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I feel it always, do you feel it?

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Good evening friends have a glorious day.

   We know that life is a journey and it has no limitations. So, I have chosen the word for it ‘’SKY’’

          Every time when we are suffering from any difficult situations, we are pointing our finger to the sky and telling to everyone that’’ My stars are not good’’ as stars and planets are living in the sky. So, our limitations are up to sky.

  Sky is the part of our soul. Soul is the main part of life. It carries power, original qualities as like peace, happiness, prosperity, knowledge, etc. When we need peace, we are looking to the sky. We are sitting for the meditation under the huge sky to get the complete peace. To feel abundance, getting happiness, knowledge etc.   In Marathi there is a proverb that ‘’ His mind is great as like sky’’, maybe he had abundance or not but he behaves as like Sky. Whatever maybe he carries he feels that I have abundance also sky gives to everyone same. He never makes any types of discrimination while giving anything to anyone.   

  We have plenty of songs regarding Sky, Sky gives everyone everything but when we go near to him nothing is there. This is the magic of life.

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