Mango Pannaha /Juice Indian Recipe

   How to make Mango Pannaha  with Jaggary – Juice Recipes. 

     Hi friends, we know that just now summer season is started and we have to enjoy cold drinks. Today’s market is with full of ice creams,  cold drinks but somehow some cold drinks which are organic and made at home have a different and loving taste.spicy raw mango juice

Here I made one different type of Sarbat or juice  we call it Pannaha with raw mango . see here how I made it ?

Times Food 


time for it  time to boil mango 5 min

prep cook total

2         5          7 min


Mango 1  small

cold water  1 glass

cumin powder  1 teas

salt    1 pinch

jaggary   2 tbsp

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

 cuisine  Indian 

  food type  Mango Pannaha/Juice


PROCEDURE  FOR IT  :  Boil the mango to become smooth, before making juice 

: Break it easily, remove its peel , seed and keep aside in a                                                              dish 

:  Meanwhile, keep jaggary to dissolve in another small pot.

: Now take out the inner part of mango with spoon                                                              or remove gar from seed.

: Crush this jaggary  in a water, with hand or wire gauze .

: Add a pinch of salt , cumin powder to it  stir it well.

:Now add this mixture into the jaggery solution or mix both                                                  solution well in another container.

: Serve it in the another glass.

images for it




Note : This juice  is making when we are coming from outside in the hot sun. This gives very nice and cold feeling from inside. Means this juice can stop thirst feeling or really thirsty. In our area when any person came from the hot sun, we give them the first stone of jaggery with water so that any side effect didn’t should happen to his body and he should feel relax feeling after coming from the hot sun.No any fear of stroke. 


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Mango Lassi Recipe – Mango Recipes

Hi Friends, in India summer season is filled with Mango. This Mango is the king of all fruits. There are so many reasons why it is king ? But , since

childhood we are enjoying it almost 2 to 3 Months. We are eating it in the morning as a breakfast. Without eating anything. In my father’s farm there were big 2 trees which can grows a lot of Mango. 2 rooms were getting filed with Mangoes. It requires at least 8 to 10 days to ripen naturally. After that noone could challenge the taste of this original juice.

Everyday my sister was making about 4 to 5 lit Mnago juice. We are eating chapati with it.

Again in the evening we were sitting on the roof of home calling to friends to eat Mangoes and eating Mangoes.

Nowadays how much you may pay for the Mango but taste of that natural ripen Mango never come to any Mango.

Let it be we never forget all these memories.

Let us make today’s Mango Lassi with modern method .

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

cuisine : Indian

food type : Mango recipes

Keyword: Mango Lassi Recipes

serve for 4


Mango pieces of 2 big Mangoes .

Cream curd or Dahi : 1 bowl [small\]

sugar: 1/2 bowl

Basil leaves : 3 to 4

water : As your convenience

Method to make it : Take red color 2 big size complete ripen Mangoes.

: Remove its peel , Keep all ingredients ready.

: Add pieces of Mangoes in the mixture jar, add curd and sugar.

: Blend it , add some water slowly , mix it well .

: Again add some water to it and mix it properly.

At last pour it in the glass . Serve it with Basil leaves to get nice flavor.

Watch video on it.

http://Mango Lassi Recipe/

Chikoo Milk Shake ,Fasting [Vrut]Recipe, Navratri Special – Milk Shake Recipe.

Vrut Recipes [ Navratri Special] – Chikoo juice Recipe

How to make Chikoo Milk Shake? – Fasting Special easy way

   How to make Chikoo juice ? – Juice recipes Healthy Shrimp recipes

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   We know that India is fulfilled with festivals and celebrations. Festivals brings change in everyday life. The change means it maybe food taking habits, for wearing clothes, to meet the relatives or to make the get together. All these changes occur due to feeding habits, change in environment , etc. Of them in India keeping fasting is the best way of changing taking food, getting relaxation to our stomach. Generally, if we will decide to make fasting as it is ,without any spiritual reason or without any God’s rules it creates a lot of pressure on us. But if we will accept it as it is for God and this is my devotion for the God then we didn’t feel heavy or any type of pressure to us. We can run this fasting happily. And  also We  didn’t feel  hungry.

We are ready to do fasting but we didn’t live life without any intake. We know that if, we will take this much big risk, it will create a lot of health problems. So  we are taking juice, it may be fruit juice milk shake or mixed fruit juice.

So today I have a fasting of Vinayak Chaturthi , so I decided to make Chickoo milk shake.

