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How To Be Safe ,Secure With Durga Kavach – Spiritual Videos

Live Stress-Free With This Durga Kavach
Hi friends, happy Friday Let’s watch here an important video in which how to keep our body-safe. Who is hidden in our everybody parts? How can that work to heal our body spiritually? How can we live stress-free, happy along with our family? Here family in my point of view all the universe.
This is known as Marathi ”DurgaKavach” means in our body Durga Maa is hidden in every part. In which part she is hidden and how to find her will understand you after learning and reciting this ”Kavach” means protection for body, mind, and soul.
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http://How to live safe, secure with Durga Kavach- Video/


http://Mahalaxmi Ashtak/

This Stotra contains 8 forms of Mahalaxmi. Which form performs which work have been described in it . This Stotra also brings abundance, prosperity, love, peace , happiness in the home . It can emerge our inner 8 forms of energy if we will recite it regularly with full of devotion. So listen this Stotra carefully and subscribe my video.

http://Laxmi Sukta in Sanskrit/

This is the regular Stotra which can be recite while DOING HOME . It gives the information that , How did Laxmi will have to come in your home? If you will bring any type of fraud, lies with money we call it ”Alaxmi” So if you want to bring pure form of Laxmi with peace and abundance then recite this Stotra regularly.

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How To Worship God Ganesha To Complete Wishes _ Spiritual Video. This is the video link of video which is in Hindi. This video has 🐝 created by my dear friend Manisha Kadam . She has complete and deep knowledge of spirituality along with Astrology. She can give you best answers for your every problems in detail. So watch her every video carefully. Give her like, comments and subscribe it.

My some dear friends couldn’t understand Hindi. So I am explaining meanings of video in English. So be consistent to learn new spiritual things here 🙌.

welcome to Ganesh chaturthi. Let’s discuss here, how to worship Ganesha with descipline and devotion to get us complete benefit.

We know that Ganesha is the God of wisdom and talent. Also he has all types of virtues .We can learn from Ganesha that, Which virtues we have to use where to be happy in life and also to be successful in every part of life.

Let’s see how did do the worship of Ganesha ?

Ingredients To Make Worship :

Water : 1 Lota,

Panchaamrut : 100 ml ( mixture of milk, curd, sugar, honey, ghee)

Green leaves, 4 to 5,

Red Supari : 1 or 2,

Kumkum : 1 tbsp,

Green Durva : 21,

Hibiscus flower : 2 to 3 ,

incense sticks : 2,

lamp and arti .

Modak for Navyidyam: 21.

Method To Worship It : Keep idol of Ganesha in front of you. Close your eyes and keep this idol in front of eyes. Now tell your wish to him . And start doing worship.

Keep the leaves in front of Ganesha. Keep rice grains on it . Now place the Supari on it. Now sprinkle water on it with hibiscus flower or Durva. Then sprinkle Punchamrut on it. Again sprinkle water on it. Now put turmeric and Kumkum to it. Keep Durva and flowers on it. Spread incense stick and move arti around it.

Do this procedure for 21 days and see what changes will have been came across in your life. See your face in the mirror after doing worship. Keep this satisfaction 🙏 with you. Say thanks to Gajanan. Tell him forgive for our mistakes and pray him that give everyone happy and prosperous, healthy, life along with success, and peace.

Start To Worship Idol Of Ganesha.: Do same procedure to worship the Ganesha. Only if you have garland . Put it in his neck. Now give him Navyidyam.Do the arti. Burn Camphor and put Akshata on him. Now again tell him your wish.

Do this worship for 21 days. If not complete your wish do not leave him. Do again everyday worship. Think that I am not able now to get success so Ganesha have postponed my success. Keep complete faith on him.

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How To Deal With Fear In COVID -Health

Hi friends, you may be thinking that why did I am writing only on this topic? But, when I have heard this world COVID since that time my inner voice is telling that your birth is for this purpose the people who are indulged in this wicked cycle, you must have to take them out.

Quotations & Stories: Thoughts by [Pranita P Deshpande]

Why Did Anxiety- Mental Health

Do you know there is one story behind fear? In our Indian culture, we have a lot of stories about coconut trees and we say ” Imaginary tree” or ”WISHING TREE” means whatever maybe we wish or we are demanding under that tree it will complete automatically. So one man sat under that tree and he demanded his wish like this ”oh ! If I will have a good meal and nice bungalow how much nice to me” then he got automatically all.

He started to demand a lot of wishes and his every wish was completing and at last, he wished us a one fearful wish that if any ghost will come here and he will eat me then really ghost came there and he has eaten him.

So moral of this story is positive thoughts create positive things and negative thoughts create a negative thing

Our Parents: Another reason for fear is ignorance of his parents and a lot of error when they are growing their kids. In childhood when children have been not eating then we are giving him fear” see ghost will come and eat you” or like this, a lot fear to enter in his mind and he grows up with this fear.

How to stop living with fear |

Why Did Anxiety- Mental Health

Coping with Fear:


So many times any big accident will happen or any bad incidence also causing to increase our fear as it’s danger impressions hold in our mind and we carry it all over the life and this fear creates a lot of disturbance in our life.

