Mango Pannaha /Juice Indian Recipe

   How to make Mango Pannaha  with Jaggary – Juice Recipes. 

     Hi friends, we know that just now summer season is started and we have to enjoy cold drinks. Today’s market is with full of ice creams,  cold drinks but somehow some cold drinks which are organic and made at home have a different and loving taste.spicy raw mango juice

Here I made one different type of Sarbat or juice  we call it Pannaha with raw mango . see here how I made it ?

Times Food 


time for it  time to boil mango 5 min

prep cook total

2         5          7 min


Mango 1  small

cold water  1 glass

cumin powder  1 teas

salt    1 pinch

jaggary   2 tbsp

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

 cuisine  Indian 

  food type  Mango Pannaha/Juice


PROCEDURE  FOR IT  :  Boil the mango to become smooth, before making juice 

: Break it easily, remove its peel , seed and keep aside in a                                                              dish 

:  Meanwhile, keep jaggary to dissolve in another small pot.

: Now take out the inner part of mango with spoon                                                              or remove gar from seed.

: Crush this jaggary  in a water, with hand or wire gauze .

: Add a pinch of salt , cumin powder to it  stir it well.

:Now add this mixture into the jaggery solution or mix both                                                  solution well in another container.

: Serve it in the another glass.

images for it




Note : This juice  is making when we are coming from outside in the hot sun. This gives very nice and cold feeling from inside. Means this juice can stop thirst feeling or really thirsty. In our area when any person came from the hot sun, we give them the first stone of jaggery with water so that any side effect didn’t should happen to his body and he should feel relax feeling after coming from the hot sun.No any fear of stroke. 


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Jaggary Ginger Paratha Recipe- Paratha Recipe Winter Special

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Easy [Baked] Peanut Jaggray Ladoo Recipe – Ladoo Recipes

Ladoo Recipes – Peanut Ladoo Recipe Marathi

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In our area, we have good cultivation of peanut .There is a long story about Peanut .That how to cultivate peanuts ? Why did peanuts grow underground? etc . In India so many farmers cultivate a lot of peanuts .

They are storing it for a year by giving hot Sun to it. These peanuts are giving good delicious slight sweet taste to the peanut .If we will eat it as it is then also they are giving good taste along with increasing proteins, blood volume, etc .

We are making a lot of food products from it peanut butter, peanut chutney, peanut paratha, baked khaman peanuts, Salty peanuts etc .

Let us we will see how to make Peanut Ladoo?

Time for it

prep cook total

5 15 20 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine Indian

food type Peanut Ladoo

KEYWORD : Easy [Baked] Peanut Jaggray Ladoo Recipe – Ladoo Recipes

Serve for 3


peanut 250 gm

Jaggary 250 gm

cashew nuts 4 to 5

Almonds 4 to 5

cardamom powder : 1 teaspoon

PROCEDURE FOR IT   Take  the peanuts in the pan 

: Keep the pan on the gas to bake it .

: Bake it slowly till red color appears and Khaman smell spread everywhere.
Moongphali Ladoo _ Traditional nutrient

Keep it to cool .
Baked Peanut Recipe

Take the grated jaggary and another ingredient ready .

After cooling the peanuts , pour it to the mixture jar .

: Now grind it first in the mixture jar slowly ,

: Add grated Jaggary and another ingredients to it .

: Grind it well .

: Mix it properly and make it’s Ladoo .

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easy baked peanut ladoo recipe/
http://EAsy baked peanut recipe/

Baked peanut Ladoo  recipe/
http://baked peanut Ladoo recipe/
Baked peanut Ladoo recipe/
http://Baked peanut well prepared Ladoo/

Homemade desserts of Jaggary with wheat flour.

Desserts recipe _ Homemade 

Wheat flour desserts with jaggary _ 

Desserts of Jaggary with wheat flour


Jaggary, Ginger Paratha Recipes – Paratha recipes winter special .

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In our home we celebrate Navratri with everyday new ”Bhog” it must be compulsory dessert along with another food, means it contains so many vegetables, proteins, salads, rice, khichadi ,etc. I must have to make it in the morning at 7:30 AM . As my husband and son have to be go at 8.00 AM .So I must have to make it up to 7.00 AM in the morning as we have to do Pooja of JAGDAMBA and  to sing a 5 types of Arti’s compulsory.It is tradition, everyone it is doing. Suppose we decide it, to avoid to do but we didn’t feel nice and in the family also it creates a good energy along with a new enthusiasm. We are calling to the guest for special FARAL or for arati.

In the morning we total family sings a song  and makes some rituals but still, we didn’t miss any of our routine work.I want to publish this post in the morning but since in the morning again there is a game of electricity so I couldn’t. Okay let it be let us see how today I have made today’s recipe? Sweets

time for it

prep cook total

30      30       60 min

Today I have made palak subji , tomato koshimbir, Palak Khichadi along with jaggary paratha.  Aliv Ladoo Recipes _ Healthy Recipe

author’s name: Chhaya Kulkarni

food type: paratha

Cuisine: Indian

serve for   3

KEYWORD :PARATHA RECIPES , Jaggary Ginger Paratha Recipe 


wheat flour 1 bowl

jaggary  1 small bowl [ smooth]

ginger  1/2 tbsp

cardamom powder 1 teaspoon

oil or ghee 2 tbsp


PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take 1 bowl wheat flour in a thali.

: Add a pinch of salt to it.

: Add enough water to it to knead it properly. /

: Take a ghee or oil 1 tab on the hand to knead it smooth.

: Knead the wheat flour smoothly to make a smooth dough.

: Now take smooth jaggary in the small bowl, add ginger,  cardamom powder to it.

: Mix it properly and make it smooth keep aside. 

: Make a small dough a bowl like a structure of the dough .

: Add jaggery to it.

: Close it tidily and roll it slowly.

: Spread some oil or ghee on it .

: Bake it on the small flame of a gas

: Serve it with ghee or milk as your convenience.

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Homemade desserts with jaggary


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Usually, we are using jaggery for any dessert as it contains more amount of iron, calcium, sodium, potassium etc. Wheat flour mix easily with other ingredients & it makes a fine dessert.For so many festivals we are making this traditional food. Really it gives good taste to our Bhojan.   

time   prep    cook  total

20        10        30

author : pranita deshpande

food type :   Desserts

serve for 2

cuisine  Indian


Milk 1/4 lit

wheat flour  2 tbsp

ghee 2 tbspCashew nuts: 6 to 7

grated dry coconut:  2 tbsp

Jaggery:   20  gm

Elaichai powder   1 teaspoon.

Bake the wheat flour till red color comes,


    : Add some ghee to it & again bake it.

    :     Now take almond, cashew nuts, jaggery,

coconut in the mixture pot  & make its paste.

  : Keep the oil from boiling in another pot. Boil it for 5 to 10 minutes.

 Taste of Home

:Add wheat flour into it. Now add all this paste to the boiling milk. Stir it well so that flour & all ingredients will mix properly. After cooking add cardamom powder into it.

Images for it

preparing dessert


       Serve it with pomegranate.   

NOTE: Don’t make powder of cardamom in the mixture pot, it doesn’t give a good smell. Use  Stone pot to make the pieces of  cardamom 

homemade desserts recipe/

Homemade desserts _  Jaggary 

homemade desserts recipe/
http://homemade dessertsrecipe/

Desserts of wheat flour with jaggary 

Desserts Recipe _ Jaggary