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Hi Friends, do you know why did today I have selected this image? This Gajanana is in our hands. Ganesha means who can keep all control of life. So this image demonstrates us control of our life.

let’s pray to God , please forgive us for our mistakes and help us to overcome this COVID easily.
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How To Motivate In Corona Pandemic – COVID -20

How to live motivated in Corona  Pandemic 

       Dear  friends, now we all are in very difficult situation. Everyone is creating pressure, thinking for future, worrying about their kids, its natural for a while. How man is interesting ! As he is telling every time .Why did we worry ? God is there. Still he is worry and not keeping complete faith on God. Now tell me if you are fluctuating every time  then how did he will show you the way?

Here are some points to be motivated to live away from it.

Get Up Early In The Morning : There are a lot of motivational stories of great person who are getting up early in the morning. Once a time there is a business man   who had lost his complete business then he went to meet this person . He told him one great solution for him . Whatever may be happened in your past. Let us get up early in the morning. Really he started to getting up early in the morning and his all lost things came back in his life.

Learn To Remain In Less Thinking:  Every time if we are thinking about it. It will howy on you. So avoid to think on it. You keep these words with you take care of your health but, ‘’Don’t watch, Don’t talk,Don’t think . Engage yourself in any activity. Do prayer in the morning. Talk to God. Imagine that God is with you. He is always talking with you. Giving direction to you.

Do Pranayam, Yoga :  This is the welcome way to remove toxic and negative thoughts. If you want to keep your body and mind strong . Work with it compulsory.

Avoid selfness : Do this small experiment. Do something it may be short for the needy person.

Who didn’t have food to eat give food to them.Anyone who didn’t have clean place to live.

Help them to get good place. If they didn’t understand its importance give counseling to them to live better.

Donate Blood : If you are healthy, fit and strong then donate your blood. It will be useful to the people who need it now. Otherwise what you are doing it by keeping in your body.Can you make pickle of it? Or do you want any investment from it? If you will donate blood now it will create again in 21 days. Then why there is fear? Remove fear: Whatever may be happening we have to face it, then why did fear? Without fear man can climb highest mountain , going downside the earth at the bottom of the earth. Then why fear for small virus?


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Coming challenges of _ COVID 19

Hi friends, good evening , today I want to show you how our next 2 Months are dangerous to survive our life . Please listen this video and share it to everyone. To avoid trouble.

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Don’t run to complete your dreams. Wait for 2 month s . If we will save our life and health . We can complete our dreams any time. But, be careful while working.

Let’s watch all Brahma kumaris videos to avoid this trouble. To be safe and secure how God “Shiv Baba” will help us. Now we must have to forget all things which were working in the past . Only we must have to live in contact with God.

Let’s us listen this video carefully. Send to your friends.

Intention behind to share this video is to keep alert everyone for avoiding COVID.

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Sympathy VS Empathy In COVID -20

Friends , these words are listening you everyday. As we are going with very difficult situation. Persons who carry sympathy at proper time at proper place will get satisfaction and happiness of devotion.

Nowadays we are listening the stories that the person who is working for the patients it may be Doctors, nurses or polices would have been also not getting sympathy due to fear and they have to face difficult situation.

We know everything about this situation but, sometimes I feel that if you want to live a life , live as a tigers life do not live as a goat’s life.

We know in our India so many devotees as like Shivaji Maharaj, Veer Savarkar, Bhagatsingh, etc have scarified their life as like tiger’s . They never have been carried any fear in their mind.

I have used today title of post purposely SYMPATHY VS EMPATHY as

we know that today people who are showing sympathy to the affected people will get return Empathy from them. Not from all but, some people have misunderstanding and they take misbenefit of front person.

Sometimes the person who want Sympathy is not getting to him instead getting punishment .

The people who didn’t need it is getting it and they are taking misbenefit of it.

So while applying these words we must have to be careful to work on it.

We must have to check that is he/she need sympathy or he/she is making any pretend.

Let us check how some people are making pretend?

sympathy vs empathy
empathy sympathy

Sympathy, I think this word has been vanishing in today’s culture as everyone becoming a too much professional person. And have to become.

Go inside ask yourself this question ‘Is I need this word today anywhere? Is it good to use at a particular time? or just have to give preference to my work or his life who need sympathy? Maybe some persons are very strong they didn’t like sympathy. If we will angry to the small kid and after some time we are giving him sympathy he refuses it, instead of it he became powerful and telling to his /her mother .don’t touch to my body, don’t come near to me.

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But in some cases when we are treating to the serious patient or mental disorder patient if we will give him sympathy he will become weak [in mental disorder case] and attract another mental disorder.

I  saw this type of patient one lady is there she didn’t have any physical problem but she is  showing to the family members that I have lots of diseases, and every time she is telling ,I have pain here , I will fell down, catch me immediately and if we will not catch her she falls down. A total family has disturbed due to her.

   She has shown to the biggest psychologist in the Poona, lots of healing treatment also running for her but nothing change. In like this problems can we have to use sympathy? If we will use sympathy then have a problem and not use then also have a problem.

In today’s period in the olden age, people have this problem in every home. Then there is a question can we use sympathy or not?

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