How To Clean Oily Skin – Skin Health

Hi Friends, good afternoon have a fresh day. 

Nowadays we are very alert in every part of life. In them it may be complete health, face beauty, hair beauty, thought beauty , body care along with fitness. etc.
Still with a lot of pressure or with the hectic work we didn’t get time to look us and we are losing our regular happiness with burden, it effects on our skin and our skin looks too much old, sometimes it looks fresh, sometimes young, sometimes as like sick person and many times it looks oily.


1] So many have to work in the kitchen near to gas. If the person is working near to gas he has to work with oil, go to near flame and it causes to become skin oily.
2] Today we are getting a lot of information about all problems and if some where we have read that butter is good for skin we make experiment of it without studying anything and our skin became oily.
3] If we didn’t suit any particular soap to our face then our skin became black or oily.
4] If we have habit to eat oily food then also skin became oily.
5] Every time drinking more time coffee or tea makes skin black
6] We are making a lot of experiments to make our skin shiny but, instead it became shiny it will getting to suffer a lot of issues.
7] Main important reason to make skin beautiful is our mind and thoughts.
8] Generally, in the summer due to sweat our skin became oily. In this season our skin brings out oil and it makes your skin oily and dirty.
If you are happy your skin is looking beautiful bright. Of them if you are running confidence with you there is no need to do anything for your skin. Whatever maybe you eat or drink every time your skin is fresh.
1] Mint Leaves : Let’s check this experiment first small part of skin if it is suitable then try it.
Boil 1 cup water. Add Mint leaves to it crush it make its nice solution apply it on the skin or keep it in the bottle to use it again.
2] CUCUMBER : This the best remedies for your oily skin. I think there is no need to test your skin for it. Only grate the tender and fresh cucumber make its juice. Apply it with the help of cotton on your face. It brings immediately bright look.
3] Elovera : This is also very nice remedies. But, be careful while using it. It can damage your eyes. It is an antibacterial along with smooth property. So it can make your skin smooth.
To apply it remove inner jelly part of it. Add some water to it and apply it on yuor face with the help of cotton. It can be good for prevention of rashes also it is good for sunburn.
4] ROSE WATER : This is also a natural tonner for your skin. It can remove dirt of your skin and makes your skin bright with nice glow. It also you have to use with cotton.

6] Wash skin after 2 hour with cool water.

5] Most important and best remedies : NEEM LEAVES. ; Keep leaves in the curd [thick] at night , in the morning make its paste in the mixture. Apply it on the face and seat in the morning sun. See the effect your skin became as fresh as like sunlight.
IMPORTANT NOTE : While applying every tonner , please take care of your eyes. Otherwise it can damage your eyes.
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How To Neutralize Difficult Situation – Life Skill

How To Neutralize Difficult Situations To Create Happiness – Life Skill   

  Good morning friends have a peaceful, happy day. 

We know that life is filled with a lot of challenges of them 

Some are easy to manage, some creating a complex situation, so many are making a very hard life. Does it depend on the persons who are in the contacts? If the persons are very challenging means taking peak level decision or they have the habit to live the live weather at the peak or the ground then to the surrounding people it is very hard to manage this type of situation.

   These types of people are creating terrorists in the surrounding. And We think that why did any person is behaving like a terrorist in the home or the office, or at any place. There are so many reasons to create these types of persons. 

We will see some reasons below.

    In so many family’s ladies are very challenging. I am not an enemy of any ladies but I am writing this piece of article with observations. 

   If any lady is more beautiful, she has a lot of ego of them if the husband didn’t understand this easily, he became completely surrender with her then in that family only terrorism is running. No one can talk one world against that lady, even her kids are also away from her. Then it creates a lot of distance in the family and that kids didn’t get complete love so they become insecure, creating fear in their mind and after some days if there is no way to express it anyway it turns in to house terrorism.

Nowadays we say that ladies must have to be financially independent it is very good to run the family happy. But if any lady has a lot of ego of it, then again the above case is creating in the family. Some ladies are taking misuse of their powers means to not speak to the family members, till 6 – 6 years. Remaining alone in the home or going to her parents’ home. Then if anyone will go council them, they are making blackmail to the family members by taking his property on her name, by demanding gold, or any type of blackmailing. The effect of it is that the total family gets destroying. For God’s shake if any angel will enter in their home then he will neutralize this situation by creating more love and handling situations wisely in the family.

