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Story Related To My Life – Lord Krishna’s Nirvana Day Shri Gurudev Datta.: In the morning I was reading a spiritual book. There is an important information about Bhagvan Shri Krishana’s Nirvana. (Death) This event is coincidence with our Sorti Somnath visit. We went to visit ShriKrishana’s Mahanirvan place .The day when Lord Krishna had left his body was on Chitra Pratipada means 18 […]


Coincidence Of Yoga Day With My Birthday 21 June

Do you know it’s a very coincidence 🤣 or surprise of my life. That Yoga Day is on my birthday. Specialty of this day is when I came on internet and in one week our PM had announced that 21 June is an International Yoga Day. Another story of this day is Yoga means to […]