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Shrihari 10 Avatar With Darvin”s Serial No – Spiritual Innovation

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With greatful blessings of my Guru, parents, grandparents, all my specific God’s. I want to tell an interesting fact about Darwin’s revolution related to Shrihari Avatar.

In India there is fact say of “Shrihari ” that, when did there is a trouble and Adharam at that time Shrihari can reach on the 🌍 to keep balance in the people”s mind. When there is abundance on the 🌍 people are forgetting to do devotion and they are running away from faith of God.

Let’s have a small discussion on this topic with scientific approach. When Darwin have been discovered human evolution, before that 2000 years we have an information about the serial no. of revolution which is same as Darwin’s revolution.

This series is as like it. 1) Water bodies (Matsya Avatar) (2) Ambhibians ( Kachhap Avatar) (3) Pashu Avatar (Varah Bhagwan) (4) Human being (Narsimha Avatar) (5) Adi Manav (Vaman) (6) Forest man ( Parshuram) (7) Susankrit Man ( Ram Avatar) (8) Developed man (Krishna) (9) Elevated man ( Buddha) (10) Destroying man (Kalki Avatar) this series is same as Darwin’s revolution theory.

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Shrihari 10 Avatar With Darvin”s Serial No. – Spiritual Innovation

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Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Deep Pooja – Navratri Special

Watch this amazing video to be happy. Let’s know here how Devotee’s are lightening lamps on this deepmala? click on this link to watch it.

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How To Be Safe ,Secure With Durga Kavach – Spiritual Videos

Live Stress-Free With This Durga Kavach
Hi friends, happy Friday Let’s watch here an important video in which how to keep our body-safe. Who is hidden in our everybody parts? How can that work to heal our body spiritually? How can we live stress-free, happy along with our family? Here family in my point of view all the universe.
This is known as Marathi ”DurgaKavach” means in our body Durga Maa is hidden in every part. In which part she is hidden and how to find her will understand you after learning and reciting this ”Kavach” means protection for body, mind, and soul.
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http://How to live safe, secure with Durga Kavach- Video/


http://Mahalaxmi Ashtak/

This Stotra contains 8 forms of Mahalaxmi. Which form performs which work have been described in it . This Stotra also brings abundance, prosperity, love, peace , happiness in the home . It can emerge our inner 8 forms of energy if we will recite it regularly with full of devotion. So listen this Stotra carefully and subscribe my video.

http://Laxmi Sukta in Sanskrit/

This is the regular Stotra which can be recite while DOING HOME . It gives the information that , How did Laxmi will have to come in your home? If you will bring any type of fraud, lies with money we call it ”Alaxmi” So if you want to bring pure form of Laxmi with peace and abundance then recite this Stotra regularly.

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