Let us see how I made it ?

Time for it 10 min

Author’s name – Pranita deshpande


Food type- Chikoo milk shake

KEYWORD : Chikoo Milk Shake, fasting, Vrut Recipe, Navratri Special – Milk Shake Recipes

  Serve for 2

Ingredients for it

Chikoo 4

Cream milk 250 ml

Cashew nuts – 4 to5

Almonds 2

Caradamom powder 1teas

Chakka -2tbsp

Sugar 3 tbsp

PROCEDURE  FOR IT. : Take 4 ripened nice Chikoo.Remove its peel and keep aside.

                                     : Take Chakka, milk cream,cashew nuts, almonds, caradamom powder, sugar in the mixture jar.

    Cut the Chikoo in to slices and add in to the mixture jar .

  Make  the milk shake in the mixture.    

Now serve it


pouring chikoo milk shake in the glass.
well prepared Chikoo milk shake recipe/
http://chikoo milk shake recipe/
http://How to make Chikoo milk shake?/

Detox Juice Recipe – Orange Juice

Health Benefit of orange Juice _ Quick Experience

http://Benefits of orange juice my experience/

Today everyone has known all types of benefits .So many benefits we are reading everyday . Really I want to explain here that, I was hating to eat orange . Since childhood, I didn’t want to eat that fruit and it’s juice. Some times my family members insist have forced me to take it, but I feel it very sour and so I never drink it . But what happens in the last week I went to one marriage reception program .There I ate Pani puri , some new food items, some fried food etc and came at home , after 2 days I have started lose motion and Omitting, suddenly caught a lot of temperature, cold, arthritis etc . Now what can I do ? Went to family doctor taken treatment and came back nothing change .


As routine I like to eat apples and brought apples to eat .I ate apples instead of decreasing question it was increasing , taking tablets , medicines but no any change .

Then I thought, what to do by sitting? Let us go to sister’s home .So went to sister’s home .She saw my face asked what you are eating ? I told as it is, then she told ”You have taken everything wrong treatment of eating” You must have to drink orange juice it will reduce your problems in one day . She gave me one orange to eat .Now I ate that orange and feel better. Then I decided to take orange juice .

While taking orange juice I am feeling better as well as getting nice report of my body . As my body contains a lot of heat and there is no any way to find out heat out side.


Meanwhile due to heat my lips, nose had full of swelling . The mouth also filled with a lot of patches and pimples . My nose also filled with the lot of pimples and heat .I can’t breathe properly . I can’t eat easily, drink water also easily . But when I started to take juice of orange it automatically lowering the risk of all body organs . Automatically my all problems finished and feeling fresh, energetic.

Let us we we will discuss Health Benefits of orange in detail .

1] It improves immunity system

2] Rich in vitamin C so work on arthritis problem .

3] Keeps away teeth, gums pain .Feels the teeth and gums with energies.

4] Works on digestive, circulatory system , keeps the blood pressure constant .

5] High fibers lowers the cholesterol, controls the blood sugar level .

6] Makes body clean inside and giving fresh feeling.

7] Controls blood sugar level and lowers the cancer risk.

8] Alkalize the body , prevents skin damage , good eye health.

9] Works on constipation as I have mentioned in the upside story.

10] Keeps hair growth better, if you will wash hair with it’s peel’s powder .Hair becomes smooth, silky and strong.

Orange fruit is an interesting fruit ,I think everyone it didn’t like to eat it, by it’s appearance.

It is found in the Northeast part of India in more proportion . Southest Asia * Southeast china .


time for it

prep cook total

5 5 10 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine Indian

food type Juice


serve for 1


Oranges 2

sugar 1 tbsp

cumin powder 1/2 tbsp

cardamom powder 1/2 tbsp

salt 1 pinch

PROCEDURE FOR IT   Take the fresh oranges . 

: Remove the peel of it and keep aside

: Remove the seeds of it clearly .

: Take out it from the mixture jar .

: Filter it , add sugar, pinch of salt, cumin powder, cardamom powder, etc .

: Stir it well, drink it and how did you feel please share with me .

oranges ofr juice

peel removed orange
http://well prepared juice /
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http://well prepared juice /

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Pineapple Orange Smoothie (Fat Burning Smoothie for Weight Loss)- Healthy

Healthy Juice Recipes – How to make it?

