, situation and then turn to progress.  

   Time period have been changed we must have to live in the wrong way is not solution for the life. Period has been changed means what changed? Is Sun and moon have been changed their position or their work. Is day have been changed? Can we say that now day become of 20 hours? We have to work in that hour. No, day is same since ancient time it has been not changed. We have to work with day. After all everyone has to connect globally. One event can be make tremendous change globally.

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