This case is not only for the family but in the politics, film industry, publishing industry, blackmailing is running everywhere. But if it is at the peak level it is not tolerated to nature and this type of natural calamities has to face us. As vibrations of any evil are more powerful than good vibrations.  

Is there any place where there is no problem in the universe? But, the person who has art to neutralize that problem with behaving well in that atmosphere can neutralize it. 

  Forex: There are always short complaints in the husband and wife relationships. That if any lady or gents have no tolerance power or she/he is giving more importance to her/his ego or her/his presence then it can destroy the family. It never ends in a good direction. Sometimes a small conflict creates an act of revenge or negative thoughts towards the situation as well as people if we didn’t have an idea to neutralize it by taking 2 steps behind or removing ego in any section it will take the form of war or fight. 


1] Avoid keeping more distance in conversation. 

2] Don’t give more importance to our ego. 

3] Don’t think I am alone running this community. As like me, there are so many running it and everyone has to suffer some little problems everywhere. 

4] Avoid thinking for a small time. Think for the long time and effects of our wrong behavior. 

5] Creating love and positive thoughts for everyone automatically neutralize the situation. 

6] The surrounding people are also my part of life. I am here due to them these types of thoughts easily neutralize the situation. 

7] For this situation I am also responsible so I would have to work for it. 

8] Giving faith and security to the junior one also neutralizes the situation. 

9] Every time, everywhere the power of money not works must have to know it. 

10] If everyone is happy then I will be happy this type of thought neutralize the situation.

If we have the knowledge to neutralize any situation we carry brightness everywhere.

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How To Remove Cough Easily – Home Remedies-Health

How To Remove Cough From Body – Health

      Hi friends, Good morning have a healthy shiny day.

Nowadays we are engaged in humid atmosphere. It brings easily flu, cold and cough. Rain is continuously chasing to us. In them we have a fear of COVID. COVID means starting of cold and flu or common cold and cough. Now we are working to take some herbal tea, some juices, some herbal medicines, keeping distance and working on cleaning. Every time washing hands and clothes. Means we are playing with water in this atmosphere. This situation brings cold and flu to us and if we were not working immediately it will bring cough in our body.

  Let’s we will see effects of cough in our body?

If we have taken allopathy medicine to cure it immediately do you know how did they are working in body and how they can efforts to us?

We feel that tablet have vanished our cough but, instead vanishing cough, it completely getting dried and makes small particles of it. Which creates blockage in veins and makes tumor in the heart, brain, waist or anywhere in our body. If we will not work immediately on it, this dry cough creates T. B. Asthma, cancer, etc. To ban the cough and cold we are taking cough and cold tablets of osteopathy which brings a lot of problems in the future in our life. Also brings a lot of pains in our body. So never gives osteopathy medicines to the small kids or infants.

Let’s we will try YOGA and Ayurvedic treatment to remove cough and cold.

YOGA EXPERIMENT:  If you want to ban it then take breathing with your right nostril and keep inhaling and say ‘r’ in Marathi. Feel that fire energy in the form of Goddess is creating in my body. Hold breathing for 60 to 100 second. Then leave it with left nostril slowly. This experiment has to do in the morning and evening 3 to 5 times. Cough will remove easily.

Ayurvedic Treatment: In the morning take 1 lit water, in that add 10 – 12 gram saindhav salt. Drink that water while standing on the feet. Brings out omitting with the help of finger.

2]   Small kids and old aged person’s are suffering easily from cough . In 1 year at least 3 times kids are suffering from it. If they have continuously cough problem then give them Ayurvedic cough syrup for 1 to 2 days . It can remove easily cough. No need to give any allopathy medicine. Otherwise give them ‘’Tulsi tablet’’ in the morning and evening 1-1 tablet if it is small kid under 5 years and if he will be more than 12 years give them 2 – 2 tablets.

