How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

How  To Make Kavat Chutney ? –Chutney Recipe

   Chutney Recipe –  Delicious Recipe.

   We are doing Mahalaxmi Pujan  for that  there is  a say  that ‘’Kavat’’   fruit  is  favorite food of Laxmi . So we  definitely bringing it from market. We are bringing this fruit only for this celebration after that  here it is not getting in the market and I think no one knows  what to do with this fruit.  Salad Recipe _ Fresh

   This fruit is slight different from another fruit means it is neither sweet nor sour having  different taste . Means slight sour, slight alum taste. But if we will make chutney of it with my method you never have been forget taste of it.  Some ladies are making JAM of it . This is also giving new taste. As like pickle . ACHAR

Generally we are getting bored by eating same types of chutney’s . That is tomato, onion, green chilly, peanut, coconut, coriander, garlic, curry leaves etc but we didn’t make this chutney often.

We can eat it  with chapatti, Roti, bread, or we can make sauce of it by adding water to it. It gives complete taste. Means, delicious, yummy, tasty, etc . We want to eat it as it is means without Roti, chapatti , etc .

Let us check here how did I have made it?

Time for it prep cook total

                     15      10     25min

Author’s name : Pranita  deshpande

 Cuisine : Indian

Food type : Kavat  Chutney

Keyword : Kavat Chutney Recipe.

Serve for 4

I   want to clear this word serve for  as I have the habit that if any new item I have made want to share it .It may be less  to us but I am distributing it to the others. Then automatically my sharing become for more persons.May be I have made it for my family or serve for 4.

Just now sister in law came I told her do you like this chutney? She demanded it I gave it from that to them that is my mother in law and my sister in law. This question is not for this food item but for every food item. I didn’t want to eat any new food without sharing to anyone.  

Ok let it be we will see recipe and ingredients for it .

Ingredients for it

Kavat fruit : 1

Peanut[baked] : 100  gm

Jaggary : 50 gm

Red chilly powder :  3 tbsp

Salt :   2 tbasp

Cumin seeds : 2 tbsp

Oil  :  1 tbsp

 PROCEDURE FOR IT  :   1]First brake the fruit I to 2 parts .

                                           2]Now  remove inside all material in the dish with spoon.

                                            3]Clean the bowl of that fruit .

                                             4]Bake it with spoon of oil .

                                           5]Take the all ingredients ready in the another dish .

                                            6] That is  baked peanut, red Chilly powder, salt, cumin seed, Jaggary, etc                                             7]Add all  ingredients in the mixture jar .

                                           8 Add baked Kavat to it .

                                         9]Now grind it in the mixture jar . Serve it with Roti or chapati. We can also Frozen it for some days.

                                         10]Now check the taste  and serve it with Roti or chapatti.

Image may contain: food/ Kavat to make Kavat chutney-chutney recipe
Image may contain: food to make Kavat chutney- Chutney recipe
Image may contain: food how to make KavatChutney Recipe- Chutney Recipe
Image may contain: food Kavat chutney recipe to make Kavat chutney- chutney recipe

Method to make it :  Break the Kavat in to 2 parts

                                      Remove its inside part .

                                     Bake it with oil

                                    Add  ingredients to it .

                                  Grind it in the mixture.  

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Indian vegetarian food

Lauki Ki Subji – Ridge Gourd Curry – Marathi

Author’s name _ Asha Digge

Cuisine -Indian

food type : Subji/curry

keyword : Lauki KI Subji- Ridge Gourd Curry -Marathi

Time for it

prep _ 10 min

cook _ 10 min

total -20 min

Lauki ki subji/
http://Lauki Ki Subji /


Lauki : 1/4 kg

peanut powder-3 tbsp

salt -1tbsp

garam masala- 1tbsp

chilly powder- 1 tbsp

oil – 2 tbsp

cumin seeds-1 tbsp

mustard seeds -tbsp

hing – 1 pinch

water – 1 glass

Lauki Ki subji/
http://Lauki ki subji/

Method to make it : Take the green fresh Lauki .

