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Shabudana Chivada Recipe – Left Over Recipe

Hi ftiends, you maybe think that how did you are publishing post after so many days. It has a reason , I have a leftover Sabudana along with Varai Upma and curry.No one wants to eat it.

Then I have an idea that can we make it crispy?.

So I made its small round Vada’s and kept it in the hot Son. It became very crunchy but I didn’t have time to fry it. In the morning I opened the tiffinn and saw it feel so crunchy .So I start to fry it. While frying it has been swalloed like pearls. Then I have tested it. Now everyone saw it and finished in 2 minutes. You never have been tested it before.

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande , Cuisine : Indian, foodtype – Left over recipe. Keyword – Leftover recipe. Serve for 3

Ingredients For it: Shabudana Vade (Complete Dried) , Oil to fry : 100gm ,

Time for it : Prep cook total 5 5 10

Method to make : Prepare Sabudana vada,s . Dry it in the hot Sun. Fry it. No need to add anything. Already contains all types of ingredients. But taste you never get it anywhere.

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