3] Next medicine for the cough is best home remedies that is take 10 gm garlic and 1-gram Tulsi seeds add these in the honey, it become best chutney. Now give it to the kids. They will eat happily. It will make heart strong and cough also will get vanish. There is a medicine in the Hari Om Store that is ‘’Tulsi trophy’’ it contains Tulsi seeds, ginger, peeper and pimpli, etc

MOST IMPORTANT AND EASY REMEDIES :   Boil 1 lit water and make it less up to 250 ml. Drink it to the kids after becoming sharp cool not complete cool. This is the most miracle medicine for anyone who has

So many types of suffering that is it maybe ‘’Vatta, cough, gas ‘’ No need of any other medicine if you are taking this medicine.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE COUGH : When we are coughing we bring cough in the mouth , never  swallow it as it is. It can damage our body. The person who has the problem of cough has to avoid Curd, buttermilk, cold water, cold juice, banana, Shabudana, Lassi, milk, sweets. Frying food, etc.

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Ways To Remove Pitradosha Easy Solution

Misunderstanding About Pitradosha

This post is dedicated to my father, father in law.

We know that in India lot of rituals are there, some rituals are due to fear in mind. Some rituals are playing important role in everyone’s life. But no one is making daring to ask. If I will not celebrate this ritual what will happen to me? Because no one wants to play with challenge or troubles .

This year Pitra Pakasha Begins on Tuesday September 17,2019 & ends on Saturday September 28, 2019 

Shraadh is performed every year  on the anniversary of the death of the person as per the Panchang or during the dark fortnight called Pitra Pakasha.    

According to Hindu mythology ,the Shraddh performed in this month reaches the ancestor’s immediately and their souls will rest in peace.

This ritual is in memory of our grandparents of parents. In ancient time  parents are not spending money for their own life, they always think for future generation and keeping a lot of property for their next generation.

Now also in so many homes grandparents are working about future of their grandsons but some grandson and daughters are refusing their thoughts, Some times to torturing them. Giving them unhappiness and that soul carries a lot of unhappiness with him at the time of death.

So many times we are hearing that if I have done lot of efforts to go medical college, but with 1 percent his seat gone like this lot of examples are there.In some home not giving food to grandparents purposely, not taking their care, cheating them, keeping them away from family lot of problems etc

Some times in so many homes without any reason when children are torching their parents or quarreling with their parents. It suggests it is the Pitradosh” Pitradosh means in short our karmic account. Which karma we have done in the past with our parents or grandparents it will reflect in front of us in any form.

To reduce it what we have to do?

1)      Do Shradh or Pakash with chanting Mantras

2)      If not possible chant Mantra.

“Om Namah Shivai” by chanting mantra all dosh automatically gets reducing. So chant Mantra Continuously. Or give feeding to cows. Give help to anyone who is greatest needy? or make anyone’s life better, take blessing from everyone. Keep attention that no one would be unhappy with your behavior.

Watch video to get solution for it.

http://How to remove pitradosha -Easy solution/

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How To Know Our All Responsibilities – Self Improvement

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.” 

― Eleanor Roosevelt “This is your life. You are responsible for it. You will not live forever. Don’t wait.” 

― Natalie Goldberg Responsibility is the word in everyone’s life to complete the task and work in the proper time without proper reason. 

Responsibility means an ability to respond. – Generally, the person who has true understanding and maturity for life can complete his responsibilities. Nowadays so many people are using the word enjoyment instead of responsibility. response to actions means to do a responsibility. So that we cannot be left our so Many tasks, values, and virtues, our culture, our relationships, our country, our nationality, etc. Responsibility never tells don’t do enjoyment, while doing responsibility we have to do enjoyment Responsibility means to keep discipline and trust in our work means what to do and what not to do.

What Are the Facts Of Responsibility * We are not responsible for anyone’s happiness and problem and we can’t interfere in another person’s life?

* Our thoughts, words, actions, should be positive and in harmony. *For our own life’s preference, you are the only responsible person. *Which thoughts and actions we have to choose is our responsibility. *Which way you have chosen that we have to accept. *We can’t give blame others for our preference.

 • Who are you? What are you becoming? and what is happening with you? Is your responsibility. No one is responsible for it.

*We and only we are responsible for our happiness. To get happiness there is no need to depend on anyone.

• To keep attention to our health and emotions is my responsibility. *Avoid giving blame to others. Don’t make anger for them who have not done nice work in the past with you. 

