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Basen bharad subji-Subji Recipe.



  Cucumber Basen Bharad Subji Recipe- Subji Recipe.  

Time     prep   cook   total

min       15        15       30


Basen bharad  means the  flour which contains small granules of dal  *

Basen bharad   1 half bowl

cucumber 1  middle size

cumin powder  1 tbsp

lemon juice   1tbsp

chilly powder  2 tabs

turmeric powder  1 teaspoon

skutt   2tbsp

curry leaves 7 to 8

oil  2tbsp

mustard seeds 1tbsp

cumin seeds 1tbsp

Hing  1 teaspoon

salt 1tbsp 

 Chiwada …

 PROCEDURE  *     :Cut the cucumber into middle size pieces 

Keep the pot on the gas, pour oil into it, add  cumin’s by rubbing             with both hands, add tastymustard seeds into it wait to splutter.

: Add curry leaves, fry it well then add Hing in it .

Now add pieces of cucumber in  it. Fry it well and give them steam by covering thali, 

now add bharad flour of basen, skutt, chilly powder,  salt, turmeric powder, coriander, lemon juice, etc stir it well .

Keep cover on it and pour some water in the  cover. Wait to steam for 3 to 4 minutes . Well known BHARAD SUBJI will ready to eat.

Basen bharad subji-Subji Recipe.

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Indian vegetarian food

Coriander -Spring Onion Basen Cheela -Tasty,

How to make coriander -spring onion Basen Cheela?- Tasty

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Basen Cheela is the famous and delicious food of every kid .Sometimes we also like to eat. It gives good taste as well as feel smooth while eating.If we have hurried for the important work at that time we must have to make this Basen Cheela.As we can eat it fast.There is no need to chew more time get easily swallowing and feels satisfy after eating. 

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There is no need of any chutney also for it . We can eat it as it is . It requires less time to make it.Easy to make it.We can make it for breakfast, in lunch or in dinner also. In any celebration as well as it gives good taste and makes it easily . 

Let us see how I made it here in less time? 

If you have time to soak Basen flour, then you can keep it to soak for some time and make it after some time it will make good , light and tasty. 

Author’s name :  Pranita Deshpande 

Cuisine  India 

Food type  Basen Cheela 

KEYWORD : coriander- spring onion Basen Cheela [Tasty ]

serve for  3 

time for it 

prep cook total 

10       20       30 min 


Basen flour 2 bowl 

wheat flour 1 bowl 

sodium bicarbonate 1 teas 

Ajawine  1 tbsp

cumin powder 1 tbsp 

Hing 1 pinch 

turmeric powder 1 teas 

chilly powder 1 tbsp 

coriander  1/2 bowl [well chopped] 

spring onion 1/2 bowl [well chopped] 

oil to bake it  1/2  bowl 

salt   2 tbsp 

sugar 4 to 5 granules 

 PROCEDURE  FOR IT :  Take the basen flour in the pot,add wheat flour to it . 

                                                         : Now add  all ingredients one by one as like soda, salt, granules of sugar, pinch of hing, turmeric powder, chilly powder, ajawine, cumin powder etc

: Mix all these ingredients properly

Now chop the coriander and spring onion well and wash it with clean water. 

Add it to the above ingredients and mix it well . 

: Pour sufficient water to it  and mix it properly . 

: Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it with the help of spoon . 

: Pour mixture of Cheela slowly on the oil and spread it with spatula. 

: Spread much oil on the Corner of Basen Cheela and wait to bake it . 

: Now bake it to the other side . 

: Bake it well  

Basen Cheela
coriander -onion basen cheela
coriander- spring onion basen cheela
http://Coriander-spring Onion Basen Cheela -Tasty


coriander-springonion basen cheela
basen cheela
Indian vegetarian food

Cofta Curry Recipe -Buttermilk

 How to make Cofta curry –  Buttermilk. 

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This curry is the best option when we are in a hurry and we want some liquid but we have less time than we can make it instantly.

time for it

prep cook total

5           5     10 ,min

author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine – Indian

food type- Curry

keyword : Cofta curry recipe-Buttermilk, 

serve for 3


Buttermilk  fresh prepared 1/2 lit

curry leaves  4 to 5

hing 1 pinch

basen flour   12 bowl for curry and 1/2 for Cofta

salt  1 tbsp

turmeric powder  1 teas

sugar 1 tbsp

ginger   1/2 inch grated

mustard seeds 1 tbsp

cumin seed  1 tbsp

coriander 1 tbsp

oil   3 tbsp

green chilly    2

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take the buttermilk in a container.

