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Instant Ginger Pickle Recipe _ Lock down Special

Good morning 😘 friends 🌞, Nowadays we are in horrible situation. So there is a big question what to make as a food ? which can become prevention for the COVID and gives good taste to the food. As well as it must have to become healthy for everyone.

So Nowadays every where there’s a discussion for the uses of ginger. So I decided to make its simple but delicious 😛 pickle.

Instant Ginger Pickle Recipe _ Lock down Special/

Let’s check how did I have made it?


Ginger (chopped) :2 tbsp,

🍋 juice: 2tbsp,

Jaggary : 2 tbsp,

Hing : 1 pinch ,

Cumin powder: 1 tbsp ,

Salt : as your convince,

mustard powder: 1 tbsp.

Pomegranate: 2 tbsp

METHOD TO IT : Take the piece of ginger. Wash it with clean 💪 water. Remove upside peel of it. Now cut it into small pieces and keep aside. Squeeze the lemon to get the juice and keep aside.

Add 🍋 juice to the Ginger pieces. Add salt, Jaggary, pinch of hing, cumin powder, etc Stir it well. Serve it with pomegranate.

Instructions: Instead of lemon juice you can use tamarind juice. No need to add chilly 😁 powder and turmeric.

It must have to finish in one or two days.

Uses Of It : This recipe can be used for the acidity, digestion problems, It can be eat with rice or any break fast dish. Ginger can kill the germs 😷 in our gut. So we must have to eat it in any form. If we will drink Ginger tea every day it can produce more heat 🔥 in our body. So to avoid it .I have found this way to use it.

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Indian vegetarian food

Gavar Pickle Recipe_ Instant Pickle Recipe

In the morning I started to cut Gavar to make curry . While cutting, some thick size can’t cook easily. So I have an idea that we can make pickle of it with green chilies. Then I thought we shall cut green chili pieces in the middle of it of same size Gavar.

So I decided to make it.

Ingredients for it. Green chilly pieces : 1 tbsp,

Gavar pieces: 1 tbsp,

salt : 1/2 tbsp,

🥜 powder: 1 tbsp,

lemon juice: 1/2 tbsp,

oil for spluttering: 1/2 tbsp. Direction to make it:

Pour the oil into the pan. Add mustard seeds to it.

Wait to spluttering, now add pieces of Gavar beans and green chili.

Add all ingredients one by one. Stir it well.

Keep lid on it for a moment. Now take it in the dish.

Add lemon juice to it. Serve it in the Bhojan.

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Note: Don’t add more ingredients to it. Keep flame of the gas slow. Finish it in one day.

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Dosa Recipe[Rava Dosa] -How To Make Instant Dosa?

Rava Dosa – An Instant recipe

http://Sumeet smart dosa tawa/

On Sunday I soaked the Rava to make idali but in day time I didn’t have got time to make it . Now yesterday I decided to make it in the evening .

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http://Ravadosa recipe/

I think that, this DOSA word came from South India otherwise we Maharashtrian say ”Dhirde” In our childhood my mother was making it.

What is her way to do it, I will tell you? She informs to all neighbors that tomorrow I am making DHIRDE .Then she had been taking a big pan of 5 kg and soaks Jowar , wheat flour in it. There was no pan to make it then she wonders in neighbors home & bringing pan to make it.

There were a lot of mangoes in our home then we were making more than 5 lit juice of mangoes.

Then my mother was sitting to make Dhirde in the early morning .She gives that Dhirde at least in 5 neighbors home or calling to the neighbors ladies to eat it .Otherwise, some guest has been also already there eating it.

Rava Dosa Recipe: An Instant recipe /
http://Dosa recipe[Rava dosa] How to make instant rava dosa/

Today, if we have to make for our family it is getting very hard , how life has been changed ? What progress we have made? I am getting sometimes irritating with it .Anything make at home no sharing , no food has given anyone. Today also I can’t eat any food without sharing to anyone .At least I am giving to the birds , then if a cow came on the door, then keeping watch on her and giving everyday 1 chapati to her. Sometimes if a cow is not there, then I am giving 1 Roti to the Dog . But without sharing not eating any food in everyday life .


Let it be we will see here How did I have made instant Rava Dosa?

Author’s name :Asha Digge

Cuisine : Indian

food type : Dosa recipe


time for it

prep cook total

10 20 30 MIN

soaking time for Rava is 2 to 3 hour sufficient .


Rava : 2 bowls

Fenugreek seeds : 4 to 5 while soaking.

sugar : 4 to 5 granules

soda bicarbonate : 1 teaspoon

salt : 1 tbps

water : As your convenience

PROCEDURE FOR IT   Keep  the Rava to soak for 2 hours   

: Add salt, cumin powder , soda bicarbonate to it.