  • As they don’t have sufficient knowledge, maturity, or understanding. 
  •  The person who has given you a lot of pain, anger, unhappiness, etc in the past we have to keep the nice thought for him. 
  • Types Of Responsibility
  • 1] Moral responsibility: To give respect and to take respect is my moral responsibility. To protect my family, my village, my state, my country, my world, and my UNIVERSE In any situation. 
  • Legal Responsibility. There are some rules for Society, politics and for a country we have to run with them, if we feel these are making injustice for our work then we can try to change all these rules.
  • Family Responsibility: To provide all needs, security is our responsibility as a family member to clean home, give love, happiness, peace along material things is everyone’s responsibility. To take care of small kids, children, family members including pensioners is our responsibility.   
  •  Guidance For Responsible Person: I am a responsible person, It is my duty to make an improvement in my work and give courage To me for doing nice work so I am respectful of myself. I am keeping attention myself for my work, not on others. I am ready to avoid misunderstanding and Doubts. What I am doing is nice for me and others.
  •  Every day I am praying to GOD ‘’Hey God give me the power, strength, and courage to do nicely for me and who is around me.’’ 
  •  My Main Personal Responsibility 
  • 1] I have to keep myself physically and mentally strong. 
  • 2] Spread happiness and joy everywhere 
  • 3] To help poor, handicapped and needy persons 
  • 4] To keep relationships strong everywhere without keeping any expectations. 
  • 5] To be aware of spreading values and virtues and to work on it.
  •  6] To keep attention in the environment in which changes are occurring? and what to do with it? 
  •       7]Make efforts that everyone should get their daily needs, education, health facilities.
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How To Search Happiness In Lock down- Happiness

Create Happiness With Inner Beauty – In Lock down

Keys Of Happiness In Lock down 

Love, devotion and detachment is the main key to happiness. When we are keeping positive thoughts on our words and actions then automatically happiness comes to you.

When we are doing any karma with selfless mind then also automatically happiness sat in the mind for a continuous process.

When we are in a happy mood then we can feel positiveness in every
negative people. Happiness is the sign of stable mind. It can get due to our aims, words and actions with humanity, environment as well as some spiritual work we get it automatically.

When we can keep our needs in control of our budget and we not indulged in any bank’s loan
then also we are living happily with this small budget. As we have keeping values with truth.


The person who is earning money with truth keeping values in his mind, whose thoughts, actions, karma are clean and selfless than that mind makes his karma with enthusiasm and his prayer gives him happiness. Taking and giving has to get the same value of happiness.
We can also get happiness when other persons are in happiness state for ex.: When two
persons are laughing with reason then surrounding persons also laughing without reason.
So many people thinking that collecting a lot of money means happiness.

Some people are doing work or any business for getting happiness. Forex. The job of nursing in the hospital is the best work for patients, in that service they are getting respect for happiness and satisfaction.  Primary teachers get students pure love with respect and so they are automatically living happily. Friendships Success Brings Happiness and Satisfaction.
Many people build big buildings to get happiness and satisfaction, but when another
person build another huge building in front of him then his happiness get reduced for some days.


A student whose relationship with his primary teacher gives inspiration and this inspiration remains long life up to the last state of life.
Any person searches happiness in the environment or in relationship keeping so many
memories with him. So there are a lot of ways to bring happiness then also there is a say that
‘’One reason for happiest people brings unhappiness in another persons’’

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How To Live Stress Free – Spiritual Thoughts

