Remove Body Pain In This Way -Health


Generally, we have a lot of body pain when we have done a lot of work. At start we didn’t understand it, it is in small proportion but when it is increasing it start to paining us, then we are going to the hospital. If it is in normal condition Dr. gives us tablets and we are trying to remove it. But if it is coming due to mental disorder then it couldn’t be removed easily so to remove it Again we have to go, doctor, He starts to checking our body then it requires all tests.
So we have to spend a lot of money on it, again there are problems of money if we are in a middle-class family, then we have to face more difficulties all family gets disturbed.

Before 5 years I have a problem with hyperthyroidism. So I went to specialist 2-3 times in a year. At first, Dr. told make tablet-less, then after some days he told keep tablet as it is and so on. A lot of complaints. Like this 1 year left, I had a lot of sweat, maybe more than 1- lit. At one time and it gives vibrations in the brain and all over the body. So again I went to doctor. This time dr. didn’t understand anything he told to go to Miraj show to there doctors. ‘’I have doubt of cancer.’’

Now when I came back I realize that I am now ok and in that, I got a very nice book of happy thoughts. and I understand how to remove our every pain with happy thoughts. So I started to become happy and engaging myself. In that period, I have a lot of problems that knee pain, swelling of knees, body pain, throat pain etc., my thyroids is also getting increasing. But when I learned following points how to remove it? Now I became fearless and Now I totally understand that when I am in a happy state of mind my reports are normal.

1] Keep attention on your body.Why did it is paining? Means sometimes s paining due to hard work, sometimes we are doing a lot of mistakes with our diet and work.
2] Get up early in the morning if we will get up late in the morning we have a lot of mental as well as physical disorders.

Means we are increasing our cough level, vata level, a bile pigment.It causes damage to our body.
If we will get up late in the morning we will feel laziness, irritations, anger, frustration etc.

4] Avoid to keep attention every time to your body.Keep faith on your health.

 5]Everyday do your self-work yourself. Give some donation or food to anyone by your hand it gives a lot of satisfaction & it changes your thought pattern.
6] Try to remain happy every time, don’t be more serious about your daily work.As this seriousness also creates tensions

7] Don’t think every time about future. Keep in mind to be happy if today’s day is better for me every day is better to me.

  •  Don’t keep a lot of expectations.When the time comes it automatically gets complete. As expectations also create pressure and due to the pressure we have a lot of problems and we can’t complete our expectations.
  • 9] Be ready mentally and physically to accept all challenges. As acceptance gives us positive energy to serve.
    10 ]Avoid more medicines, don’t check every time body tastes. Believe in your work & god everything will be nice.
  •   11] Do yoga every day with proper guidance
  • 12] Take rest at a proper time STAY MOTIVATED, BE HAPPY and LAGE RAHO no one will disturb your body and mind. ,.