FreshGajar Halwa With Fresh Gajar

time for it

prep cook total

10      20      30


carrots * 1/2 kg

channa  * 1 bowl

sugar      *  1 bowl

ghee        * 1 tabs

elaichai powder *  1teas

cashew nut powder *  1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE  *  Bring fresh , red colors , sweet& big size carrots  from the market

* Wash it with fresh tap water & keep aside.

IMG_20171215_122639 (1)

Enter a caption FRESH CARROT 


* Make ready all ingredients near to gas .

* grate the carrots with big hole slicer. & keep aside

* Now take a big pan & keep on the gas.

* Pour the ghee in it, wait to heat it

*  Add grated carrot to it & stir it well with full gas.Keep the lid for a                                                while on it, remove it & keep a lid aside



* Now make the flame slow & add channa into the carrot, add sugar,                                                cashew nut powder etc  & stir it well

IMG_20171214_084624 (1)



* Now keep the flame of gas full & stir it continuously. Wait to


condense it properly .now serve it as it is.




TIPS FOR IT *  We know that winter season is building body season. It provides cold air to our body so to keep the body warm we need healthy & nutrient food .this item provides lots of proteins, vitamins, hemoglobin etc. So to build body strong eat like this food.


Green Subji Of Radish Leaves

Generally, here so many ladies didn’t know we can make subji of Radish leaves .here they are throwing this leaves in the dustbin. The seller himself throws this leaves in the dustbin But I thought let we will try to make subji of Radish leaves. As we are eating Radish subji then why not it’s leaves.  So I bought from the market without buying telling them I want it for medicine. If I would tell her I want to make it’s subji they will start to tell me Mahabharata story so I decided to not tell them for making subji. As my time will waste there.

Before making this time I have made it so many times


time    prep cook total

10      10       20


Green leaves of Radish*  1/2 kg

coriander                        *    1/2 bowl

chopped onion              *   1

chilly powder          *  2 tabs

salt                     * 1 tab

curry leaves         * 5 to 6

mustard seeds     *  1 tab

oil                  * 2 tab

garlic                   *  5 to 6

PROCEDURE    *  cut  the green leaves from radish, keep aside

*  Wash it with full tap water. Chop it well & keep aside to drain                                            water

subji of Radish

Radish leaves

* wash the chopped coriander & keep aside.

subji of radish

chopped radish leaves

*  Now keep the iron tawa on the gas, wait to heat it

*  Pour oil in it wait to heat, add pieces of garlic, fry it  well

*  Add  Mustard seeds to it, wait to splutter.

* Now  add curry leaves & fry it well , add  chopped onion & fry it                                         well

*  Add radish chopped leaves & fry it for a while


subji of radish

Adding ingredients in to it

* Add coriander, salt, chilly powder, Skutt in it  &  stir it well


Subji of green radish leaves

Adding another ingredients


making in the tawa

Subji of Radish leaves

Subji of radish leaves

Filling in the tiffin box

* Serve it with coconut chutney.