What Calling Fear – Health

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Why   Did   Fear? –  Health 

Good morning friends, have a healthy day.

    Let’s we will discuss on fear with our health regarding every part of body. Means how did our every part effect with our small mistakes. Sometimes behaving as like fool. If we know the effects of everything still, we are doing that thing. That is known as human being.

   For example, we know that sitting continuously at one place is dangerous to our health. Still we are taking mobiles in our hand and continuously sitting at one place.

   But, how did our health is getting to damage we will see here?

     In the last 2 weeks I went to visit my mother’s sister as her grandson has been suffered from pyrolysis. I heard this news and getting shocked. How it has been happened in the small age means under 24 years.

     Then I visited to my ‘’Mavshi’’ she told me how did this happened? In the lockdown he was sitting in the chair at one place and doing work from home. His mother not allowed him to go outside due to fear of COVID. Already he became fat when he was outside for the job and education. Eating junk food and only rice.

 In the lockdown he never moved anywhere and sat on one place. His weight increased along with cholesterol and suddenly one day he sat in the chair and attack came. His half part of body getting paralyzed. His mouth also changed its shape. Can’t speak properly.

   This is only effect of fear. Not doing exercise, don’t want to do house hold chores or movement of body at home. Okay, if you don’t want to do household chore, you can do any work in the garden, do cleaning of any vehicle, do anything at home if no any work walks in the home but sitting at one place is how dangerous to us?


  1] If we will not take breakfast in the morning our stomach has a fear. It makes different sound.

  2] If we will not drink sufficient water our kidney has a fear.

3] We have the habit to sleep late at night and getting up late in the morning. It can create fear in the gall bladder.

4] Small intestine has the fear when we are eating stale food and drinking cold water.

5]  Big intestines get effected when we are eating more fried food along with nonvege.

6] Our lungs get effected when we are smoking cigarettes, charas, Ganja , etc.  also, when we are living in the polluted area.

7] Liver is getting to damage when we are eating a lot of fried food and drinking alcohol. If we will not be keeping our eating habits at proper time.

8] Most important part of heart is getting effected when we are eating more salt or too much less salt along with eating high cholesterol food.

9] Pancreas has the fear of sweets and if we will eat it free then it will damage, we know better.

10] Our eyes have more fear when we are watching some thing in dark place with mobile screen or computer screen.

11] Most important fear is creating in the brain when we are thinking on unwanted stories, events, etc. It can bring all types of fear.

    Keep these points with you and be the fearless person.  

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