:  Add basen flour , salt, sugar grated ginger etc .

: Mix it properly.

; Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it.

: Wait to heat it .add cumin’s, mustard seeds and  wait to                                                                  splutter it.

: Now slowly add the mixture of buttermilk to it .wait to                                                      boil   it.

How to make cofta? :

Take  the 1/2 bowl basen flour in a dish . Add salt, coriander, chilly powder and hing to it . Mix it properly .

: knead it with water , make its round appe and fry it in the oil .

: Add all these Cofta in a curry to get the good taste.

:   Serve it hot. IMAGES FOR IT


cofta curry/

When any person suffered from cold we are giving this curry to that person. He feels light with it and This curry brings taste to our tongue when we have lost taste in any infection.

Cofta Curry Recipe-Buttermilk

Basen Cofta Curry Recipe-  Buttermilk 

Cofta Curry Recipe In Marathi

Cofta Curry Recipe In Hindi if you are making online shopping then just click on this link.


Laddu Recipes _Moong, Rava, Churma,Basen, Coconut

via All types of Laddu_Moong, Rava, Churma,Basen


LadooRecipes_Moong, Rava, Churma,Basen, Coconut


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img_20171102_103118MOONG DAL LADDU

soaking  time   3 to 4 hours

time     prep  cook total

30      30    60

serve  for prasad

author : Chhaya kulkarni

cuisine  : Indian

food type :  ladoo’s

keyword: LadooRecipes_Moong, Rava, Churma,Basen, Coconut


Moong dal * 1 bowl [green ]

food type :  ladoo’s


Moong dal * 1 bowl [green ]

sugar powde  1 bowl

cashew nuts  1/2 bowl [pieces]

raisins   25

grated coconut  1/2 bowl

cardamom  powder  1 tea  spoon

ghee  1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE  *  1] First soak the moong dal in a hot water by washing with clean water.

2] Keep it for 3 to 4 hours, now remove water from it,

3]grind it in the mixture or in a blender

4] Now take readily all remaining ingredients.

5]Bake the ground dal in the pan until it becomes crunchy

6]or it should get brown colour.

7] Now add ghee in it and again bake it for a while.

8]Add sugar powder, grated coconut, pieces of cashew nuts, raisins,

cardamom powder etc.

Method o Make it: Soak the Moong dal for 3 to 4 hours

: Grind it in the mixture

: Bake it with ghee till brown colour appears.

: Add all ingredients

: Mix it properly


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  •     NOTE  *   Making  Moong dal laddu with this process is very hard and time-consuming process. We must have to take ground flour of dal instead of soaked dal so that it can make easily and becomes smooth as well as tasty. As we can bake flour with ghee silently & easily. It can remain for so many days nicely.
  •  Moong dal increases white blood cells so it acts as a
  • protector of a body.If we will make khamang dal of moong it never bring any acidity problem. So, many doctors advise us to eat Moong dal to be away from acidity.
  • If we will use small size baked dal for khichadi as well as for subji it gives us a very nice taste.
  • time 
  •  prep   cook total
  • 20       10     30 
  • Waste and dry chapati’s 
  •  3 to 4 sugar powder         
  • 1  bowl  grated coconut   
  •  1 bowl raisins             
  • 15 cashew nuts 
  •  5 to 6

cardamom powder   1 tbsp

ghee  2 tbsp

PROCEDURE   * . Make the chappati’s crunchy by baking on the gas, it can break easily, keep it to cool.  Grind the chapati’s into the mixture well,  add ghee, grated coconut, raisins, cashew nuts, cardamom powder etc.Mix it well, Try to bind laddu, if you can’t bind with this ingredients add 1 or 2 tablespoon milk Indian Food Site

  • Mix it properly with the help of a spoon .
  •     Instead of powder sugar, we can use jaggery also.

while binding keep pressure on the material in the hand, turn your hands clockwise to make it properly.




