Festival Desserts – Vrut Recipes

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Varai and Poppy Seed Kheer Recipe : Left Over Desserts

We know that we carry ”Sankashti Chaturthi” Vrut. For this Vrut many people didn’t eat salt. As salt is the main reason who can make a lot of changes in our mental as well as physical life.

So yesterday I want to make some sweet for fasting. Now I have left over Bhagar or Varai so I decided to make it’s Kheer. Let us we will check here , how did I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

5 2 7 min

Author’s name: Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : India

food type : Kheer Recipes

keyword : Festival Desserts – Left Over Recipes

serve for 1

Varai Kheer recipe/
http://Varai Kheer recipe/


Cooked varai : 1 bowl

cream milk : 1 glass

cashew nuts,almonds, : 4 to 5

ghee: 1 tbsp

caradamom powder: 1 teas.

sugar : As your convience


Varai Kheer recipe/
http://Varai Kheer recipe/

Take Varai [cooked] cool. Keep the cream milk to boil.

Add suagr, Cashew nuts powder, Almond powder, etc

Now add cooled Varai into the hot boiled milk.

Stir and mix it well. Now keep it in the fridge after some time.

Serve it with ghee and pieces of almond.

Varai KHEER Recipe/
http://VaraIKheer recipe/


Today we have Rangpanchami the here eeryone is playing it. In the morning I have so many types of food that is ”Kasoori Methi Subji, Leftover Roti poha, roti’ chapati, etc. In that I forgot to make ”Navidyam”

for the God. Then what can I made instantly?So now I decided to make

Instant Poppy seeds Kheer.

Let us check her how did I have made it?

Poppy seeds : 2 tbsp

cream milk : 100ml

cashew nut, almond powder : 1 tbsp

caradamom powder:1/2 teas

ghee: 1tbsp

sugar: As your convience

Poppy seed kheer/
http://poppy seed kheer/


Keep the cream milk for boiling/

Add poppy seeds, powder of cashew nut, almond ro it.

Now add suagr and stir it well.

At last add caradamom powder and serve it with ghee.

poppy seed kheer/
http://poppy seedkheer/

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How to make easy desserts- Shemai Kheer- Kheer Recipe

Shemai Kheer Recipe – Delicious

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We know that this is common dessert it can make in everyone’s home . Generally we say it is instant dessert . If instant guest came in our home we can make it. Making it, is very easy . But to make Shemai is very hard .To make Shemai we have to find special time for it .

In villages today also so many ladies are making it with groups means today we are making in your home along with 10 to 15 ladies, tomorrow we will make it in another one’s home.They are making with chitchatting, gossiping, singing a song etc .At that time there was no any type of business only exchange of thoughts and making work for family is the aim of work . So it has a very nice taste and it can sufficient for so many days .Today when we have converted every thing in a business so we are feeling everything less as we have made planning of that food for marketing .By making so much food also we feel less and nothing left in the home .

Do you understand what I am saying?


prep cook total

10         10      20 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine   Indian

Course   Desserts

serve for    2

ingredients for it

Shemai   1 bowl

cream  1/2 bowl

cashew nut

milk 1 glass

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take the Shemai for baking . Bake it in the pan with ghee.                                                               and keep aside

: Take all ingredients ready in a thali.

: Keep milk to boil on the medium gas

: Now add Shemai to it , Add sugar and another ingredients to it .

: Keep it to cook for 2 minutes.

:Serve it.



Sweet Rice Balls- Recipe – Diwali Recipe

    Shree Creation Embroidered Bollywood Georgette, Net Saree

Time  prep cook total 

        min    30     30      60

  Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

   Cuisine : Indian 

  food type : Desserts 

keyword :  Sweet rice ball recipe, How to make Anarasa-Marathi , Sweets , #Desserts 

 serve for 4


 Gur Anarsa Recipe – Indian Good Food

        Varai rava *    250 gm 

            jaggery   *     100 gm 

           ghee       *           1/2 bowl 

          milk        *         2 tabs 

 coconut [grated]*      2 tabs [as u wish]

         khuskhus   *      50 gm [ as u wish]  

PROCEDURE   *   Soak the varai in a water for 2 days. After  2 days remove its water and keep it to dry for  3 to 4 hours. Keep attention that it could not be dry totally. Some moisture must be there. Now grind this varai in a mixture, Make it’s Rava, add jaggery in it  and mix it well in the mixture. Keep this mixture as it is for 2 to 3 days so that it could make nice fermentation. Keep it in the fridge. 