: Remove its peel and cut it into small pieces and keep aside.

: Pour oil to it , wait to splutter it . add cumin seeds, mustard seeds wait to splutter it.

Pour pinch of hing to it .

5] It is useful in the kitchen to make the food as it works as a good germ killer. So it can prevent germs to enter in the body.

6] It reduces the risk of cancer .

Now add pieces of washed laukies to it.

Add peanut powder, garam masala, chilly powder, turmeric powder , etc .

Keep the lid on it and pour water in the lid .

Keep flame of gas slow . After 5 minutes remove the lid slowly . click here to join new business.

Now automatically you will see juice of Subji is producing in the subji .

Now stir it well . Serve it with chapati or Roti. Join this affiliate program to increase your traffic.

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http://Lauki Ki subji/
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How to make vegan mango curry – Kairus [Marathi]

We are familiar with so many curries, of them tomato curry, pumpkin curry , potato curry , etc . But, the curry which I am going to make is the new type of curry . It is known as Mango curry . But, we say ”Kayrus” .Generally, it is making in festivals and rituals . In marriage it works better.

It need enough amount of jaggary .If we want to put Jaggary in this food item then we have to check the sourness of mango. If mango is more sour then we must need to put it in more proportion. If it is less sour then we put less Jaggary to it. So Jaggary is the main constituent of this food.

Let us see how to make it ?

time for it

prep cook total

10 10 20 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine : Indian

food type : Mango curry

keyword : How to make vegan Mango curry – Kairus [Marathi]

serve for 3

Ingredients for it

Mango : 1

Sea same powder: 50 gm

peanut powder : 50 gm

garam masala : 1 tbsp

red chilly powder : 1/2 tbsp

cumin powder : 1 tbsp

salt : 1 tbsp

oil ; 2 tbsp

mustard seeds :1 tbsp

cumin seeds :1 tbsp

Hing : 1 pinch

RECIPE FOR IT : Cut the pieces of Mangoes and keep aside.

Prepare other ingredients sea same powder, peanut powder, garam masala, red chilly powder, salt, cumin powder, jaggary , etc .

How to make chikoo Paratha ? Dessert recipes.

How to make chikoo Paratha ? Dessert recipes.

Now keep the pan on the gas pour oil to it, wait for heating.

Bottle Guard Rice -Slow Cooker Recipe

Bottle Guard Rice -Slow Cooker Recipe

Now add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, splutter it .

Add pinch of hing to it, then pour pieces of Mangoes . Fry it well .

Add all ingredients one by one .Stir it well and add immediately 100 gm water to it.

Now stir it well and keep to cook it for 2 minute.

Well prepared curry is ready to eat.

Serve it with chapati and Roti.

Mango curry? Kairus [Marathi]
http://how to make vegan Mango curry- Kairus [Marathi]
kairus [Marathi]
http://how to make vegan Mango curry- Kairus[Marathi]
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Green Moong Dal Khichadi- Healthy Recipe -Marathi

How To Make Moong Dal Khichadi – Marathi Recipe

Easy Way To Make Moong Dal Khichadi – Marathi

Do you know strategy of this recipe? As 75% Indian home’s dinner is this Khichadi . Reason behind it is having more proteins , easy to make it, cooks early, having delicious taste. Gives good taste with pure ghee and Urad Papad. If grandparents are there then must have to make it as it is easy to digest, light weight , etc.

Main important reason to make it is , if ladies are getting tired by doing everyday’s task then, they are making this khichadi in the dinner.

We know that, Moong dal carries more proteins, they are increasing value of WBC in our blood cells. As well as good to increase immunity. So here, some ladies are giving it to the baby of 6 Months .By grinding in the mixture. Kids also enjoying it. Khichadi has so many stories in India. So many pictures also running on it. Indian Govt . has given this food to the primary schools as more nutrient value food . So this Khichadi is the famous recipe in India . Let us see how can we make it ?

