Importance Of Bathing – Health Benefits.

How Bathing Is Important To Us?

What Are The Disadvantageous Of Without Bathing Life?

Do you know why did I have selected this topic? In our home everyday there is an argument between my both son and me . I am telling them without bathing don’t touch to the food. May be you are so clean. I hate the people who are not bathing regularly and early. May be they are more successful, kind and carry more compassion. But I will mention some reasons here , why did bathing is so important?


1] Without bathing if you will touch to the food it spread germs or make food poisonous.

2] If you will travel without bathing , there are more accidents or some injure cases , quarreling cases are happening. Often I am reading accident news in short, in that a lot of Muslim people are there. In the lots of news murder cases are filled with Muslim people. And so that there is always wars in between Muslim living areas. As they are not bathing regularly. I think our wisdom gets lost without bathing. I have been experienced with a lot of people. I couldn’t mention their name here.

3] In some houses some members are losing an enthusiasm, instead carrying laziness along with spreading germs in the home.Also they are spreading germs in the atmosphere.

4] Creates a lots of skin diseases, arthritis, another infections.

4] So that in India there are a lot’s of rituals regarding bathing that is”ABHYANG SNAN” KARTIK SNAN” VAISHAKH SNAN” ”GANGA SNAN” ” OCEANSNAN” ”SEA SNAN” ”TEERTH SNAN”

Here Snan means bathing. Our all rituals, festivals are related towards bathing.

4] Have you experienced yourself without bathing how you feel?

Now Let Us Discuss Benefits Of Bathing .

1] It removes germs , dust, dirt from our body. Cleans mind and body Keeping us every time fresh.

2] Creates freshness, removes depression, worries, changing attitude, creates an enthusiasm, works as a strong healing process. So that in Ayurveda there are lots of treatments regarding bathing. That is steam bath etc .

3] Keeps blood circulation flowing, crates appetite , have you observed that after bathing we feel more hunger.?

4] Opens skin holes , removes skin diseases, increases confidence.

5] Our Astrologer also giving us so many rituals while bathing to get success in our life or to remove our skin diseases.

6] If you will bath early in the morning we never get suffer from ”VATTA, PITTA and COUGH ”Dosha.

7] So that our ancient parents are getting up early in the morning and bathing before 7 o clock in the morning.They have got complete more than 100 year life span. May be they have no more money.

DISCLOSURE : Some points in the post mentioned with my regular observation. My intention to mention it is to show real fact. I didn’t want to give any hurt to any community .

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Health Benefits Of Cumin Seed Water – Health

Is Cumin Water Good For health?

How To Prepare Cumin Water?

Healthy   Drink  -Cumin seed drink

    Today people are very health conscious of them there are lots of posts and information regarding health. Sometimes some people get confused and using any types of drink or medicines .Instead of getting cure or reducing problems, problems are getting increase.

   Simple example of it I will tell you. Suddenly my brother in law has been suffered from diabetes before 10 years  After  that she had a lot of fear that now I have to be careful and having worry about it why did I am getting suffered? First we have shown her to good doctor. He  started correct treatment , given good medicines etc, now her work is to take medicines regularly and accept as it is that I have diabetes but instead of accepting  it she started to taking juice of any leaves thinking that I must have to finish this disease. How it is possible? Still she had taken a large amount of bitter guard juice for it as someone has told her. After some time she started loose motions. These lose motions increased so much that she has to be admitting immediately in the hospital.

  Sometimes nature or our present karma or past karma gives us some punishment but, instead we accepting it as it is we are thinking that I must have to be get rid from it. It is never possible we must have to be accepting some nature’s rules then we have to work on it. After some time it will automatically getting vanished. Nowadays there are millions of posts on healthy drinks but we must have to be understood that which juice or medicine is good for me? Can it will make my health complete? How much I have to take it? If someone told that this juice is very good for your life then can you are taking only juice for long life.

Keep these points with you how can I use medicines /remedies /fruits, vegetables/ food.

1] Before taking any juice, remedies keep in mind that is this juice or these benefits are giving me good effects?.

2]   Then take the proportion of it with your body suggestion. Otherwise if anyone has written that 2 Banana’s must have to eat every day, to reduce your so many health problem, then without any thinking we are started  to eat bananas but can we studied that in the morning if I will eat banana’s without eating anything it can create problems in the stomach. Or sometimes it will increase pain in the abdomen to my body. Meanwhile there is  a news  for Maggie eating people . Due to eating Maggie Lots  of students have to be suffered from abdomen pain.

3]  This is not the case for Banana’s  but for so many remedies. We must have to observe ourselves that can I would get good relief from this medicine then we have to start it. Otherwise it will create lots of problems.

4]  Keep it in the mind that must have to take it at proper time .

5] Most important point is that everything must have the limit, without limitation nothing will get success in the world.


      Nowadays we have started the new habit to drink the water from the copper vessel .It is the good habit for the health in this way if we will start to take anytime cumin water of 1 glass then it will help to keep away so many problems of our health.