Homemade  Fresh Juice Recipe –  Daily Recipes  

  Hi friends , now you may be tell me  think that this is the winter we want some hot and warm food and you are giving us Juice .How is your way to treat the audience ? or food lovers. I know it but sometimes for the good health we must have to break some nature’s rule in the simple way. We know that any juice is the best nutrition for the kids as well as any patient or any weak person who had lost his appetite  and taste. This Juice is more welcome for everyone as it contains more nutrient value food . Why did we are selecting Juice you know? .Juice makes digestion easily as well as it makes easily assimilation . So it directly enters in the blood vessels and helps to increase the blood volume as well as keeping blood circulation clear. 

I think that in place of fruits if we will make juice of fruits along with some high nutrient value food then it will work better for everyone especially for the patient as well  as small kids. 

Let us see how I have made Juice here ?

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine      :  Indian

food type    :   Fruit juice


serve   for   :4 

time  for it 

prep cook total 

20         10      30 min 

pine apple 1/2

almonds: 7 to 8

cashew nuts  4 to 5

Basil leaves    6  to 7

Malai Pedha 2

Milk     2  glass

sugar   1 bowl [small]

caradamom  powder  1 teas

PROCEDURE   FOR IT    :   Take     the pineapple , remove it’s peel and keep aside. 

                                                     : Now make it’s round slice and keep  aside . Healthy Juice Cleanse Recipes – Modern Honey

                                                      : Cut it in to small pieces and meanwhile keep ready another   ingredients in the thali. 

                                                     : Here I have purposely added basil leaves in the juice so that it can work for cough and cold and gives nice taste to the juice. Juice Recipes:

                                                    : Now add pineapple pieces, Malai Pedha ,sugar, almonds, cashew nuts, basil leaves  in the juicer . fruit juice recipes

   Add some milk to it and start to make juice . Again add milk  and grind it in the mixture jar . 

: Now add cardamom powder to it and mix it properly. 

 : Serve it to your loved one. 

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pineapple slice
slices of pine apple /
Juice's ingredients
Ingredients for juice/
Ingredients in the pot.
ingredients for the juice in the pot /
Juice in the jar/
preparing juice in the jar /


Mango Juice Recipe – Mango Recipe

Hi friends, sorry for late to the post. We know that now there are holidays and we are enjoying it with travelling, joining engagement programs, weddings, marriage ceremony etc . This is the period to come new guest at home enjoy with them chitchatting or play with them carom, playing cards, doing some summer household work or some summer food like shemaia, Papad, pickles, etc and enjoying holidays with someone for swimming, visiting to the elders. In my childhood so many guests had been coming to my home when my mother was making Jowar Papad, then we are baking that Papad on the fire and eating with groundnut.These things have vanished now.

Our afternoon lunch was booked for Mango juice. Mangoes are from our farm. My mother and sister were making  4 litre juice for the whole family. Sometimes more also. When we get up we ate only ripened mangoes as a breakfast, it may be 7 ,8 to 15 .Sweet mangoes.No need to take another breakfast. For 2 months we enjoy the season of mango juice happily with our so many relatives.

Let us we will see how did we will make juice of mango .?

time for it  20 min

author : Chhaya Kulkarni

food type: juice

serve for   :     3

cuisine: Indian

PROCEDURE: Take ripened mangoes.Do you know how to identified ripened mangoes?  If you will go in the market of mangoes there are everywhere full of mangoes then we are getting confused which will we can buy? Sometimes we are giving more money to the seller and bought sour mangoes as we didn’t understand how to buy sweet mangoes in the market? If you want to buy sweet organic mango then see the body of mango, if it has more wrinkles and having sweet smell may be color green but, it has good orange color thick juice. It is the best mango to make juice of mango.

Let us we will see how to make mango juice instantly


MANGO   2 or 3 [big size ]

salt    2 teas

sugar -as your convenience

water – as your convenience

almonds  4 to 5

PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Wash the mangoes. Remove its peel.

Now press the seed of mango to extract juice from it.

Now add a pinch of salt to it and squash it well.

Now add water to it and again squash it well.

Add sugar if you need it.

If juice has knot then stir it in the mixture jar.

If you like it add milk to it  and serve it with almonds pieces.


34595781_1896652387300211_1920522449204543488_n (1)
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Muskmelon Milk Shake Recipe – Milk Cream

  Milk Shake Recipe -Muskmelon shake. 

Hi friends, we will welcome  Summer with a new food items. I think in summer we have daytime with long period so we can enjoy this period happily  & so that in our country many marriages are arranged in summer vacation as there is a lot of work with so many people, as well as so many, have holidays so we can enjoy every bit of life happily .means eating drinking etc.