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time for it

prep cook total

10 15 25 min

author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine : India

food type;Khichadi recipe

Keyword: Moong Dal Khichadi Recipe

serve for 3


Rice 100 gm

Moong dal 50 gm

cumin seeds 1 tbsp

mustard seeds 1 tbsp

salt 1 tbsp

turmeric powder 1 teas

garam masala 1/2 teas if you like

coriander 2 tbsp

Oil 2 tbsp

curry leaves 4 to 5

A paste of garlic, green chilly and coriander 1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take the Rice , Moong Dal, wash it with clean water and keep to drain it.

Now keep the small cooker on the gas Pour oil to it, wait to heat it.

Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

Add curry leaves and saute it well .

Now add 1/2 lit water to it. Add salt, turmeric powder, sugar to it , Wait to boil it.

Now add Rice, Moong dal and stir it well. Add coriander to it .Add paste of green coriander, garlic and green chilly.

Keep the lid of cooker tight .

Take 3 whistles and put off the gas.

Your well known tasty, delicious Khichadi is ready to eat now .

Images for it.

http://a paste of garlic, green chilly & coriander/
Moong dal khichadi recipe /
http://well prepared Moong dal khichadi/

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Drum Stick Dal Recipe- Curry recipe



This season is having full of drumsticks. My neighbors have a big full weighted drumsticks tree, So many drumsticks are growing in their garden  .they are giving us any time .have very nice taste,

Let us we learn here How to make drumstick curry?

time for it

prep cook total

5         10   15 min

Author’s name – Pranita deshpande 

food type    Drum stick Dal recipe 

Cuisine   Indian

keyword : Dal recipe , Drum stick Dal recipe 

serve  for  3  




Drumstick: 2 having the long length

    onion  1 middle size [chopped]

tomato  2 [chopped]

curry leaves    3 to 4

oil 2 tbsp

cumin’seeds  1 tbsp

mustard seeds 2 tbsp

  cooked dal    1/2 bowl

chilly powder 1 tbsp

salt 1 tbsp

a paste of coriander, chilly powder and garlic flakes -1 tbsp

  chilly powder-1 and 1/2   tbsp

PROCEDURE: Remove the peel of drumstick and cut it into middle size pieces.

:  Chop the onion and tomato  and keep a side.

 : Make the liquid Dal in another container and keep aside. 

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to add.

: Add cumin’s and mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

 : Add drumstick and fry it well.

: Now add curry leaves, onion, tomato and  saute it.

: Add chilly powder, salt,  a paste of garlic coriander ,cumin seeds  and stir it well.: 

:  Add half glass hot water to cook it well.Now add well prepared Dal to it. 

: Keep it to cook for 3 min and serve it with  chapatti or Roti


http://frying drum sticks with tomatoes
http://paste of garlic, coriander & green chilly/
drum stick dal with tomatoes/
http://drum stick dal/
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Thalepit Recipes – Marathi

via Chhola Thalepit With Varai Thalepit

Indian vegetarian food

Masala Baingan Recipe Indian- Marathi Recipe

  How to make Masala Baingan? -Marathi Recipe

Subji Recipes – Indian Baingan Subji Recipes.

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Do you know there is a big  historical story to eat Baingan in Maharashtra? Here every food is related to a specific God. As like it to the God Khandoba. He had kept some rules to eat this fruit subji. He told to his devotee that don’t eat this subji after winter. So lots of people keep this as a ”VRUTA”to eat it. So many people didn’t touch to this food forever. There is one specific day to eat this subji , it is known as ”SAT’ Only on this day some people make ”BAINGAN BHARATA ” Special with roti and eat on that day only.

SCIENTIFIC REASON BEHIND TO NOT EAT IT: This Subji gives an invitation to some diseases, like paralysis, body pain, muscle pain as well as it increases swelling on the body. If you have wound, it increases pus or germs in the wound.t Means in just a few words it is harmful to eat it and that’s why our GOD also kept some restriction to eat it.