Cumin water creates so many digestive juices and it can increase speed of digestion. The person, who has the abdomen pain problem, has the best solution for it. We can’t say that,’’The water which we are drinking in whole day is beneficial to us but when we will take cumin water it will definitely useful to us’’.

 Cumin water contains Potassium so that it can increase immunity power. It can reduce weakness, as it contains iron with Hemoglobin. So that it can maintain blood flow properly. It can control blood pressure, reduces weight,  It can increases  rate of  digestion speed. Along with it, it is good for our skin problem.

How to create cumin water:  To create this water we have  to take  1 liter water. Add 2 tablespoon cumin seeds to it. Boil this water for 3 to 4 minute. After boiling it, it can change color of water. Avoid drinking cold /hot water of this solution. Drink this water in a whole day how much you want.  To make this drink use raw cumin seeds. Avoid using baked cumin seeds.

Avoid drinking stale water the drink which is prepared today does not use for tomorrow.


1] Increases  rate of digestion .

2] Maintains blood flow, blood pressure.

3] Increases blood volume

4] Reduces weight

5] Reduces temperature of the body

6] Useful for loss of appetite.

7] Gives glow to the skin   

 8] Keeps mind fresh.

9]  Helps to reduce mouth ulcer.

10] Works as a good catalyst in our stomach.  

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Health Benefits Of Pure Ghee – Homemade

Krishna Bala Lila: Krishna's Pastimes of Stealing Butter ...
http://Krishna Bala Lila: Krishna’s Pastimes of Stealing Butter … Bhagavatam-katha /
How to make pure ghee at home -homemade/
http://How to make pure ghee at home -home made

How to make pure ghee? -Healthy

pure butter for pure ghee/
http://pure butter for pur ghee/

Author : pranita deshpande

food type : pure ghee

keyword: How to make pure ghee at home -homemade

cuisine : India

We know that in India, there are so many stories regarding prepare pure ghee. Since Krishna’s Birthday, we are hearing stories of butter, how Krishana is stealing butter? Why did he like butter and milk, ghee. I think he has to show health importance of it so he had made lots of stories and songs on butter, milk and Everyone likes butter, pure ghee but didn’t know how to make it.?/healthy-benefits-of-green-basil-leaves-health-benefit

Ghee is the best medicines for so many problems of their nose, eyes, hair fall, waist pain, weakness, a rich supplement for the proteins. We can make plenty of food products from pure ghee. Of them, cow ghee is the best medicine for our sense organs. It can work as good medicine for about 200 problems./how-to-control-blood-sugar-with-Ajowan-health-benefit/

 Let us we will see how to make it?

There is no need for so many ingredients for it. Only require cream of milk means thick curd.

 Ingredients for it

Thick Curd: 1/2 lit


food type : Pure ghee

 Let us see how we can make it?

There are a lot of methods to make it, today’s generation is fast so for the time I am always making it in the mixture jar.

1] Pour the thick cream curd into the mixture jar. 

2]Now move the mixture button and start to rotate the curd without adding water for 2 or 3 minutes.

3] It creates a thick collection of butter. But, we can’t say it is pure butter.

4] Now add cold water to it. Pure butter is automatically floating on the surface of the water. 

5] Now collect the butter in the water and keep it to wash in the pure water.

6] Butter must have to wash clean as it can remove the acidic nature of curd, to become clean, clear and pure butter.

7] Now keep this butter for the melting. Check the activity of melting. While it started to create gray color and spreading khaman smell of it.Off the gas.

8] We have pure ghee. Some black impurities are the remaining downside of the ghee. So filter it after getting cool.

9] You will get pure ghee. You can add leaves of basil while melting it to get a good smell.

10] Pure ghee can be identified with its smell. It can’t tell orally. Must have to experience it.


1] It can overcome hair fall by applying it with camphor powder. As well as it can keep your head cool.

2] Gets dark sleep by eating it or by applying it on the head.

3] It can use to make lots of cosmetics. It can apply on the face to get the nice glow on the face.

4] It contains a rich amount of protein so it is using after delivery to maintain blood volume as well as protein proportion which has been lost in the delivery or any injury or an accident.

5] If we will eat it with rice at first in the Bhojan it can keep the eyes cool.

6] If you have the problem of hair fall continuously then pour it in the nostrils every day while sleeping hair fall problem can be finished.

7] Sometimes we feel that our eyesight has been getting reducing then pour this cow ghee in the nostrils while sleeping.

9] We can make lots of medicines from it like Chavanprash, Some medicines etc.

10 ]I think it has a lot of properties so Krishana always plays with the butter.

http://How to make pure ghee at home -homemade 

http://pure butter for pure ghee 

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http://How to make pure ghee at home -homemade
pure butter for pure ghee / /
http://pure butter for pure ghee
How to make pure ghee at home - homemade /
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