SOME DAILY REASON: In our home, if any child has broken anything then parents are scolding them loudly and this voice creates fear in his mind. Sometimes it remains as it is in their mind continuously and its effects on their success or

COVID -Fear: This fear has made our life very difficult. So many people are affecting their lifestyle. Govt. also kept strict rules to overcome this disease. But, I think that maybe this disease is contagious but never become more harmful than our toxic thoughts. 

As we know that sneezing, cough, and cold are the symptoms of this disease. Then do you know we have how many ways sneezing? 

 Let us read the above post you will understand how did we are indulging in the wicked cycle due to lack of real knowledge and easy-going to Quarantine. If we will understand basic reasons for symptoms of sneezing and cough we can easily keeping away a big fear of COVID. If we will be away from fear there is no possibility to come to any virus near to us. We are creating negative energy and calling the virus near to us. 

Many times our lots of doubts create a lot of diseases. If we will assume that I have pain in the back for the slight pain and keeping attention on it. It will definitely increase pain in the back. However nowadays the whole world is focusing on it, all channels, newspapers, people, politicians, etc focusing here. Then what will happen? Can we come out of it? Maybe the virus is very dangerous but is it possible that we can catch him by keeping the position strict? Latur Blogs

It is good to be taking care of it. But, we must have to remove him from our mind. If you will remove him from your mind, definitely he never comes near to you. 

So, at last, I think that ”Where there is no fear and worries that person getting the blessing and he could get everything in his life.

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Reasons To Left Persistence and Consistency In Lock down – Self Improvement

How To Develop Persistence and Consistence In Lock Down

Can We Develop It In The Students At Home In Lock Down


These are the 2 words using in education. Now we have changed the definition of education. Our education is at home. To get motivation and inspiration is very hard. We must have to search for a new education near us. As we have away from competition and comparison.
For the small class students means up to 10 Th class to keep students engage with persistency and consistency becoming the challenging work for all education system.
We know that if persistence is absent we can’t increase our productivity. Now is the main question to the students, how to develop persistency and consistency?
As everyone wants a successful person but, what about persistence? It doesn’t require more education or any type of training. In the olden days so many people are carrying it so that they have made progress.
It must have to develop with our perfect efforts.
Which are these let’s check here
1] We must have to keep our definites of purpose along with burning desire.
2] It must require a definite plan to work continuously.
3] Everything we can overcome but, what about our negative doubts, how can remove it. Some discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances.
4] We can reach our goal With the help of good prayer, friends, our parents, etc.
5] I think due to one’s economy can control another one’s philosophy.
6] First we have to take a small step to reach the goal then automatically we will go to our definites of
7] Then we are ready to achieve lead, power, fame, and worldly recognition.
8] With these steps we avoid powerful brakes.
9] Persistence has the power to converts dreams into physical realities.
10] These are the steps that can control one’s economic destiny.
1] Clarity is not there what to wish
2] Many times taking alibis to show others how I am Okay in my work /
3] Having less knowledge in that field.
4] Instead of creating a solution showing alibis without making plans.
5] Having self-satisfaction that I am Okay and happy in this situation.
6] Weakness Of Desire, losing desire, sometimes due to fear in mind or very danger
The situation around it.
7] Eagerness to quit now, I can’t do the next step.
8] Lack of plans or there are no idea how to make a plan? Or life is not taking seriously.
9] The habit of neglecting to move on ideas or to grasp opportunities when it presents itself.
10] Wishing instead of willing or willing power is less due to the bad experience of life.
11] The habit of comprising poverty instead of keeping aim to be rich. The general absence of ambition

To be to do.
12] Searching shortcuts to becoming rich without giving a fair equivalent.
13] Fear Of Criticism: Its a very dangerous issue in everyone’s life. As it creates a lot of damage to our life.
14] Pressure of getting good things that, can I will be fit there? Or can I digest this change in my life?
15] Sometimes having worked on more tasks also reducing persistence.
16] Having insufficient guidance, support, facilities also reduce it.
17] Working with more stress increases obstacles and it reduces the power of persistence and consistency.
18] Absence of motivation, instead have to suffer more jealousy along with hatred also reduce power to work.
19] A lot of times negativity of surroundings also reduces persistence.
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How To Get Rid Of Addiction – Self Improvement

How To Get Rid Of Addiction?-

Nowadays everyone is familiar with addiction, addiction is the main hurdle of progress in everyone’s life.

Why did addiction come in my life?

When elder persons are addicted then younger one and smaller one learns from them that addiction is not a bad habit as my father is taking regularly. As he had created a good and real image for his father and from every point of view he thinks that my father is taking then it is good for me also.


 Experience and information and belief systems for example when yesterday I drank tea then it’s taste is better to me then I create a belief system tea is better to drink but if we want to rescue from tea. We have to change this belief system with knowledge and understanding of tea also harmful to our health.

Sometimes we think that we are doing it for getting happiness, and joy In a relationship as well as with a friend. I have been not getting happiness, and real joy So I start to addiction means when I get frustrate Then I turn to addiction.

