Tirupati Tirumala Balaji – A Loving Devotee’s Miracle Spot

  • Tirupati Balaji  –  A  Miracle  Spot South Indian Temple
Tirupati, Tirupati Balaji/
http://Tirupati, Tirumalla, Balaja/
Tirumala Tirupati Balaji/
http://Tirumala Tirupati Balaji/

http://Tirumala Tirupati Balaji/

Tirupati,Tirumala, Balaji -A miracle spot, loving devotee/
http://Tirupati ,Tirumalla Balaji – A Loving Devotee’s Miracle spot/

Sweet Moong Dal Khichadi Recipe – New Sweet Dish

Sweet Moong Dal Khichadi Recipe: We are getting bored with eating same type of Khichadi. Today I have tried to make new type of Khichadi. Let’s know here how did I have made it?                                                             Ingredients for it : 1Bowl Moong Dal, 1Bowl rice,  ghee : 50 GM,  Sugar:100gm, Cardamom powder:// 1tbsp,  Cashew nut and Almond […]

Tirupati Balaji  is  a place that  everyone wants to meet there. Without visiting this place life is feeling less.  In our India everyone is working there as  a Sevekari or with full of devotions.

People have  a  good experiences  from that place. Getting  full of energy, encouragement, motivation and real enthusiasm from this place. Nature of this spot is very different from another spot. No one will keep any type of doubt about this place. Everyone is loving this God thinking that everything we get from him. And really we are getting every thing from him. This is the place of real reflection of Lords energy and we feel it definitely.         

There  are a lot of miracle stories about this temple .But some of them I will mention here. Radhika’s Reflections

This temple is situated in the Andhra Pradesh in the mountain range of Tirumalla. This temple is identified as an ancient and lord temple.  With this temple there are a lot of stories, some points I will explain here. I am telling here some points maybe be you didn’t like but, here devotee’s are working on it and keeping complete faith on it. Jyo Kitchen

No 1 Assumption : In this temple the idol which have hair are real. And these hair never get into complication always roll smoothie.

Assumption no 2 :  Vyankteshwar Balaji temple ‘s   back side  is always wet . If you will listen it’s sound carefully, you will feel that , Sea  is making a big sound of its water.

Assumption no 3 :  There  is a small stick at the right side of door . This stick has been used to beat the small kid form of lord ‘’Vyanktesha’’ .At that time his chin had been some wound and so today also Pujari is putting some Chandan on his face.

ASSUMPTION No. 4 : If we will look to the idol of Lord Venktesha you will feel that it is in the middle of the temple but actually it is situated at the right side of inside area of  temple.

Assumption no. 5 : On Thursday they are putting white Chandan to the idol  .Next day after removing this Chandan we can see this is replaced by  foot prints of Laxmi Devi.

Assumption no. 7 : The flowers and basil leaves which we are putting on the idol is not giving back to the devotees but they are throwing it in the well which is behind the temple.

Assumption no. Priests of this temple are throwing all flowers of Lord to the back side of  temple . As it is not good to see this flower after giving to the God.

Assumption no. 9 :There is a lamp in this temple it was since 1000 years .But, who this lamp has been kept and since how many days it was running ?didn’t know to people.

Assumption no. 10 : With the information of Local people in the 18th century 12 years this temple was closed . In that period one king has given 12 people MRUTUDAND and kept their dead bodies in the temple . At that time Lord Vishnu emerged there.

Assumption no. 11 :  There is a one village about 23 km away from this temple. Only people of these village have permission to wonder in the temple. These people runs strict rules of life. From this place flowers, milk, dahl, ghee butter etc. can be send to the Lord Vishnu.
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Collection Of Health Benefits – Life style

Getting good benefit from any product, food, vegetables, fruits, home remedies is everyone’s wish. But a lot of time we have to face with loss with less knowledge. Knowledge is the power of every part in everyone’s life. How to know that really which product have good benefits. Here I have plenty of posts which are giving you perfect knowledge for every product.

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Celebration Of 30,000 Views On My Site – Site View

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