Let’s Talk On Word Deserve – Today’s Secret

Never say he/she deserve it. Help them to make their future bright along with your future.

Let’s Talk on Word ‘’ Deserve It’’

  Are you deserved this life?

Hi friends, good morning have a deserve full day.

     Yesterday I have got one comment on my post. With this sentence ‘’ I deserve it ‘’ then I am getting confused for it and searching the real value of this word. Today this word is running very fast.

Means suppose anyone have not getting anything then we are giving them label ‘’he/she deserve it’’ Okay its all right.

    Then I have realized a lot of things with this word. Since 8 to 9 Months people are sitting at home with complete depression ‘’Are they deserve it?’’

  50 crore people have left their jobs and wondering here and there and don’t have to eat food them. Of course, they were living in the nice grade class life. Still they are in a lot of troubles. Are they deserve it?

  Our kids, school teachers, officers are running every day with cars or big bus but sitting at home are they deserve this life?

Our political leaders are always on the stage and wondering every time but they have to suffer more are they deserve.?

  People who are spending lakhs of rupees for every day’s dress but they have to wear now only kit which do not want to see other people, are they deserve it?

Now most important part of life is wearing mask. So many are wearing high profile clothes still they have to wear a mask. All are looking as like monkey. Are they deserve it?

 Do you know who had spoiled this word? Persons who are speaking only on deserve word. How I will explain here. This deserve word have made man’s life as like monkey.

Do you know who had spoiled this word? Persons who are speaking only on deserve word. How I will explain here. This deserve word have made man’s life as like monkey.

 They are thinking that their parents are not behaving as in the modern style so they are leaving them as it is, and saying they ‘’deserve it’’ Sometimes their parents who had spent a lot of money to develop their kids. They are dying without home, without food. Can they deserve it? Now tell me which parents deserve their life in troubling at the end of life?They are dying in that situation because you have deserved your Alishan life. They scarify their life for it but they never deserve that life. Brain Storm Award – Spiritual Question Answers

 Suppose anywhere any wrong case or serious case is happening anywhere deserved people never try to solve it. As they deserved alishan life. These cases are happening in the more proportion and everyone’s life become difficult. Causes Of Stress – Stress Management

WAH! How great these people? And pointing to the other people who are working for the good vibes by telling them ‘’ They are deserve it’’

 Professional people running fast in this generation not looking what is happening in the surrounding. Some people are dying due to lack of food, due to a lot of  problems and they are thinking they have deserved it? Is any man can deserve to die without food? Is any man can deserve to die without medicine? Story On Panini Rishi [Grammar Creator]- Interesting Story

  No, never they are dying due to the people are working only on deserve word. Because no one is there to attend them as everyone has deserved their proper work.

 Can any man have to be deserved to live the life of poor people?

   If our milk man has deserved to not distribute milk to the people? What will happen? Our cleaning persons are deserved to not cleaning the area what will happen? Our newspaper man, our servants are not deserving to work with their proper work what will happen? Don’t think that we are giving them money and for money they are coming. I never think that, no they are deserving to do work so we are happy. Money is an energy how much time with you, you didn’t know? Your life also an energy how much time with you, you don’t know. Only you are carrying with you good energy of people. Everything you have to kept here as it is.

Do you know God told them in ‘’Holy book’’ They are the forms of God? They are serving us so we are living here. Milkman is the form of Krishana, cleaning ladies or gents are the form of Laxmi Narayan. We never have to say about them they deserve. They are also earning crores of money.

  Life is getting us due to our past karma. This karma never goes with easy way. We must have to do some good karma to neutralize it. Otherwise we are adding some bad karma in our account.

Never think that he/she deserve it. Help them to make their future bright along with your future otherwise world will sink now. Help the people who are really in difficult situation. Don’t do your business with situation.

  Give me answers of all above questions in my comment section.

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I don’t feel anyone deserves anything bad such as this virus, to lose a job or loved one. I feel we all deserve the best God can give us if we do our best to please Him. I think we all have the right to be deserving. I always try to look at the bright side of every situation. I don’t live for money or material things, just love of family and friends, nature and of course cooking! Lol

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