        Take this mixture in a big thali, if it can’t make the dough of it add some drops of milk in it. Knead it properly. Make its dough with the help of oil or ghee. Now take POPPY SEEDS in another thali. Spread the small dough on the POPPY SEEDS. Make it uniform.  

        Keep the pan on the gas, add some oil or ghee in it, wait to heat the oil, after that, to take the trial  add small Anarasa into it  and see it can fry well or not. Sometimes if we are not taking proportion correctly it will easily be dissolved in a hot oil, so we must have to take a trial. Now slowly add the Anarasa in it, do not fry as like vade, keep the flame of gas slowly and spread some oil on it in the pan. If it became red in color, remove its ghee or oil by keeping the pressure on it on the side of pan and remove from pan. Your crunchy tasty Anarasa will be ready to eat it. Serve it hot. 

images for it

Sweet balls recipe- Rice

Sweet rice balls recipe _Anarasa

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Homemade desserts with jaggary


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Usually, we are using jaggery for any dessert as it contains more amount of iron, calcium, sodium, potassium etc. Wheat flour mix easily with other ingredients & it makes a fine dessert.For so many festivals we are making this traditional food. Really it gives good taste to our Bhojan.   

time   prep    cook  total

20        10        30

author : pranita deshpande

food type :   Desserts

serve for 2

cuisine  Indian


Milk 1/4 lit

wheat flour  2 tbsp

ghee 2 tbspCashew nuts: 6 to 7

grated dry coconut:  2 tbsp

Jaggery:   20  gm

Elaichai powder   1 teaspoon.

Bake the wheat flour till red color comes,


    : Add some ghee to it & again bake it.

    :     Now take almond, cashew nuts, jaggery,

coconut in the mixture pot  & make its paste.

  : Keep the oil from boiling in another pot. Boil it for 5 to 10 minutes.

 Taste of Home

:Add wheat flour into it. Now add all this paste to the boiling milk. Stir it well so that flour & all ingredients will mix properly. After cooking add cardamom powder into it.

Images for it

preparing dessert


       Serve it with pomegranate.   

NOTE: Don’t make powder of cardamom in the mixture pot, it doesn’t give a good smell. Use  Stone pot to make the pieces of  cardamom 

homemade desserts recipe/

Homemade desserts _  Jaggary 

homemade desserts recipe/
http://homemade dessertsrecipe/

Desserts of wheat flour with jaggary 

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Shahi Stuffed Coconut Jaggary Khaja Gujiya Recipe- Dessert Recipe

Shahi Gujiya Recipe –  Stuffed Recipe. 

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We have today here ”CHAITRA GOURI ” Navratra, so we have to get up early in the morning. Doing worship of it. For that we are making today ”Ghujiya as well wet and swallowed grams of raw Mango for Prasad.

To make Gujiya in a   every function is also a ”SHUBH ” process. When any daughter is going to the husbands home at that time our mothers are feeding these Gujiya compulsory to the daughters. It is also a ”Shubh food ” Just click here to buy products.

Today we have ”CHAITRA GOURI ”festival means she came to her father’s home in this period. She likes to eat wet grams along with raw mango sorbet. Also, she eats raw mango  & a  swing with a mango tree.

Time for it

prep cook total

10           10      20 min

author name : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine :     Indian

food type : shahi Khujiya

Keyword : Shahi stuffed, jaggary gujiya recipe -desserts recipe. 


Wheat flour or Sooji  1 bowl

wet coconut  1/4 coconut

jaggary 1/4 bowl

cardamom powder    1 tbsp

cashew nuts    7 to 8

almonds   4 to 5

channa      2 tbsp

oil   or ghee 1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE  FOR IT :  Take the wheat flour in a thali .

: Add slowly water to eat . Knead it properly and keep aside.

: Take wet coconut in the mixture pot add jaggary to it                                                             along with  cardamom stones . Add cashew nuts,                                                                    almonds and channa

: Grind it in the mixture and make its paste , keep aside.

: Now make small puri like chapati , add saran to it .

: Make like this 5 khujiya * keep aside .

: Now keep the pan on the gas pour oil to it and wait to heat it .

: Fry the Gujiya one by one till red color comes .

: Your tasty Gujiya is ready to eat now.







Method for it :  Knead wheat flour or all purpose flour and keep aside

:  Make saran to fill it & keep aside.

: Make small Puris of kneaded flour .

:  Add saran to it

: Fry it in a  ghee or oil .

Wheat Grain Desserts Recipe -sweets

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