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Shabudana Khichdi-Curry- Varai- Kheer _ Vrut Recipe


Let’s celebrate ūüéČ today’ s Ekadashi with following recipes.

Author’name : Pranitadeshpande, Cuisine : Indian, food type: Ekadashi Faral Keyword: Vrutrecipes. Serve for 5

Time for it : Prep cook total 15 35 50 minutes.

INGREDIENTS ūüėĄ For IT ūüėĀ SHABUDANA KHICHDI : soaked sabudana : 1/2 kg , ūü•ú powder: 250 gm , Red chilly powder: 2tbsp, Cream Dahi : 20 ml , Salt : 1 tbsp , Sugar : 2 tbsp, Ghee : 2 tbsp, cumin seeds: 1 tbsp

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Keep the pan on the gas. Pour ghee to it . Add cumin seeds and wait to fry it. Add ūü•ú powder, salt, sugar.Dahi , chilly powder etc and mix it well in the soaked sabudana. Stir it well. Give steam to it. Serve it hot.

For another recipes , check my post collection of Vrut Recipe ūüĎĆ.

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Indian vegetarian food

Carrot ,Fenugreek leaves Curry Recipe – Subji Recipes

Subji Recipes – How to make carrot subji with Fenugreek leaves .

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Carrot is the healthy subji in winter. We like it more . We can make Subji, Koshimbir, Halwa from it . We can make 100 types of food from carrot . If you want make sweet , we can make it easily .If you want to make it tasty and delicious we can make it .

http://well prepared curry/subji/

Today I decided to make Subji of carrot . Do you know this subji is a daily food but it can make tremendous difference in our daily life. Means if our Subji is tasty then we can eat anything comfortably and vice Versa.

Carrot subji we can make in so many ways but today I have decided to make in this way .

 Well prepared curry/ subji [carrot& methi]  /
http://well prepared curry/subji/

time for it

prep cook total

10 15 25 min

author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine – Indian

food type Subji, Curry

KEYWORD Carrot ,Fenugreek leaves Curry Recipe – Subji Recipes

Serve for 3


Carrot 3 big size [well chopped]

Fenugreek leaves 2 bowls well chopped

coriander leaves 2 tbsp

gram dal pieces 1 bowl [soaked ]

Oil 1/4 bowl [small]

mustard seeds 1 tbsp

cumin powder 1 tbsp

garlic paste 1/2 tbsp

garam masala 1 , 1/2 tbsp

chilly powder 1 tbsp

turmeric powder 1/2 tbsp

salt 2 tbsp

water [hot] As your convenience but to cook the dal must need 3 bowl water.

PROCEDURE FOR IT. : Take the washed carrots , cut it in to small pieces and keep aside.

Cut the Methi and keep aside .

Keep the GramDal tukada to soak half an hour before making subji .

Chop the coriander and mix it in the Methi leaves .

: Now keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it , add mustard seeds and wait to splutter.

Now slowly add pieces of chopped carrot and Methi leaves and stir it well.

Now add soaked Gram tukada dal to it , add garam masala, chilly powder, salt to it.

Stir it well , add hot water to cook the dal well .

Keep the lid on it to get the nice steam .

Now put off the gas your well prepared Carrot , Methi Subji is ready to serve .

Serve it with chapati or Roti , it gives good taste with Jowar Roti.

http://chopped carrots/
http://Fenugreek leaves/ 

step by step images of carrot subji./
http://cooking subji/ 

http://well prepared subji/
Indian vegetarian food

Spring Onion Dal Subji ,Curry Recipe – Spring Onion

spring onion dal subji recipe -curry  click here to buyKissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup, 950g/ 120 RS

http://spring Onion subji recipe -Indian Subji RecipeSpring Onion subji recipe -Indian Subji Recipe

