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Story Related To My Life – Lord Krishna’s Nirvana Day

Shri Gurudev Datta.: In the morning I was reading a spiritual book. There is an important information about Bhagvan Shri Krishana’s Nirvana. (Death) This event is coincidence with our Sorti Somnath visit. We went to visit ShriKrishana’s Mahanirvan place .
The day when Lord Krishna had left his body was on Chitra Pratipada means 18 February And on the same day (2016) at the same time 2:00 PM we were there to take Darshan of that place.
It was the day before 🎄 year 3102 18Feb. at night 2: 27 min and 30 second. Pramadi Nam Sanvanstar, Chaitra Shudh Pratipada, Friday, Ashwini Nakshtra.

After Shrikrishna Nirvana Kaliyuga has been started.

I want to explain here that, I didn’t know more about Shri Krishna’ s life but how did coincidence had been occurring on same day. It’s a one type of miracle for my life.

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