Mental Health – Common Issues -Mental Health Day

To be mental means not a big issue but we have made it more complicated.

Mental Health – Common Problem – Mental health day.

     Today we are very aware with this word ‘’Mental health’’ everyone is taking care that no one will say us mental. But if we will check everyone’s home, we will get at least 1 person mental in each home.

We have made very large issue of this word. If small kids are not eating properly, we say he become mental? If any person in the home become angry and talking loudly, we say he become mental now.

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   Generally, for the old people we say easily he is mental, you didn’t know.

         Today youth generation is engaged in the overuse of social media or playing games. They are really becoming mental. But we are not attending them. Now is the time to become any person mental. Because no one is at home to talk each other or to become free. No any groups of friends where we are enjoying, playing somethings and becoming free. We never feel any type of burden in our life. But today situation is that everyone is feeling very heavy and bored. It’s better that, never think of future to our kids otherwise we will become mad.


  If we will be found anyone’s symptoms as like mental person. Never say him you are mental or do not Be hurry to take him to the mental hospital. In so many families some parents are treating them as like mental or pointing to them he is mental then he become more mental and not doing any type of work.


   We are listening that when there is a quarrel between daughter in law, we say she is mental. When there is a quarrel between husband – wife then we say are they mental? Quarrel is the simple issue of life but we made it very hard thinking that quarrel is not good at home. Our home should be peaceful. May be inside there are a lot of waves of oceans but can’t express it as there are children in home we can’t express. We didn’t want to go outside our voice. I want to keep my home peaceful. It is good for a while but, if we will suppress all these problems without exploring it, it can take another form and we say this person become mental. So small quarrel is the solution for so many issues.


   In our colony in the morning so quite that no voice is coming outside, sometimes I feel that we have to say something on the road to bring chaityna in the atmosphere. Of them  ‘’ Dustbin van singing a song loudly then feeling good’’ Otherwise we didn’t know where we are? And saying we are suffering from dementia. What will happen with this danger silence?

   In our childhood when we are on the road, we are listening a good voice of news anchor.’’ Akashwani Pune Sudha Narvane applyla  pradeshik Batmy Det Aahe,’’ we get to listen so many news on the road and we are aware for everything. Nowadays there are plenty of channels still we didn’t have any attraction of any news. Why life had become bored? Where have been lost our eagerness, enjoyment or Chaityna if we have a lot of material things. Something we are missing. still we are showing outside, how I am happy?

2] I observed very carefully mental cases are solved with simple common sense which our parents or Grandparents were using with us. They never say us we are mental but handling with situations. Nowadays if they are at home then in comparison to our next generation, we think that they are mental.

  Only difference is that we have material of knowledge they have material of situations. They are using their life skills to bring ‘’Chaityna’’ in the atmosphere. We are using our life skills to bring material things only for our life.

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