Nowadays we have a lot of green subji’s in the field of them some are green, fruity giving good taste along with roti or chapati. We can eat these subji’s as a salad like Fenugreek, Spring onion as it is in the Bhel or in so many food types . In the childhood I was very curious about it because no any subji I have not seen as like pipe. I think that how God is making like this plant if it’s fruit is downside and leaves are upside then also why did it has pipe like structure .Then I was taking it in the hand breaking that pipe and looking inside nothing will see inside , again I thought if there is nothing in side then why did this space? But when onion grows with big size then I would understand that I think this onion is growing due to it. Any way I like it very much we whole family eating this subji as like salad or mixing it with another types of Dal. Today also I decided to make it now. How I made see it’s recipe. time for it prep cook total 15 15 30 min author’s name-Pranita deshpande Cuisine Indian food type spring onion subji recipe KEYWORD Spring Onion Dal Subji ,Curry Recipe – Spring Onion serve for 4 INGREDIENTS FOR IT : Spring onion 1 bunch gram dal[tukada] 1 bowl coriander 2 tbsp garam masala 1 tbsp chilly powder 1+ 1/2 tab salt 2 tbsp cumin powder 1 tbsp oil 1/4 small bowl turmeric powder 1 teas PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take the tukada gram dal in a bowl , keep it to soak for 1/2 an hour before making it . : Take the spring onion well chopped, coriander ready . : Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it add mustard seed fry it well . : Add CHILLY POWDER, TURMERIC POWDER, CUMIN POWDER, GARAM MASALA SALT TO IT .FRY IT WELL . : Now add coriander soaked dal to it stir it well . Add 2 cup hot water to cook the dal, keep lid on it to cook it well. :Give steam to it for 5 minutes your well prepared Dal is ready to eat. : Serve it with chapati, roti, IMAGES FOR IT
Spring onion subji /
http://spring onion/
http://Tukada dal for subji/

Indian vegetarian food

Drum Stick Dal Recipe- Curry recipe



This season is having full of drumsticks. My neighbors have a big full weighted drumsticks tree, So many drumsticks are growing in their garden  .they are giving us any time .have very nice taste,

Let us we learn here How to make drumstick curry?

time for it

prep cook total

5         10   15 min

Author’s name – Pranita deshpande¬†

food type    Drum stick Dal recipe 

Cuisine   Indian

keyword : Dal recipe , Drum stick Dal recipe 

serve  for  3  




Drumstick: 2 having the long length

    onion  1 middle size [chopped]

tomato  2 [chopped]

curry leaves    3 to 4

oil 2 tbsp

cumin’seeds¬† 1 tbsp

mustard seeds 2 tbsp

  cooked dal    1/2 bowl

chilly powder 1 tbsp

salt 1 tbsp

a paste of coriander, chilly powder and garlic flakes -1 tbsp

  chilly powder-1 and 1/2   tbsp

PROCEDURE: Remove the peel of drumstick and cut it into middle size pieces.

:  Chop the onion and tomato  and keep a side.

 : Make the liquid Dal in another container and keep aside. 

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to add.

: Add cumin’s and mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

 : Add drumstick and fry it well.

: Now add curry leaves, onion, tomato and  saute it.

: Add chilly powder, salt,  a paste of garlic coriander ,cumin seeds  and stir it well.: 

:  Add half glass hot water to cook it well.Now add well prepared Dal to it. 

: Keep it to cook for 3 min and serve it with  chapatti or Roti


http://frying drum sticks with tomatoes
http://paste of garlic, coriander & green chilly/
drum stick dal with tomatoes/
http://drum stick dal/
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Masala Curry Of Capsicum-Curry Recipes

Capsicum Curry Recipe-Vegetarian   

Since childhood, my younger son’s favorite subji is capsicum. When I will Send him to bring another subji he will definitely bring this subji . If he is with me in the market then also I have to buy compulsory this subji . I¬† think here a lot of people like this subji. But the method of making it is different everywhere. So many are making liquid curry. So many are making full of saran. So many are using it as a salad. But in Maggi, it gives the nice taste. We are using it in the pasta, home noodles etc.