Every time I want true love, trust, respect, and some qualities in a person. That makes me feel better. If not get these qualities I became discomfort able.

I am comfortable at a physical level but for a mental level, I feel uncomfortable.


I want to be complete inside and I am not comforted because I am not aware. I am not feeling well. My Uncomfortable feeling gives a vacuum. Uncompleted, but everyone wants experience harmony complete inside. Then search started the possession, achievement, coffee tea, movie, drink any kind of stimulates and that kind of stimulates trigger certain kind of feeling, Stimuli gives me a comfortable feeling outside. It is not inside it is temporary take out from dis comfortableness. and it distracts the mind for a moment from the emotional pain and unhappiness, but still, pain is there.

           When I am taking alcohol or watching T.V. drinking cigarettes etc. I have postponed my pain for some time. 

A concentration of my mind is merged and my mind is distracted anywhere you know that you are going in a bad direction still you are engaged in that but your pain is increasing so I want to remove that pain I want comfort feeling but when I realize how we feel without taking?

Solution for addiction.

1)To be spiritual as spirituality find roots of any problem.

2)Spirituality means getting to know you.

3)A positive affirmation to create a positive feeling.

4)We could think negative and create a positive sentence cannot work.

5)God is looking to your, pure, peaceful truth vibration, He will not just look to your mistake. Wherever attention goes there energy flows. So keep awareness of your thought.

6)You could get success suddenly but we have to take a decision co firmly.

Family counseling.: Scolding, no conversation is not the solution, first, we have to give him faith then tell him” you could be free from this addiction.” It is easy to free only to continue it is hard but we will try.

When I create one positive thought on it, I have to work on it, as thought create action, so I have to keep attention on my thought


Powerful motivation: – Quit today if not, decide date- Imagine it, share it to everyone, celebrate it. When I have to quit it then ask questions to yourself if you can’t stop. Then postpone it and when I feel that I couldn’t live without a drink then don’t keep any cigarette or bottle of drink with you.

Do meditation every day; connect with God for every second by remembering in every situation.

Spirituality means awareness from childhood.

A Strong will power and a strong foundation cannot turn to a bad habit.

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How To Become Satisfied Person In Lock down – Exit COVID

Become fulfill person

Satisfaction is the mental attitude of life. It is the peaceful state of mind with happiness. It gets from inside not from outside.   

Satisfaction creates appreciation in every relationship with great emotions having nice intention. Satisfaction makes difference in greed & how much you need.It gives fulfill feeling .

With satisfaction, you are always living simple means using simple clothes, simple diet & entertainment with happy mood.

Your self-respect & your personal power keeps you away from any corruption, any tempted things. Satisfied man always thinks himself as a really powerful person of GOD. This person has satisfaction easily. You can avoid yourself with ownership. You can away from any fear.

Understand joy & satisfactiondadi-janki

If any time, unfortunately, anyone has taken out his ownership & position then also he is living comfortably.

Outside situation can change but you are always satisfied person so that you never disturb with any outside situation.

Values are always living inside the behavior of heart which is deciding what should we have to do? & how we have to do?

Peace, satisfaction & purity are the spiritual values which can keep aware of you for connecting infinite universe.

Nowadays we have made a lot of progress in science, a lot of development also increasing.Everywhere we are watching huge building alongside the road, nice railway station, nice railways, good air service, good roads, good vehicles etc but then also there are a lot of people poor. Someone has no clothes to wear, some are living on the footpath, so many have not got enough & balanced diet, not getting medicated service nicely etc. What is the reason behind it?

There is a proverb that nature can complete your needs, not your greed.

Nowadays due to so many improvements, we are away from compassion & real love. &   there is a lot of gap between relationships. There is one image in our mind that the home which is big in size have a lot of peace & happiness. But actually, it is not like that.

Satisfaction means it is the effect of spiritual knowledge in which we can identify our negative energy clearly.

Satisfaction can place a position in luck & laziness.

If we can identify our inner power & inner energy then we can satisfy forever. &  it gives us lot of blessing to us.

‘’ Satisfaction & incorporeal things create transparency so that it can give benefit to earth & heaven ‘’……Mahabharata…author…/pranita-deshpande-author-quotations-

When a person has taken out all desires outside & he can be live with self dependently then his intelligence automatically gets constant.

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Quotations & Stories: Thou

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How To Know Blessed Person – Quote


Hi friends , do you understand this Quote’s meaning? So easy to understand our life.

I think that no need to read Bhagvad Geeta OR any another spiritual books. If like these small sentences gives us true and practical meaning of life. If we could understand our life in short then there is no worries,no any tensions of past, future, present , No need to

worry about Karma as blessed person never do any bad karma. He is always busy in doing his Karma. Good and bad is everyone’s perception. But still he never do any bad karma.  Get to know here meaning of blessed in detail with spirituality.

God knows his all words, karma perfectly. So he is always giving him good direction to his life. Also he is always comfortable in his shadow.  So this person is always away from all fears. Also always happy with his karma and time spent.

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How to overcome suffering happily- QUOTES

http://how to overcome suffering/
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Image result for quotes on how to make suffering happily/
http://How to overcome suffering
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http://How to overcome suffering
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