Whatever maybe we will see here how to make it for healthy people. Healthy people can eat it lovingly.

time for it : 20 min

prep  cook total

5           10      15 min

author’ name :   Pranita Deshpande

cuisine  Indian

food type  Subji


serve for 3


Baingan :  7 o 8 middle size

garlic flakes :  5 to 6

coriander:  2 tbsp [chopped]

Garam masala :  1 tbsp[Amber]

Chilly powder 1 tbsp

salt  1 tbsp

OIL    2 tbsp

cumin seeds : 1 tbsp

mustard seeds   1 tbsp

Hing    1 pinch

curry leaves   5 to 6

Skutt    1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE FOR IT :    Take the fresh Baingan, cut it, wash it  and keep it in the water aside

: Make garlic paste and keep aside

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it wait to heat it .

: Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and wait to splutter it .

: Now add slowly Baingan to it , stir instantly and keep                                                           :      the lid on it.

:  Now add garam masala, chilly powder, salt, Skutt,                                                               coriander  and stir it well.

: Keep lid on it and keep half bowl water in the lid

: Add 2 to 3 tablespoon water and stir it well.

: See the Baingain is well cooked or not. Then put off the gas.


36374355_1917714928527290_702098992_n Baingan for subji
Baingan for Subji /



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Indian vegetarian food

Basen Pithala Recipe- Marathi Recipe

   How To Make Basen Pithala _ Marathi recipe

Basen Pithala –  Marathi Recipe.


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This is the most liked dish in Maharashtra. There is a say that if you want to guide from your Guru or if you want to emerge your Guru’s quality, you must have to eat Gram Dal . If you want to be successful person donate channa dal. So many people are feeding Gram Dal and Jaggary to the Cow on Thursday. So that we would be the successful person. In Gajanana Maharaj temple ”Shegoan” near Nagpur have Prasad to the pilgrims only of Pithala and Roti. Some devotees are reading their holy book giving prasad of ”PITHALA & ROTI” on every Thursday. We know that Thursday is for Guru.…/24/benefits-of-coconut-spiritual/ In 

   In any marriage starting of any worship also starts by keeping gram Dal near to Ganapati. In Marathi  we say ”Mohurat” I think starting of any program has been taken place with this Dal. 

Health Importance Of This Food: This flour contains more proteins.So it gives us more energy. Gram Dal’s any food has very different and loving taste. maybe it is Basen laddu, or shev or chakali or Mahesoorpak etc . It is really high energy food as well as it makes cleaning of our body. /muskmelon-milk-shake-recipe-mil

It can use to clean face also. So channa flour is using for multi-purpose actions.

Time for it

prep cook total

5          5         10 min

author name : Asha Digge 

cuisine  Indian

food type   PITHALA


serve for 3


Basen 1 bowl

chilly powder 1 tbsp

salt  1 tbsp

turmeric powder  1 teas

oil 2 tbsp

cumin seeds 1 tbsp

mustard seeds   1 tbsp

Hing  1 teas

curry leaves  5  to 6

garlic flakes   4 to 5 [pieces]

water     as your convenience

coriander  2 tbsp  [chopped]

PROCEDURE  :      :Take   1   bowl basin in a small pot, add chilly powder, turmeric   powder, salt, etc    

:  Add sufficient water to it,  stir It well and keep aside/masala-Papad-recipe-homem…/

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: Now keep the pan on the gas, pour oil in it, add pieces of garlic

and fry it till red color come.

Frying garlic for pithala/

: Add cumin’s , mustard seeds and splutter it add curry leaves and fry it  well.

: Now  add slowly paste of basen flour into the pan and stir it well

: Add the water as your convenience and keep to cook it.

: Add chopped coriander and again stir it well./bottle-guard-rice-slow-cooker-r…/


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