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Brain Storm Award – Spiritual Question Answers

Let’s know here spiritual journey of questions and answers.

Questions and Answers

Brain Storm Award – Spiritual Questions

  Hi Friends, Good afternoon have a peaceful day

Thanks to my friend Manasa’s Blog/ Manasa Kulkarni has been nominated me for this award. She is awesome blogger of psychological and life skills. Her blogs are giving us a lot of new skills along with new innovative information. Please visit her blog here. 


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  • ABOUT MY BLOG:  I have started my blog to spread values and virtues in the world. My blog contains multiniche contents, which are recipes, health, mental health, spiritual articles, spiritual videos, food recipes videos, and also article on COVID. How to exit from the COVID?
  • This time my friend has been asked me very valuable spiritual questions. Let’s know here which questions are these?
  • Q : Which type of fasting is good? In which period?
  •      The fasting which can be done in the best intervals of life time is the perfect fasting for the spiritual as well as mental and physical benefits. Too much weak people, old age person and students up to 10 th class has to avoid fasting. Mothers and sisters who are in the menstruation period also don’t keep it. In the whole day out of 24 hours. 16 hours has to avoid to eat regular food. You can eat fruits or fasting food in the brake of 8 hours. For drinking take green tea, tea, coffee, fruit juice with less sugar. Avoid to drink fridge water. Keep fix time to eat so that it can control your weight. It can increase immunity also gives brightness on the face. Feel light. It can increase our patience along with tolerance power. We can easily become selfless. At last we get tremendous inner happiness.
  • Q: Why Did Corona Virus? Why did we are suffering anyone’s mistake?

                       We know that we have over crossed the limitations of life. We are running to overcrossing the nature. This must have to stop somewhere. We know that there are a lot of crakes to the ozone layer. If we have been decided to stop to the world’s people to stop running . It can’t stop only by saying. We know that United Kingdom’s Lara and some friends are shouting since so many days for it. But it couldn’t be happening. If  my neighborhood have bought  1 car I have to bring 2 cars this is the natural behavior of human beings. To stop it suddenly it is very hard. So, when nature want to make tremendous change in the environment, he is finding any way to control it. This is the one type to keep the best balance in the nature.

Q: Is there any reference in our mythological story about COVID? Can we get any medicine from the Mythological invention or with any spiritual way?

                    This is not the bacteria it is a virus a protein. It has no DNA. It contains RNA. With contact it can spread. It can enter in the lungs, blood and creates water in the body. So, patient can be suffered from Pneumonia and reduces oxygen. Patient have to keep on ventilator. We have only Camphor product which can make our home away from germs.

  • Q:Can we see the soul? What is the form of soul?
  • In the spiritual books they have referred that
  •  ‘’ Ekam Nityam Vimal Machalam, Sarvdhi Sakhi Bhutam
  •   Bhavatitham Trigunrahitam  Sadguru Tam Namami’’
  •  Means we say it as a point. But actually, it is an energy we have to experience his work and his presence with self-realization. If anyone understand his power and work, he can be facing any situation happily.
  • Q: Who is fearless person in this COVID situation?
  • I think who is living in the present tense is the fearless person. With my observation some people who are not thinking about it. Not taking any thought in their mind also have mental and physically strong are living free from all fear. They didn’t touching any virus. Maybe they are living in the complete COVID region.
  • Q: How to rescue from fear? Please explain
  • Avoid to take his name, avoid to see updates, discussion, chatting, reading, take care by wearing mask, keeping sanitizer with you. Live a life as a regular life. Avoid to go in the crowd places, touching, keep distance. Try to live always happy.
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    Congratulations! To all the nominees for this award. I love your blogs. Thanks for your best help.

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Is there any reference in our mythological story about COVID? Can we get any medicine from the Mythological invention or with any spiritual way?

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