MIN     10             30            10          50


Rava *  2 bowl

ghee * 1 bowl

sugar  1 bowl

water 1 and 1/2 bowl

cardamom powder  2 teaspoon

Raisins    10 to 15

cashew nut #   7 to 8 [chopped]

milk   1 cup


: Bake the Rava with ghee till khamang aroma comes,

: Now take the sugar in another pot add given water to it.Best Indian Food BlogI

: Keep it on the gas, After some time remove impurities of sugar with the spoon, Make syrup thick as like liquid gum, pour one drop of syrup into the water if it is floated on the water then  off the gas,

: Now add 2 tabs  of ghee in syrup, spread 1 bowl water as like fluorescence,

add baked Rava, chopped cashew nut, raisins, Cardamom powder etc into it. stir it well wait  half an hour it will automatically get condensed to make the laddu

unnamed (29)

This laddu gives cool and fulfil feeling while eating.

TIME       Prep           cook      to make          total

10 min       20 min         10 min       40

Serve  for 4


Basen flour: 250 gm

sugar powder: 250 gm

Ghee: 250 gm

cardamom powder:     1 tab spoon

raisins: 15 to 20

 PROCEDURE  For Crispy Basen Ladoo 

Take   250 gm Gram dal, bake it khaman till red color appears.

Grind it into a fine powder.  

Now take the basen flour in the pan for baking.unnamed (29)

Bake it slowly on slow gas now add ghee in it and again bake it till faint brown color appears.

Keep baking continuously till aroma smell comes at home. If we can’t understand it is baked or not show to the senior lady in your home.

Add sugar powder and cardamom powder, after a while makes its laddu. Keep raisins on it to decorate it.

Images for it


grated coconut: 1/2 kg

sugar: 1/4 lg

ghee: 20 gm

milk cream: 1 small bowl

Skutt   2 bowls

jaggary: grated   small 1 bowl

cardamom: 5 to 6

almonds: 4 to 5

cashew nuts: 4 to 5

milk: 1 cup

PROCEDURE: Keep the pan on the gas, pour ghee to it.

Add grated coconut to it and fry it for a while.

Add  Skutt, cream, stir it well.

Cook, it still it condense well

Keep it to cool

Add Jelibe colour to it

Make it’s Lunnamed (1)addu

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Indian vegetarian food

Basen Pithala Recipe- Marathi Recipe

   How To Make Basen Pithala _ Marathi recipe

Basen Pithala –  Marathi Recipe.


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This is the most liked dish in Maharashtra. There is a say that if you want to guide from your Guru or if you want to emerge your Guru’s quality, you must have to eat Gram Dal . If you want to be successful person donate channa dal. So many people are feeding Gram Dal and Jaggary to the Cow on Thursday. So that we would be the successful person. In Gajanana Maharaj temple ”Shegoan” near Nagpur have Prasad to the pilgrims only of Pithala and Roti. Some devotees are reading their holy book giving prasad of ”PITHALA & ROTI” on every Thursday. We know that Thursday is for Guru.…/24/benefits-of-coconut-spiritual/ In 

   In any marriage starting of any worship also starts by keeping gram Dal near to Ganapati. In Marathi  we say ”Mohurat” I think starting of any program has been taken place with this Dal. 

Health Importance Of This Food: This flour contains more proteins.So it gives us more energy. Gram Dal’s any food has very different and loving taste. maybe it is Basen laddu, or shev or chakali or Mahesoorpak etc . It is really high energy food as well as it makes cleaning of our body. /muskmelon-milk-shake-recipe-mil

It can use to clean face also. So channa flour is using for multi-purpose actions.

Time for it

prep cook total

5          5         10 min

author name : Asha Digge 

cuisine  Indian

food type   PITHALA


serve for 3


Basen 1 bowl

chilly powder 1 tbsp

salt  1 tbsp

turmeric powder  1 teas

oil 2 tbsp

cumin seeds 1 tbsp

mustard seeds   1 tbsp

Hing  1 teas

curry leaves  5  to 6

garlic flakes   4 to 5 [pieces]

water     as your convenience

coriander  2 tbsp  [chopped]

PROCEDURE  :      :Take   1   bowl basin in a small pot, add chilly powder, turmeric   powder, salt, etc    

:  Add sufficient water to it,  stir It well and keep aside/masala-Papad-recipe-homem…/

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

: Now keep the pan on the gas, pour oil in it, add pieces of garlic

and fry it till red color come.

Frying garlic for pithala/

: Add cumin’s , mustard seeds and splutter it add curry leaves and fry it  well.

: Now  add slowly paste of basen flour into the pan and stir it well

: Add the water as your convenience and keep to cook it.

: Add chopped coriander and again stir it well./bottle-guard-rice-slow-cooker-r…/


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