Bhagvan Shrikrishana has written in Geeta ”What you have brought when born? Do Karma and don’t keep wish to get success. It can be leave on him ”[GOD] if you want to be satisfied. Always keep in mind that if anything is not written in your destiny with God’s blessing which can’t be getting to you with any power of world, .
The thing which is in your destiny with God’s blessing which can not be taken out from your mind power with God’s blessing . God power can make impossible into possible.
So at last Karmaa is the ”Kamdhenu” and prayer is the ”Parasmani” of life.
In the physical life if you want to be happy ”Always make your comparison with the person who is less from you. ” Means he has everything less. So that you could be happy any time. spiritual-journey/
You know there is a small story . Once upon a time there was a man who was always unhappy by arguing with God . As he didn’t have shoes in his feet. But when he saw the person who didn’t have feet then he become happy and thanked to the God. Praying to the God that ” Hey God, you have given me strong and complete healthy body so your are the kindest God In the world. /why-people-are-turning-to-meaningful-life-self-improvement/
With the spiritual level you have to compare yourself to the person who is ahead of you in spiritually. So that you could became strongest spiritual person in the world.
Never keep hatreds for anyone who maybe have made big mistakes. If you want to be peaceful then keep your attention with your work . For your peace of mind you must have to be work for your mind, not for other persons mind. What is happening in the world is going on with God’s will not your wish or your willing power.
God always keeping all types of events in the balance of 3 periods. Means present,past, future.
Criticism of any person means criticizing to the God. As doing this karma means we are living in the opposition of God. Without any criticism you can become more peaceful.
So many times we didn’t have any problem but what carries my neighbors or my guest have the things is not with me this thinking bringing unhappiness in our life. If our neighbor has a big TV of 1 Lakh and I didn’t have it is giving me more unhappiness.
If we will keep attention to the another person that is ”What is in his control?” With this thinking what you will have also getting to finish. And our past birth sansakar also getting to finish . This karma means our previous birth karma. So that you will have to leave peaceful in any situation./what-is-spiritual-love-spiritual-growth/Please don’t look to your bare foot see the person who didn’t have the feet. When you will do the karma any karma thinking that this is the karma of God then you will never become unhappy in your life.

Every religion has decided to sin is the bad karma . All religions of the world are attached to the doing karma for humanity. All religions as like Islam, Hindu, Sheekh, Isai, all are created with the wishes of God .When any person is doing any good karma he is getting happiness with full of joy. To reduce the stress of our life we must have to donate to the charity.

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How To Overcome Jealousy -Mental Health

If anyone is jealous of me?
Nowadays we are listening to this word everywhere & lots of people are suffering from it .
Many people hurt another people with this word. Let us we will try to counselling for their insecurity here. & learn how to overcome jealousy?
Let us see what is meant by jealousy? When a person creates some hateful or negative energy against successful people is known as jealousy. /lets-know-meaning-of-hope-self-improvement/

Generally, it can carry everyone, no one can control to create this term in their life.
When we feel lower than anyone then I create jealousy. It carries comparison, competition,ego, hatreds etc. So that nowadays there is a trend that just lower the other person we will become higher, we are losing our original track, accepting any challenging situation or wrong way. It creates stress, anger, greed, irritation etc. Due to it how I am feeling today? /how-can-overcome-worries-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
What is the quality of my thought? Is attachment is blocking me? How am I thinking about another people? Is the way to understand the feeling of jealousy? Is this thought gives me nice feeling?
Or can these thoughts improve my life? Then why did I am creating these types of thoughts?/our-destiny-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
Jealousy simply creates stress & we know that stress = pressure/ inner power.


If a pressure is more stress is more. If we will neglect inner power I cannot change the
situation, I cannot change my husband means I cannot control numerator then why not we  increase inner power./interesting-stories-2--self-improvement--exit-covid/
Forget the situation our focus is on the situation so that we didn’t know inner power…
So to remove jealousy we have to increase inner power.
Some offices, schools, homes are filled with jealousy. If any person is jealous of me
then I didn’t have any effect on my mind.I have to do sometimes my work with my good intention./versatile-blogger-award/


To become jealous is the mistake of him not my any mistake then why should I suffer from it.
I have to maintain my belief that another person’s insecurity is not my mistake. So I
should have to create compassion for him keeping confidence with me.

In this situation some time I become depressed but I have to maintain specialty and if a
jealous person is overpowered with me then his negativity will overpower me.So that my
mood is getting off and suddenly my creativity is getting stopped and then I say due to him my work is not completed.
Five Ways to Kick the Jealousy Habit |


Well, I have to keep me self-motivated so that my power remains as it is. Where there is
power there is a growth.
You can do your work continuously with learning new things. Learning never goes waste .
my positivism will overpower you. Then people will tell you after meeting him I feel very
nice. Now, this person becomes the leader and everyone is supporting him.

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How To Know Toxins In Our Body – Health

How To Know Toxins In The Body?

Hi friends, we know that our body  is filled with the lot of toxins , unwanted materials, etc .

Which are these we will see here ?