                                               :  Keep Tawa on the gas , wait to heat it .

: If Tawa is well heated there is no need to pour oil on it But for good taste you can apply some oil on it .

Now pour batter on it instantly and spread it continuously .

dosa recipes

Wait to heat it , now bake it on the other side .

 Recipes › Indian

Serve it with chutney.


Rava Dosa recipe/
http://Making dosa on the tawa/
http://dosa recipe/Rava dosa/How to make instant dosa/
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Indian vegetarian food

How To make carrot pickle- Winter special

Carrot pickle recipe – Pickle Recipes

Instant  carrot pickle  _  Winter special 

Hi friends since last week I  am deciding to make carrot pickle , but no time to make it . In our childhood village ladies were making it . But they called it Gajrachya Usarya  and how did she make you know? She dig out carrots from the field and wash it in the river water . Cut it ,apply salt, chilly powder and some masala to it, keep it as it is in the hot Sun and saying we are keeping it in the earthen pot by applying salt to it and we are eating it any time in the year. It gives very nice taste .Some ladies are not applying salt they are keeping as it is in the earthen pot . 

Today I decided to make it in the simple way as in my home noone is eating tomorrow, so we must have to finish it today. Now I  have taken carrots washed it and started to make it here is the recipe for it .

Time for it 

prep cook total 

5        3         8 minutes 

Author’s name : Pranita  deshpande 

food type      Carrot pickle


Cuisine –  Indian

serve for    2 


Carrots 2 [middle size]

lemon    1/2

salt   1 tbsp

cumin powder 1 tbsp

hing    1 pinch

mutter  2 tbsp

chilly powder 1 tbsp

sugar 1 tbsp

PROCEDURE  FOR IT  : Take the carrots , wash it with clean water, 

                                          :  Make it’s  finger like pieces and keep a side . 

                                          ow take mutter, lemon, hing  in one thali * keep aside 

                                           : Add chilly powder, salt, sugar, cumin powder ,mustard dal  and pinch of  hing to it . 

                                            :  Add lemon juice to it & stir it well , now squash lemon  juice to it  and stir it well.

                                                : Fill it in the jar and serve it with roti, chapati etc.

carrot pickle
making carrot pickle
easy carrot pickle.
Winter special -pickle /well prepared carrot pickle
Indian vegetarian food

Apple Salad- Thanks giving day

apple salad 

   Today everyone is becoming alert about food . Food is the real source of life it can effect on our body, mind and behavior. This food if we are not ate with rule’s of nature it can create poison in our life. Our mind also getting disturbered with it ,to keep our mind fresh and clean we must have to eat fresh organic food  . Nature is a big source of food but we must have the knowledge that how to get food from the nature? How much effort have to be do to cultivate the food? etc The person who is getting ready made food  not thinking about more as he had given so much amount to the food . But some things are so valuable that we can’t make value of it any cost .It may be food or person or tree. But when we have converted it into profession it makes difference in our life and that food become sometime poison. So we must have to keep respect of food in the form of Thanks giving day. We must have to cultivate some vegetables or fruits in our garden. But, when we need the food in more proportion then we have to support to the farmers who are working in the field. We must have to take care of their life , along with their family members. As we know that what nature is giving to us that we can’t give back to the nature. So every time we have to run our life with the great gratitude towards nature. Thanks to the person who has invented this day for the food . As we didn’t give back to the nature what he gives us?So always we must have to carry good intention behind any karma with nature.

   Let us we shall see how today i have made apple salad with so many contents. 

 Time for it prep cook total 

5            5       10 min 

   Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

  food  type Apple salad

keyword  apple salad- thanks giving day

Cuisine Indian

 serve for 2 


Apple 1

cucumber 1

pomegranate 1

butter  2 tbsp

basil leaves   2

mint leaves 2

Apple Salad,#vegetarian, Thanks giving day, Vegan, #instant, easy. #healthy. Apple salad-fresh 

  PROCEDURE FOR IT    : Take the fruits apple, pomegranate, cucumber 

                                                 : Cut it into small pieces , add some sugar, pinch of                                                        salt to it 

                                           :  Serve it with mint leaves and basil leaves .

                                        : Both leaves gives good smell andtaste to it.

                                            : It can serve after breakfast or lunch or dinner anytime. 

 Benefits of it : Make digestion easily 

                                Increases blood volume,

                           :Keep away cold and cough as mint & basil leaves are there ,.

:Keeps blood circulation normal .

: Detox our body .

                         :  Gives good taste, calories, energy etc. 

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Easy Shahi Desserts Recipe – Instant Dates Kheer.

Happy New year celebration _ Sweets

How to make happy new year celebration with easy way_ Desserts



MuscleBlaze High Protein Breakfast Protein Cereal

Date word making us every time confuse, means the person who didn’t know name of this dry fruit he will think that ”she has made a dessert on that date” How did some confused words came in English language didn’t know. Any way this Dessert is a good nutrient for everyone.