Let us make here

time for it

prep cook total

5 min  10 min   15 min

Ingredients for it

Capsicum : 1/2 kg

oil :  2 tbsp

cumin seeds   1 tbsp

mustard seeds : 1 tbsp

onion   1 big size [chopped ]

coriander  2 tbsp [choped ]

skutt 1/2  small bowl

home made metkut :   2 tbsp

garlic  :  4 to 5 flakes

ginger 1/2 inch

garam masala 1 tbsp

chilly powder: 1 tbsp

salt :  1 tbsp

turmeric powder :  1 teas

Hing  : 1 pinch

author name : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type : curry

serve  for 3

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :   Wash  the capsicum with clean water and keep aside

: Chop it well to make a good curry.

: Take the big size onion chop it and keep aside

: chop the coriander and  keep aside

: Make the paste of garlic, ginger,  coriander and keep in a                                                            small bowl.

: Keep remaining all ingredients ready

: Keep the an on the gas, pour oil in it.

: Add the paste of ginger, garlic and coriander, fry it well.

: Add cumin, mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

: Now add chopped onion and saute it well.

: Add pieces of capsicum and fry it well.

: Spread 1 cup of water to cook it well

:  Keep the lid on it to get the steam.

: Now add remaining all ingredients chilly powder, turmeric                                                 powder, salt, Skutt, Metkut,  etc

: stir it well and again keep the lid on it for a while.

:  Put off the gas.

: Serve it with smooth chapatti.

CHOPPED ONION IMG_20180226_072153 (1)





METHOD TO MAKE IT: Cut the onion and capsicum and keep aside

: Keep all the ingredients ready.

: Saute onion up to pink color appears

: Add capsicum subji and saute it well

: Add all ingredients and keep to cook

: Serve it with chapati.

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Indian vegetarian food

Easy Tomato Curry Recipe _ Special Dinner

  Katatali Amti Recipe РMarathi Recipe 

Yesterday I was busy in making monetization of my site so there was no time to make any special dish. Getting tired to make subji for the dinner. Thinking that which is the best way to make instant and Zakas subji? Which can give good taste and satisfaction? Opened the fridge door I saw there some vegetables but all vegetables require more time to cook. I want the vegetable which can cut easily and cook easily. Now I understood there are red tomatoes which we can make easily subji . It can cut fast and make also fast.

Time for it

prep cook total

5       5     10  min

author’s name: kulkarni chhaya

  Cuisine  Indian

food type  Curry

Keyword: Tomato curry recipe- Special Dinner 


Tomato 2 big size

Onion  1 [chopped]

chilly powder 1 tbsp

salt as your convenience.

Oil   1 tbsp

cumin seeds  1 tbsp

garam masala  1 tbsp

home made metkut   1 tbsp

Skutt     2 tbsp

sugar  1 tbsp

paste of garlic  1/2 tbsp

PROCEDURE :     :Cut the tomatoes and onion  into small pieces

frying  items

:  Keep all ingredients ready

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil into the pan.

: Wait to heat it

: Add cumin’s, mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

: Add pieces of tomatoes ,onion in it and saute it well

frying items

:  Add chilly powder, garam masala, salt, sugar, a paste of garlic etc

: Again saute it well now add Skutt, homemade metkut in it.

: Pour 1 glass water in it. IMG_20180130_213440

: Keep it to boil, serve it with rice or chapati or Roti.


Image may contain: food

Tasty Curry With Tamarind and Garam Masala

Time      prep  cook    total

min          10      10         20

serve for 4


Water left from puran *   1/2 lit

tamarind  10 fruits

jaggery  2 tbsp

masala     2 tbsp

oil    2 tbsp

cumin’s  1 tbsp

cumin’s   1 tbsp

mustard seeds 1 tbsp

coriander  2 tbs[chopped]

Hing  1 pinch

homemade metkut: 1 tbsp

 *  1 tbsp   Image of amti 

  • ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†PROCEDURE¬† ¬†**¬†Take water which is remaining from Purana.¬† Keep the pot on the gas, pour oil heat the oil for a while, add cumin‚Äôs, mustard seeds, a pinch of Hing splutter it add some curry leaves fry it well. Pour water into it. Now add garam masala, make the solution of tamarind¬†in a small bowl add it in the curry. Add jaggery, salt coriander, heat it for a less¬†time. Don‚Äôt boil it more time , as it will lose its taste.