Happy Diwali 2020

Let’s celebrate #HappyDiwali by removing all burdens of #coronavirus Feel proud yourself we have overcome this toxic situation with unity and great efforts. Thanks to everyone who had done a lot of efforts to remove this toxic situation. Now we are all free to enjoy our life.


Since 8 to 10 Month we are filled with a lot of fear, so many have carried depression. Our kids have to be stopped to enjoy their life outside the home. I think whole world was fit in the tiffin like structure but when people’s mind have been away from fear this situation is going to overcome. Now people are becoming so strong that #CORONA will never enter in our life. So no worries, no tensions, live your life as a normal life.


This is the power of Indian festivals. It never carry any type of bitterness. When festival is coming near all people have removed their fear immediately and running to celebrate festival.

We are everyone as a evidence or perfect proof to welcome Diwali and change of life with full of encouragement and eagerness.


with #HappyDiwali ,let’s remove all types of bitterness. Create pure love along with peace and prosperity. Happy Diwali to everyone.

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Sweet Moong Dal Khichadi Recipe – New Sweet Dish

Sweet Moong Dal Khichadi Recipe: We are getting bored with eating same type of Khichadi. Today I have tried to make new type of Khichadi. Let’s know here how did I have made it?                                                             Ingredients for it : 1Bowl Moong Dal, 1Bowl rice,  ghee : 50 GM,  Sugar:100gm, Cardamom powder:// 1tbsp,  Cashew nut and Almond […]


Happy Teachers Day – Today’s Education

Since childhood, I have the attraction of this day. I think that something is special on this day. As small children are innocent, clean, and clear they have good impressions of teachers behaving on their minds. They catch easily how the teacher is behaving? the teacher is an ideal identity in front of them so they completely behaving the same as that teacher. They make an image of the most likely teacher in their mind and trying to behave like them. This image they never forget throughout their life.

So many students now also searching perfect matching teachers to their thoughts. If they didn’t get they want like that teacher they are losing interest in education. So I think a teacher is the main foundation of any education and then after syllabus and I Q of students. The relation between teacher and students must be loving not professional. Students must have to feel secure in education. Whatever may be difficult come we have a good teacher to solve difficulties with us so we didn’t have to feel any insecurity.

In today’s education, a lot of students are running in too much fear and frustration about jobs. As well as for the settling of life and this insecurity keeps students away from real education as they are not stable for any business or jobs. So any teacher must have to give guidance to them the protection of their carrier as well as the settlement of their life. 

In our country everywhere there is a discussion about education that is education = carrier = A lot of money. If this equation is not running in anyone’s life then his life is useless.

Maybe this person is talent, good behaving, or running with the values and virtues. In education, we must have to understand that what is real artists hidden in the mind of students?. What does he want to learn actually? We didn’t have to push the children as in this job there is a lot of packages. This type of thinking reducing to find out the real potential of the students and students are getting indulged in unwanted fields and they didn’t get real satisfaction in their life. Means they are doing their job as ”I must have to do not with a good interest” If we will select a teacher with thinking that we are getting a lot of package in this field then this teacher never give any type of satisfaction to the children otherwise he is the burden for the students.

The teacher must be curious, intelligent, prompt, careful for his job, thinker, that is we are not coming in the school to collect the only payment but we have to emerge some good qualities of students as well as find out their true potentials.

Education never gets waste in life. It is useful anywhere, anytime then why there is a question? If any lady is educated maybe she will not be doing any type of job but she can carry her family and home neatly and promptly with her education. This means there is no need for jobs everywhere.

Our previous President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishanan was a teacher but his thinking and thought power made him PRESIDENT OF INDIA. so every teacher must have to think about it.

 Wish to all teachers Happy Teacher’s Day.  [

Education never gets waste in life. It is useful anywhere , anytime then why there is a question?


”Our previous President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishanan was a teacher but his thinking and thought power made him PRESIDENT OF INDIA. so every teacher must have to think about it.”

Wish to all teachers Happy Teacher’s Day.  

Happy teachers day/

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What Makes Me Different n Happy – Intresting Story

Hi friends, thanks for asking me this question. As so many people are very eager to get this answer.
Since childhood, I was clear, clean, and open-minded. This is creating extra energy in my mind and increase confidence. And I think When any person is having more confidence, he is always different and happy in any situation.
Another thing is when we are away from material things we are getting more powers from the universe. For example in our home when our grandparents maybe have more amount in their account but they have distributed it in their sons and daughters still we are giving them more respect. And we have ideal fear [ respected] of them. We feel shy, shame to tell any unwanted thing in front of them. In some families, their sons didn’t drink, smoking in front of them. As in the last stage of life, people become free from all the material things, money, position, status, etc. They are only distributing pure love and thoughts to us. They need only pure love and pure thoughts as these 2 things give them more power.
As we know that if any grandparents have more money but he is not behaving lovingly to the family members then we know that so many granddaughters, sons are abusing them as in the old age power of money is not running. To understand it we have to experience life.
The same pattern running with the Saint, can we hate Gautam Budha as he didn’t have money?
Can we hate saint Tukaram, Dnyeshwar, Ramdas, these are so ancient people?
But, can we hate Anna Hajare as he didn’t have money? Can we hate the Amte family? But they are also always happy and their life is different. We never hate Mother Theressa. Even she was so simple.
When we are running with our principals then automatically we get happiness along with differentiation.
Before publishing my books I was so happy that I think that In the world no one is happy in comparison to me. Although I was facing a lot of difficult situations. I didn’t know what is mean by profession? What is the value of money in my life? Why did we have to save money? I was completely away from all these things. This means I didn’t earn money is not true. I didn’t save money is also not true. But, still, I was never living for the only money.
At that time also I was earning money but never left my daily happiness. Living light is my virtue since childhood. Of course, I was carrying some worries at that time but, still light.
In college life also I was famous as a most laughing student. I like the students who are laughing with pure hurts. And my all friends were also jolly and laughing friends. Open-minded and always free. We have completely lost all these things in the lockdown.
In college, we were friends easily creating jokes, not telling jokes from books or by watching any films or reading books, etc. But when we gather at one place we were laughing continuously. Where had been lost this laughing now? In today’s life I am looking to the teenagers they are behaving like olden that 50 years’ person and saying we have made progress.
I think that at a particular level maturity and understanding are okay but if it is more in small age we are killing the next generation.
I am always giving thanks to my parents that they have left us free. We think that, if we didn’t have money then we have problems in our life? It’s true but, still, I think that if we have money and we didn’t understand how to use it for my family, my society, my religion, my charity, myself then It creates more problems in our life.
The person who will understand how to use money at the proper time that person always remains happy in his life and also everyone’s life. And, when we create happiness for the other person we create happiness for us.
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10 Points To Be Happy Easily In Lock down

