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Makarsankranti Recipes – How to make Chikki

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Moongphali, Jaggary, Sticky, Chikki- A Traditional Nutrient

Moongphali Chikki – A Traditional Nutrient .


Peanut,Jaggary, Sticky Chikki _ Peanut Recipes.

Moongphali Chikki   – A Traditional  Nutrient 

This food is a traditional nutrient. As it contains more protein, calcium, phosphorus, etc. It has more fats, oil, calcium etc.

Do you know, there is an interesting story behind peanut plant? Read it carefully here.

An ancient times there was a say that, farmer was the king on the earth. So God also taking some decisions from him. At that time  suddenly, there was drought  and everyone was worried about how to survive now? So many farmers are cultivating different types of crops which require less water.

Now one farmer was so talented that God thinks that, we must have to take an exam of this farmer so he went to the farmer. Now farmer was telling some problems of him then God told him okay,” if you want my blessing and crop from me  to you, then, you must have to give me some part of your crop”. Otherwise, I couldn’t give you any type of blessing. Farmer getting worried. First, there was no water in the farm in them this God was also demanding me some part of my food. He thought, for a while and asked God. How much part of a food you want from my crop? Then God replied him, I want 1/2 portion of your plant what you are growing. Then farmer thought inside and agree to give him.

 Farmer Made An  Idea   

Now a farmer becoming happy and came home and told his story to his wife. His wife also clever they both have thought how can we give 1/2 portion of a crop to the God? If there was no crop on my farm. Then both have decided to cultivate groundnut plants. As God has made an agreement with them that he wants the only half portion of a plant. Not told upside or downside.  We know that groundnuts are growing downside the soil and upside only leaves are there.

How They Have Tried To Convert In To Action ?

So when plant completely grows we will cut it and give upside part to the GOD and  downside to keep with us. So that we couldn’t go against the God and we will get the good blessing too.responsible/

In this way, they have grown these plants in their field and given half part to the God and so from that time its name become Groundnut.

Okay, let us start to make Moongphali Chikki    

time for it

prep cook total

30 min  10    40 min

Author’s name: Pranita deshpande

 food type  :  Moongphali Chikki. 

KEYWORD  :Peanut, Jaggary, Sticky Chikki .  – Peanut recipe

cuisine: Indian

serve for 3


Groundnut: 1/4 kg

jaggary: 250 gm

ghee: 2 tbsp

water: 2 cups.

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Bake the peanuts on the small gas till they become hard                                                          and crispy. http://malai halwa recipe/

: Keep it to cool, now remove the peel of it and thresh upside part                                         of it clearly. Make its half part by rubbing on hand.

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour Jaggary to it, add water and stir it                                              well .

: Give heat to it still become sticky. Now add white peanut to it.

:  Make your hand wet and make its Chikki benefits of ginger

  NOTE : I learnt this story when I had been in 3 rd class. Still I remember it as it is. 

Now we will see what are the nutrient facts in this food.

Nutrition Facts: Peanuts, All types, Raw — 100 grams

Calories 567
Water 7 %
Protein 25.8 g
Carbs 16.1 g
Sugar 4.7 g
Fiber 8.5 g
Fat 49.2 g
Saturated 6.28 g
Monounsaturated 24.43 g
Polyunsaturated 15.56 g
Omega-3 0 g
Omega-6 15.56 g
Trans fat ~

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Sandeep Kumar

22 May 2018

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Indian vegetarian food

Enjoy TilGul Laddu Chikki Recipe

Let us make Tilgul Laddu

time for it,

prep make  total

10 min    20 min     30min

Til: 1/2 kg

Jaggary: 1/2 kg

 PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take til in the container  Soop

                                         *   [ an instrument which can remove impurities from the                                               grain by threshing]     

                                        * Clean it carefully. If there are sands stones in it, remove it carefully. 

Threshing & cleaning of Sea same


* Take these grains in the pan for baking & start to baking.

*  It starts to make noise when the noise stopped & colour of the Sesame changes into brown colour then stops baking.

*                     * Take given an amount of jaggery. Grate it with spicer.


*Add baked sea same in the mixture jar & start to grind it

*  Now add grated jaggery in the mixture jar with grinded sea                                              same .  Grind it until both mixtures could mix properly.


See is it grind properly, if not ground properly again start to grind it.


Now take all this mixture in another container to make its laddu.


Make its laddu properly.



Let us make chikki of sea same

Time For It: Its time depends on its syrup. If you can make syrup properly you need less time & if your syrup is not made properly it requires more time.

time    prep cook total

10       20    30

Ingredient for it  : sesame: 1/4 kg

jaggary: 1/4 kg

ghee: 1 tab

water: 1/2 glass

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Making syrup for it is the real skill of this food.

Take the grated jaggery in the pot

Add 1 cup of water into it.



Keep it on the gas

Keep the gas on low flame. It starts to make if it will become sticky add immediately sea same into it.


*Now take another Thali, Spread ghee on it.

* Immediately put the mixture of it in the thali.

spread it with a spoon or with hand. Make lines on it.