Date contains a lot of calcium along with hemoglobin.It makes our bone strong, has the power to make flexibility in the bone. In olden days our grandmother , mothers were giving every day dates for infant after 11 days. And really it works for good health of the baby or infants . They were making paste of it in the milk & giving to the infants or babies.Some grand mothers are  giving this diet up to 2 years of kid .I think so that old people are running & walking for a long time with out feeling any tiredness or weakness.

In India every ritual or festival didn’t complete without it. They are keeping one by one date on the leaves of ”Nagveli”

Let us we will see here how did i have made date’s desserts here?

time for it

prep cook total

5         5        10min

Author’s name :  Pranita deshpande

Cuisine       :      Indian

course      : Desserts

serve for  1

KEYWORD : Happy new year recipe [celebration] – Easy Shahi Desserts  


Dates :   5

raisins   : 5 to 6

cashew nut  :   3 to 4

cardamom powder  : 1 teas

almonds     : 2

Milk       :    1 bowl

ghee     :   1 tab

sugar    : 2 &  1/2 bowl



Instant dates kheer
Instant date desserts

: Take 5 dates & remove its seeds & keep in the thali.

:Take  all ingredients ready in the thali .

: Grind all ingredients in the mixture jar

: Keep one bowl milk to boil .

BBC Food

: Add all ground ingredients to it . Wait to boil it .

: Now add sugar to it & stir it well .

: Transfer it to the bowl & spread ghee on it when you are serving

A very nice, Shahi, Rich  Dessert is ready to eat it .




Date Kheer Recipe /
Ingredients for date kheer / 


Instant date kheer/
http://Instant date kheer recipe/

Instant Mango Pickle Recipe _ Pickle Recipes

temporary mango pickle/
http://temporary mango pickle/
Indian vegetarian food rice

Masala Rice -How to make?

time for it

prep cook total

5        5       10 min

author ;  chhaya kulkarni

cuisine  :   Indian

food type :  rice

Keywords :Masala rice, vegetablefried, rice, mint rice, sweet rice, coconut rice 

serve for 2

Dahi Rice Ingredients..:

Cooked Rice: 1/2 kgIMG_20171111_100005

Sugar:      1 tablespoon

Dahi:       200gm

Coriander:  1/2 bowl

Green Chilly: 7 to 8

Groundnut:   20gm

Homemade protein: 2 tablespoon


Take cooked rice in a pan,

It should be cool. Make it free by hand,

add homemade protein, sugar, salt & Dahi in it.

Mix it properly. Now keep the small pan on the gas,

add some oil, cumin, mustard seeds, green chilly & ground nut in it..

Fry it for some time. Serve it with coriander. It also gives a different                                  taste. & we can make it instantly.



prepared  dahi rice

Do you know why Dahi rice .There is a say in India that if any lady has more anger she must have to give this food as a  ”BHOG” to the GODDESS . THEN SHE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BECOME COOL .


Masala rice

Vegetable fried rice, 

Mint rice

Sweet rice, 

Coconut rice 

Indian vegetarian food

Breakfast Recipes -Dahi Poha


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Instant Dahi Poha

How to make Dahi Poha easily.    

We know that we have a traditional method to make a Poha for any function. Generally, when there is an engagement program we are making it. Or if any guest came suddenly at our home and he has to go immediately then also we are making traditional poha.

But today the poha which I am going to make is not known to so many people It is totally different from all Pohas and it has more nutrient value .It can make easily.Has lots of benefits to eat it.

author’s name :Pranita deshpande

CUISINE  :Indian 

food type : breakfast

method  : easy 

keyword :  Breakfast recipes, DahiPoha, 


1] Poha 1/2 kg

2] Dahi 1/2 kg

 3]    groundnut 20 gm

4]Cumin seeds 1 tbsp

5] Mustard Seeds 1 tbsp

6]  big spoon Oil 2

7] Green chilly 6

8] Asafoetida –   1/2 small teaspoon

9] Coriander 40 gm

10 ] sugar/ As you wish for taste.

11] Salt/ as you wish for taste.

Procedure: : Take 1/2 kg Poha wash it,

: Wash it instantly in a sieve

: Add 1/2 kg thick Dahi.

: Add Sugar, Salt *

: keep the small pan on the gas.

: Pour oil into it after heating adds cumin, mustard:  seeds, groundnut pieces, chilly pieces and  asafoetida  IMG_20180225_094942

:for taste. Stir all mixer completely and now serve it:dish.

Spread coriander on it.

dahi poha

This POHA  are very tasty, as well as we can make instantly and easily. It has more nutrient value and calories. It is good for everyone.


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