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Causes Of Stress – Stress Management

Let’s know here stress management with our emotions.

Stress Creates Emotions.

God has given me one gift since childhood that is to observe everything and everywhere carefully. So observation becomes my hobby.About emotions, I observed following things.

Social awareness, social situation, an effect of social awareness on our mind, one type of curiosity, attract to love are the basic things of life. which can creates stress.

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If we will get clean, pure love, satisfaction and good respect then we have good effects on our mind and vice versa. A lot of psychiatric opinions is that there is the fighting between emotions and talent.

So many times when our talent is not working then our emotions are playing important role in that situation. One scientist says that ‘’It is with the heart that one sees rightly what is essential is invisible to the eye.’’ –‘’Antonie De Saint’’

So many times when our talent is not working then our emotions are playing important role in that situation. One scientist says that ‘’It is with the heart that one sees rightly what is essential is invisible to the eye.’’ –‘’Antonie De Saint’’

For ex  Suppose an old person who has abundance money but cried for a while and he is in depress mood if we will give him a lot of Rupees is he will happy? But instead of it if we will talk with him lovingly by spreading our hand on his back, giving him emotional support, he would become fresh, his eyes will become bright, He will become happy instantly. The same thing happens with a small baby, so here we should have to understand emotions are the source of life and emotions gives us energy.

I think that, if we will run with natural love then 80 % stress problem will remove easily. To maintain it we must have to keep our relationship pure , clean and heart touching.

I want to express here that not only we have to take care of relation but we have to take care of every natural process. As these are also producing one type of huge good & bad emotions along with stress. like a flood is nature‘s worst emotion, earthquake, large raining or drought these are the emotions of nature which can increases our stress. and to take care of it didn’t have to run with the artificial life but we have to take care of it with pure intention. If we will not take care of it it will create an abundance of stress.

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So many times to keep our relationship strong we must have to go in fights, quarrels some bad experiences etc but still if there is a flow of unconditional love and pure energy we can accept all these things easily but do not break relationship or binding with a relationship. As it has also past karmic account. If we have more tolerance power we can easily accept this stress and this stress can convert into positive energy with our knowledge.

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Suppose for your life’s happiness if you have broken your relationship & changed your relationship, are you have confidence that I will be happy here forever or there is no any problem in this relationship .? Can you tell me is there any life who didn’t have a problem? Then why did there is an issue of any emotions? Means brake the relationship and make another one.

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For ex  I read one article about Shridevi with her husband problem didn’t like to meet her husband due to his previous wife. Now, in this case, one thing is important she has to decide first before marriage all these things. In case she married with a married person means then she must have to accept all these things to keep a flow of real happiness otherwise it creates abundance stress. & she is destroying 2 families with self-life.

How many emotions are under pressure in like this relationship. If maybe she thinks that I am happy but what about his previous wife? Her negative energy will automatically come with her. As she is controlling which is not in control means emotions of his husband & emotions of his previous wife. How much danger relationship it is?

So think with our Indian culture go with devotion, everywhere there are problems we have to celebrate happiness in that situation. The situation never changes happiness. It gives relief for a while.

Our GOD teaches us that understand love & emotions in a difficult situation. & think that if God has given me this difficult situation means I must have to learn a lesson from it not run away from it.

The person who will understand front persons emotions he can make balance in every relationship.

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