What Is The Most Famous Speech – Importance

Let’s know here difference between writing and speech. Just now there is an issue of #KanganaRaut for one sentence so let’s we will see here, what’s the difference between writing and speech

Benefits Of Speech, 

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Just now there is an issue of #KanganaRaut for one sentence so let’s we will see here, what’s the difference between writing and speech

  We are writing every day but, sometimes questions came in mind if I will transfer my writing in the speech. But, I have a fear that in writing we can immediately erase our mistakes but in speech, we can’t. So any speech creates a lot of problems in the world. As once we have thrown any world it totally affects our life. So I prefer to write.

  Stil, some thinkers are speaking very clear, slowly by thinking about the audience. Some speakers are continuously speaking but they never made any mistake. I always bow and salute like these speakers. 

  Let’s we will turn to speak.

1] What are the benefits of speech

2] How the speaker can change the mind of the front person

3] What is the difference between speech and conversion? 

   1]Speech gives us the best opportunity to create a conversion, any work we can’t do by quarreling but we can do it effective speech or conversion. The person has the skill of good conversion is the king of his life. I think, that type of person never comes in contact with any quarrel or any struggle. If any problem maybe came in his life, he can easily convert it into opportunity.   

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2] We can transfer our plans, imaginations, thoughts, and our plan easily and people can satisfy it through speech. 

3]Due to speech we can expose our personality so that we could advertise our business, work, etc. 

4]If you have the power to speech you can easily overcome the fear of the stage, you can easily mix with any society, and also it could increase your confidence.

5] To get a good result of your speech. After finishing your speech you can introduce any audience and understand your mistake from him. How your speech is and tries to improve your speech. Ask some difficult questions to the audience so that audience could be aware of your speech. 

6] If you want to get real benefits from the audience then select the following topics. 

    1] Save money, increase money

   2] How to deal with tax? 

   3] Govt. saving plans

   4] How to become a good administrator? 

  5] Management technique 

  6] Good health 

7] Good speech makes you a unique person. It can create positive energy in your mind as well as in the audience’s mind. 

8] Audience easily keeps faith in that person so he easily becomes a very important person. 

9]Good speakers create infinite power in surrounding so that situations also change automatically. 

10] It produces good impressions of sansakar that spreads good vibration so it can change other people’s minds. 

11] Good speaker can change first his village, State, country, and for the world. 

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