WHAT ARE TOXINS : Toxins are the unwanted , waste material which can be created in our body in our metabolism action. These are created in the process of digestion, blood circulation,  excretion, assimilation, churning etc. Sweat, fart, omitting, bad breath, bad smell of body, germs on the body or hair, Dhekar in Marathi etc are the common toxins of the body. 


If we have eaten waste food that is stale food , raw food, dirty food, which is not digesting properly it can create toxins in the form of fart, omitting, acidity, etc.  It can convert food in to poison. We feel tired, depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will eat any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobaccos, drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.


depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobacoes  , drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.

Craze Of Vegan Diet In Youth Generation

CHANGING TIME OF EATING :  This is the main cause of cancer disease or any disease  . As this habit disturb our liver functions and change all types of metabolism. Create more serum, acidity and this is the starting point of any serious disease. It produces a lot of toxins, so that we have urinary infections, skin infections ,etc .

In India there is a habit to eat ”Vidyache Pan” along with so many ingredients in it. As it will remove toxins which are creating in the body along with good digestion. 

Some fruit Juices removes toxins of the body for ex -Orange Juice . health, Mental health

Everyday it is not possible to eat that ”Vidyache Pan” but we can eat ”Badisoap” or cloves,

or cardamom  to remove the feeling of omitting or to make digestion good.

Increases Fungal Infections and Bad Breath :  When we have stored a lot of toxins in our body it can help to the germs to increase in the form of infections as like fungal  or bad breath. Feeling tired , sleepy, are the example of increasing toxins in the body.

SKIN :   Acne , rashness, inflammation are the examples of increasing toxins in the body. Eating more oily food increases these phenomenon.

COMMON HEADACHE :  There are thousands of reasons of increasing headache but of them common headache occurs due to increasing toxins .

EATING OPPOSITE VEGETABLES : Sometimes we didn’t have the knowledge to eat which vegetable with what . If we will eat onion with milk it creates toxins. After drinking tea or coffee some people are eating fried food , or sour drinks, juices  also increase toxins in the body. Today we are reading thousands of articles. They are filled with full of knowledge but if we are using so many of it to remove your problems it will create a lot of toxins along with so many problems in daily life. 

  So be careful while using home remedies.

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Chikoo Cookies Without Oven – Cookies Recipes

Chikoo Cookies Recipes -Homemade

Delicious Chikoo Cookies Recipe – Without Oven

Hi friends, there is contest running in the Go To Chef and they need fresh , short monsoon recipe. Now I have a question that how to make monsoon recipe instant ? We know that we have to run with time .Today time is our closer relatives .If we will not love him properly our life is getting disturb. So sometime we need to keep our real relatives away from us. We feel bad but, everything is useless. As time is the winner in this period. He is always giving us challenging life if we will not in his control. Sometime our mind is saying that everything we can understand but, what can we do? May be you are eager to read my content then let us read it. Your time never goes waste here.

I thought just we will try to make cookies without oven . Then I have searched ingredients in my home .I got all ingredients easily . I think that strong willing power can complete our pure wish . So i decided to make it without oven as it is my strong wish .

Now check here how did I have made it ?

Time for it prep :10 min , cook : 20 min, total : 30 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : British

food type : snacks/cookies

Keyword : Chikoo fruit cookies recipe

serve for 2

Ingredients for it

Chikoo : 3 small size

wheat flour: 1 cup

baking powder:1/2 tbsp

baking soda :1/2 tbsp

sugar powder :50 gm

ghee for whisking -2 tbsp

milk to knead : 1 tbsp

Method for it : Keep the pan on the gas . Add salt to it. And keep it to preheat for 10 minutes before making it.

Take the Chikoo fruits , remove its peel and keep aside.

Now take the ghee, sugar in the bowl to whisk and whisk it continuously for 3 minutes

Now add the Chikoo’s and crush it with wire guaze . Again whisk it with wire guaze.

Now add wheat flour to it and knead it with 1 tbsp of milk .

Knead it completely to become smooth. and shiny.

Now make its small cookies and keep it in the small bowls .

Keep the cookies bowls in to the pan for 20 minutes with tight lid .

After 20 minutes well prepared cookies were ready to eat.

How to make Chikoo Cookies Without Oven  - Cookies Recipes /
http://How to make Chikoo Cookies Without Oven – Cookies Recipes /

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