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Today I got my favorite fruit Muskmelon. I like it very much as it has more juice as well as fewer seeds. It gives a cold feeling as well as good taste.

To make juice of this fruit is easy & it can make in less time.

Time for it

prep cook total

5          5      10 min

author’s name: Kulkarni Chhaya

cuisine: Indian

food type: Milk shake 

keyword : Muskmelon milk shake recipe – Milk Cream 

serve  1


muskmelon  1

milk 1/4 glass

sugar 1 tbsp

cardamom powder 1 teas

cashew nut [powder ] 1 tbsp  

almond powder 1 tbsp   

milk cream 2 tbsp

PROCEDURE: Take the Muskmelon, remove its peel & cut it into small pieces.

: Take 1/4 glass of milk in a container.

:  Add pieces of Muskmelon to it.

: Crush it with wire gauze, add almond powder, cashew nut                                                 powder, cream, sugar, cardamom powder, etc.

: Now keep it in the fridge for 2 minutes & serve it.

Muskmelon milk shake recipe/
http://Muskmelon milk shake recipe/


Instant Masala Rice With Lemon Juice

time     prep  cook total

10      15     25


stale rice    *    as your convenience

onion         *   1 chopped

green chilly *  6 to 7

groundnut *       50 gm

turmeric powder *   1 teas

garam masala      * 1/2 teaspoon

salt               *   as your convenience

sugar             * 1 tab

lemon juice      * 1 lemon

coriander        * 2 tabs [chopped]

mustard seeds     *  1 tab

oil                        *2 tab

curry leaves       * 6 to 7

home made metkut *   2 tabs

  •      PROCEDURE    *  Take the rice in a middle size pot, add homemade metkut, salt, sugar, lemon juice, etc .



  • Keep the other ingredients ready.


  • Now keep the pan on the gas, add oil to it. Wait to heat it, add mustard seeds, cumin’s, curry leaves, chopped onion, green chilly, groundnut etc in it. Fry it well. Now add turmeric powder in it.
  •  Stir the rice well & mix ingredients at first, now take this rice & pour slowly into the pan, stir it well. Keep the cover on it to get good steam for it. When steam started to see with stirring at that time serve it with coriander.

  •  This rice is so tasty that there is no need to serve any another item with it. It can finish as it is. 

Apple Juice Nutrition -Summer Special

apple juice concentrate nutrition- Juice recipes.

We know that apple keeps away doctor. Really this fruit gives lots of benefits to us.

If you can use it regularly you will be fit for long life .No any disease or any pain will come with you. It works as a good blood developer as well as a good digestive catalyst, it creates good hormones so the patient can live peaceful as well as calm. We know that ”As the food, as the mind, As the mind, as the man.

It can be working lightly when we have to fast or if anyone’s blood level is getting low, It gives satisfaction good relief to us.

So let us we shall make apple juice

author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine   : Indian

food type : Apple juice nutrition

KEYWORD : Apple Juice Nutrition -summer special  


Prep cook total

5            5    10


Apples : 2

milk   1/4 lit

sugar  As your convenience

almonds  4 to 5  [chopped]

cashew nut   6 to 7 [chopped ]

raisins    2 to 4


We know that today lots of fruits are coming in the market.These are filled with full of dust, germs and some another particle .we think that if we will wash it with the fast tap water it can clean but, it can’t clean in this way.

If you want to wash apple clean it, must have to keep in potassium permanganate solution for a while and after that, you can wash it with clean water. Otherwise, we are suffering a lot due to eating infectious food.So use above method to wash the fruits any fruit which has collected a lot of dust , germs, etc.

Clean washed apples /

HOW TO MAKE JUICE: If you have washed an apple clean then there is no need to remove peel. As peel also contain some useful healthy contents.In case if you want to remove it you can remove it from slicer or any apparatus.

IMG_20180219_193325 (1)
Removing the peel off it./

: Cut it into small pieces.

: Add it to the juicer pot and keep it in the mixture to make its juice.

: Add some hot milk, sugar grind it into the mixture well.

: Now pour it into the glass, add pieces of almonds, cashew nuts to it

IMG_20180219_195321 (1)
prepared juice /

:  Serve it

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apple juice nutrition

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Apple juice contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, manganese,  magnesium. All apples also provide vitamin C,  B6. It makes metabolism properly with its caloric content into food energy.

It makes digestion easy, increases blood volume, keeps skin fresh, acts as a mouth refresher.