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Veg Noodle Recipe -Shem Kheer

Indian vegetarian food

Best palak soup recipe -Homemade

via Best palak soup recipe -Homemade

Indian vegetarian food

Best palak soup recipe – Healthy- Weight loss- Benefits

 Soup Recipes palak soup – Healthy soup

  Weight  Reducing  Agent  -Palak Soup 

Juice of Palak  can be useful to reduce the weight. It has been proved in Sweden University. This juice can control desires which we are creating to so many tasty delicious food products. If we will control these food items we will automatically control for eating so many food items.

Fat person has always habit to eat something every time. Of them they want to eat unhealthy, food products which can easily increases the weight of the body, or the food  which increases mouth watering.

But the person who is drinking everyday Palak Juice  he/she  can control  to intake the food. In our body there is  a plan of mechanism which can control to increase the weight. That process can be increased by 43% due to drinking Palak juice.

This can be happening due to ‘’thylockoids‘’ which is present in the Palak juice. So that we can control on our hunger.

Today everyone is aware of best and healthy veg food in them soup type is very famous in this generation. In our childhood, we are only eating subji of palak. We didn’t know what is the soup?. But today more invention with veg giving the latest healthy recipes.


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Do you know what palak contains? It is rich in iron along with vitamins. Vitamin A  has the big house as a palak vegetable. A fiber of this veg is making digestion easily. If we will eat raw leaves along with Roti and chutney it creates more saliva in our mouth and it increases the taste of roti. In India a lot of people eats raw leaves with Roti so that both mix well to create good digestive hormones  and enzymes. It keeps our skin also healthy.

If any patient has loosened his taste and if we will give him this palak soup he definitely feels comfortable and tasty. His tongue creates good saliva in the mouth.

Let us we shall make here.

time for it

prep cook total

10       10      20 min

author’s name: Asha Digge

cuisine Indian

Food type soup

keyword:Best Palak soup

serve for    3


Green palak 250 gm

coriander 1 tbsp

cumin powder 1 tbsp

ginger 1/4 tbsp [grated

jaggary 1/2 tbsp

black pepper 5 to 6

garlic 2 flakes

lemon juice 1 tbsp

ghee or butter 2 tbsp

salt 1 tbsp

hing  1 pinch

water 2 big bowl

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Take the green palak.

: Wash it with clean water.

: Cut it into small pieces.

: Now take the pot, pour all these ingredients to it.

: Coriander, cumin powder, black pepper, jaggery, ginger,                                                        salt, hing, garlic , lemon juice etc

: Pour water into it and keep it to cook with lid.

: Cook it for 5 minutes till khamang smell comes outside.

: Now take this in the mixture pot by filtering the water of it.

: Keep the filtered water aside.

: Grind it well in the mixture.

: Add this mixture in the hot water which we have kept                                                            aside

: Pour some ghee and butter on it.

: Serve it hot to the patient.

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Benefits of spinach juice/
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Best palak soup recipe/
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Best Mango Muramba Recipe – Mango Recipes

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Muramba  name indicates something secret in our lives. Do you know in India if anything is special in politics or in daily life at that time they are taking some special words of food in the sentence so that we can understand speciality of that sentence of that event?


Muramba word indicate if we will teach anything new to the people are students it will not remember for a small time but it could change that person’s life or that students life. So here in Marathi teacher says that every lesson of text should be entered in his mind or brain like[Murali pahije]  ”Murumba”. Same like pickle  ”mural pahije” then it will give good taste.

Let us we will see here how did we can make it ? Can it affect my audience?

time for it

prep cook total

5         5       10min

author : pranita deshpande

cuisine : Indian

food type : preservative

ingredients for it 

Raw mango  : 1

sugar            :  100 gm it depends on mango taste if mango is more sour it require more sugar and vice Varsa

cloves : 3 to 4

cardamom :   3 to 4

Jalebi colour :1/2 teaspoon


Take  raw mango . Remove it’s peel . Grate it with slicer . If you want more crushed mango then grind it in the mixture. But to get good taste i kept big vertical slices of mango.

Now add sugar to it and keep aside.

Keep the pan on the gas, pour this mixture into it & keep the flame of the gas medium.

Stir it well to create a juice from it. Stir it well so that it will become smooth.

Now add Jelibi colour to it so that it could give the nice appearance.








unnamed murumba

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Best Mango Chutney- Chutney Recipe

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How to make mango chutney-Chutney Recipe. 

Chutney  Recipe  – Summer Special

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Hi friends, do you know it’s summer days and everyone wants to eat sour food .in them we like to eat raw mango or the food items which we can make from it ,This  above chutney is giving very nice taste with stale roti or if we will make it in a liquid form it can use to make roll of chapatti for the kids . They can eat it as a good mango sauce and gives them different good, organic taste.

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Let us see how can it make?

time for it

prep cook total

5          5   10 ,min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

  Cuisine    : India 

  food type :  Chutney recipe 

Keyword  : Best mango chutney 


Raw mangoes   4 [small size ] chopped

chilly powder  2 tbsp

            salt  2 tbsp

     skutt     1/2 bowl

cumin     1 tbsp

jaggary      1 tbsp

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Take the raw mangoes .remove its peel.

: Cut it into small pieces and keep aside Salad Recipe _ Fresh

:  Add  chilly powder, salt, cumin, Skutt, jaggery to it

: Grind it in the mixture  as a  super fine pasteACHAR  

: If you want to make a sauce of it add some water to it.

: Make liquid of it as like sauce and serve it to the kid in a roll                                                         of chapatti.




There are so many ways to make it. Some ladies are making it by adding onion , Some are making it by grating with slicer different type gives different taste. Maybe you go anywhere means in 4 star hotels or in resorts no one can bring particular taste . So taste is always taste . It is 100% original. No one can change it, make it in the same way but not bringing same taste.

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