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Message For Followers – Dear Readers

Dear followers sorry for your inconvince . I am taking gap to publish my next posts.

Want to remake site along with some changes also I am writing a new book ” My spiritual experiences ” along with new innovative posts. To do all these I need special time.

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Please let me know your feedback with it.

Thanks for being with me, reading my posts, giving likes and inspiration. I wish you will keep it to run with my already published posts, which you will get in search or in the reader.

I am here waiting for your appreciation.


My Interesting Internet Experience – Blogging


Quotations & Stories: Thoughts by [Pranita P Deshpande]
My Interesting Internet Experience – Blogging

 Friends, I want to share with you my nice and interesting experience to let us enjoy.


My aim in life is to publish my books, So I wondered for it for 8 years. I have contacted all publishers in Maharashtra. In my city. I have tried for 5 years, no one is responding to me, then I was running tuitions at that time I was earning 15,000 per month, but I decided to publish my book ”IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER” My husband has done typing of a book in Marathi.


To publish it I went to one press and that book was published in one month. Then after 5 years, I bought a smartphone in NOV 2014, Before that, I didn’t know how to handle a computer? or even how to keep email id? How to log in to Facebook? 

My younger son told me in his childhood that don’t touch this ”Mozilla Firefox ” as it will create a fire so I have a lot of fear about the internet. 

http://my interesting internet experience/


In that month I got a state-level award. I didn’t know how to upload photos, my student uploaded it. He also uploaded some photos vertically, some photos straight, some horizontal, some inverse, etc, Then I was searching publishers for my English book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” Then easily searched publishers, got partridge publishing com. The USA company. Then I filled their form and waiting for 15 days.


One day her call came and starting to talk with me, I was busy in my work at home. I told her please call me in the evening, so when I was in class her call came to me in the evening. at least one hour she was talking with me, She is convincing me I was refusing her…. Then again she was calling me on every week, In this way, I have left my 2 months, then, at last, I decided to publish it with that publication.

Then I studied all her agreements carefully and ready to agree. I have done my agreement with the help of my students, it was completed by Amrita Sarada ICSE student 10th class. Then I turned to online, my younger son, the elder son, is telling some small things, then I read some books at home about a computer.


When my book has been to publish I didn’t know I have to work on social media. I think they will publish & they will make marketing of it but they have told me to find your accounts on these channels & etc . Then I opened my account but not run these accounts. Sitting as it is thinking that



But only heard about Twitter, so for how to handle twitter I went in a cyber cafe, There is one student he told me like this you go, again I was in a lot of confusion what to do with this twitter.? I heard only VIP people are tweeting there, When I was looking to twitter account when follow board shows me I am clicking on them and I was getting a message on mobile that you are following with ….But I was thinking that oh! I was getting followers like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, like this lot of big personalities are following me. As I didn’t know the difference between followers, following, follow. At least March month I didn’t know how to tweet? what to do with it? Why did I have to tweet? 

At first, I think only one tweet is sufficient for me. As I have my one book and some Brahma kumaris notebook. After finishing this book what can I do for a tweet? I am worried about what to tweet? Then I was sitting in front of the computer continuously and try to understand all the things and now I became the popular queen of the internet.

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