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Here are the reasons and ways to make skin clean and bright.

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Nowadays we are very alert in every part of life. In them it may be complete health, face beauty, hair beauty, thought beauty , body care along with fitness. etc.
Still with a lot of pressure or with the hectic work we didn’t get time to look us and we are losing our regular happiness with burden, it effects on our skin and our skin looks too much old, sometimes it looks fresh, sometimes young, sometimes as like sick person and many times it looks oily.


1] So many have to work in the kitchen near to gas. If the person is working near to gas he has to work with oil, go to near flame and it causes to become skin oily.
2] Today we are getting a lot of information about all problems and if some where we have read that butter is good for skin we make experiment of it without studying anything and our skin became oily.
3] If we didn’t suit any particular soap to our face then our skin became black or oily.
4] If we have habit to eat oily food then also skin became oily.
5] Every time drinking more time coffee or tea makes skin black
6] We are making a lot of experiments to make our skin shiny but, instead it became shiny it will getting to suffer a lot of issues.
7] Main important reason to make skin beautiful is our mind and thoughts.
8] Generally, in the summer due to sweat our skin became oily. In this season our skin brings out oil and it makes your skin oily and dirty.
If you are happy your skin is looking beautiful bright. Of them if you are running confidence with you there is no need to do anything for your skin. Whatever maybe you eat or drink every time your skin is fresh.
1] Mint Leaves : Let’s check this experiment first small part of skin if it is suitable then try it.
Boil 1 cup water. Add Mint leaves to it crush it make its nice solution apply it on the skin or keep it in the bottle to use it again.
2] CUCUMBER : This the best remedies for your oily skin. I think there is no need to test your skin for it. Only grate the tender and fresh cucumber make its juice. Apply it with the help of cotton on your face. It brings immediately bright look.
3] Elovera : This is also very nice remedies. But, be careful while using it. It can damage your eyes. It is an antibacterial along with smooth property. So it can make your skin smooth.
To apply it remove inner jelly part of it. Add some water to it and apply it on yuor face with the help of cotton. It can be good for prevention of rashes also it is good for sunburn.
4] ROSE WATER : This is also a natural tonner for your skin. It can remove dirt of your skin and makes your skin bright with nice glow. It also you have to use with cotton.

6] Wash skin after 2 hour with cool water.

5] Most important and best remedies : NEEM LEAVES. ; Keep leaves in the curd [thick] at night , in the morning make its paste in the mixture. Apply it on the face and seat in the morning sun. See the effect your skin became as fresh as like sunlight.
IMPORTANT NOTE : While applying every tonner , please take care of your eyes. Otherwise it can damage your eyes.
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