  Today everyone is always aware to be happy. We know that we are getting happiness from so many closed things like relationship, love, acceptance, watching TV, shopping, traveling, working as a businessman or in any job, getting money in the job or business. These are the things we are giving us happiness easily in the open world. 

   Generally, we get happiness from the following types of topics. 

* Physical: Here we can add money, business, property, clothes, food, and medicine. 

*Social: Independence, peace, friends, chatting, visit the partner, family, etc 

*Emotional: Love, romance, living in relationship

*Spiritual: Peace, religion, prayer, cleaning of the mind 

*Physical: Eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, etc 

*Etc: hobby, working, watching, cinema, TV, etc 

   These are our daily needs which can we complete our budget. But, when we are using it in the more proportion then it can create a lot of problems in every type of life. It may be physical, social, emotional, spiritual, etc So everything should be in control.

 Let us learn here which are 10 things keeping us always happy. 

1] Pretend That You Are Honest Person: To become an honest person. You start to make a drama that I am a really honest person. Means whatever you may be, you are that person. This means if you are feeling that you are a happy person then no one could be stopping you to be happy. So it is the very easy tack that if you didn’t know how to be happy then you must have to pretend happily.

2] KEEP RELATIONSHIP STRONG: This is the most part of any person’s happiness. Otherwise, if you have everything and the relationship is so bitter then maybe you will decide to be happy. You never become happy. So you just have to learn to keep relationships strong with each and every person. In the relationship only love is the word that can make strong bonding. So if your love should be clean, clear then maybe how much bitterness is there it can convert in to sweet.


I think that the person who knows this sentence is the king of the world. The person who can face easily all problems of life is always happy. They think climbing on the mountain is an easy thing no worries.

This strength is known as the power to face. The person who has this power have the ability to understand where had been hidden the power of face. And at a difficult time, he definitely emerges his power. 

4] KEEP FAITH ON YOU AND OTHERS: I think faith and confidence in one vehicle. But, there are 2 types of faith 1 ] regular faith 2] Blind faith. You know perfectly both faith. So to do any work we must have faith in ourselves. If we will lose our faith everything can finish in our life. 

5] TAKE HAPPINESS IN EVERY MOMENT: Do you know so many people are working for fame, position, future, family, next-generation, country, etc Work is not bad but, what they do they are postponing their happiness. Living very seriously. Some people didn’t know to be happy we didn’t have to waste this second. So they are losing happiness of that second and waiting for next year’s happiness or the next day, the next generation’s happiness, etc. In this situation, they are losing their happiness in the present case and becoming hurt. Always in tension. 

 Ego is the most important reason which is keeping us away from our real happiness. Ego carries hatreds, jealousy,     

6] GOOD HABITS CREATES GOOD EMOTIONS: Understand your bad habits. Find the way to vanish it. How did you will become more positive to create good habits must have the main aim of your life. Write your both habits. Try to remove it with your speed. Read good books, collect good friends, turn your bad habits into good. What we are eating also creating habits. As food creates emotions and emotions and habits are running close to each other. 

7] CLEANLINESS, HEALTH, HAPPINESS: Cleaning of anything changes our mood. Even if you will clean your utensils in the kitchen it will give you happiness. Your face has one type of charming. You can check this experiment. Cleaning of anything gives us happiness along with positive vibrations. Removes, laziness, brings alertness and awareness in our life. These things always keeping you happy so your health becomes strong. 


    Acceptance is the power that can change the world. The person who knows the power of acceptance he can live life happy anywhere it may be the forest, temple, cottage, any Bangalow or anywhere. He can be happy anywhere. So learn to accept good things. To live life happy we must have to accept change, must have to learn compromise and control. 

9] RELAXATION AND EMPTY TIME: Relaxation is the best way of making mind cool. Anyway how much you have work you must have to relax. This relaxation giving you more time for the next work. 

10 ] FIND SATISFACTION WHERE YOU GET: This is the topmost solution for happiness. Search your satisfaction. Where you can satisfy? For this, you must have to understand who you are? How could you get easily satisfaction?    

1]Are you really happy ?

2]Did you have a habit to postpone the happiness?  

3] Have you experienced happiness in small things?

4] Do you feel heavy while searching happiness outside?

5] Write your feed back in the comment section.

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