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Khatti Mithi Thalepith Recipe – Ekadashi Food.

Happy Ekadashi friends.Today I have made a new type of healthy fasting food. I have added a best fruit in it to make it smooth,getting khati – mithi taste. Let’s check here what I have added to become it delicious?.

Author name :Pranita deshpande,

Cuisine : Maharashtra

food type : Ekadashi food,

πŸ”‘ word : Khati – Mithi Thalepith Recipe.

Time for it : preparing cook total 30- 15 45 minutes.

Ingredients for it : Varai 🏈 flour : 250 GM,

🍌 :2 ,

potatoes : 7 to 8 well boiled.

Peanut powder : 50 GM,

Thick curd: 100gm,

cumin powder : 1tbsp,

Red chili powder : 2tbsp,

Salt :2tbsp,

Oil : 20 GM

Method To Make It : Boil the potatoes, crush it and keep aside.

(2) Now take Varai 🏈 flour,

🍌, Dahi, cumin powder, Salt, peanut powder, red chili powder, etc. and knead it properly.

(3) Make it’s small dough,

(4) Keep Tawa on the πŸ“± gas,

(5) Spread oil on it.

(6) Make Thalepith on the hand and keep it on the πŸ“±.

(7) Keep lid on it. Bake it on both side.

(8) Make cucumber Koshimbir with it.

(9) Serve it πŸ”₯. You will never have being eaten this type of Thalepith. (10) Make it now and share your recipe with me.

I want your feedback. Share here. Let’s watch video for it.

Khati-Mithi Thalepith Recipe/

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