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Idali Recipe Only With Steam ( Without water)- Breakfast Recipes

Interesting Experience Of Making Idali.

Yesterday I want to make idali so I have prepared batter for it. I was busy so I told to my Son you can put batter in the Idali cooker I will make Sambar recipe after some time. He had done it. I came to make Sambar in the kitchen and saw the idali cooker on the gas.

Suddnely I remember that is he had been added water at the bottom of cooker?I called him and asked.Then he told no, I didn’t have added 1 drop of water at the bottom of cooker. Then I immediately put off the gas . And getting worried that he had burnt all idalis.

Suddnely we started to open the lid of cooker and saw upside 3 layers of idalis are becoming very smooth and light and have no any effect.Only lowest layer of idali plate burnt slightly. We checked the taste of it , it was so delicious that we never have been like this tested idali which is only made on the steam.

Let’s check interesting experience here.

Time for it

Prep cook total 15 min. 20min 35 min

Tip:.To make batter from ready Rava need 2 hour time to make its complete fermentation

Author’name : pranita deshpande

Cuisine : South Indian

Food type :South Indian Recipes

Keyword:Idali Recipe Without water


Serve for 5

Batter to make it : 750 kg

Oil : 1 small bowl.

Method To Make It: Prepare batter to make idali at home .

Make Sambar Recipe as your convience. Serve it hot

Slightly burn idali/
Well prepared idali /
Sambar Recipe/


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