How To Overcome Jealousy -Mental Health

If anyone is jealous of me?
Nowadays we are listening to this word everywhere & lots of people are suffering from it .
Many people hurt another people with this word. Let us we will try to counselling for their insecurity here. & learn how to overcome jealousy?
Let us see what is meant by jealousy? When a person creates some hateful or negative energy against successful people is known as jealousy. /lets-know-meaning-of-hope-self-improvement/

Generally, it can carry everyone, no one can control to create this term in their life.
When we feel lower than anyone then I create jealousy. It carries comparison, competition,ego, hatreds etc. So that nowadays there is a trend that just lower the other person we will become higher, we are losing our original track, accepting any challenging situation or wrong way. It creates stress, anger, greed, irritation etc. Due to it how I am feeling today? /how-can-overcome-worries-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
What is the quality of my thought? Is attachment is blocking me? How am I thinking about another people? Is the way to understand the feeling of jealousy? Is this thought gives me nice feeling?
Or can these thoughts improve my life? Then why did I am creating these types of thoughts?/our-destiny-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
Jealousy simply creates stress & we know that stress = pressure/ inner power.


If a pressure is more stress is more. If we will neglect inner power I cannot change the
situation, I cannot change my husband means I cannot control numerator then why not we  increase inner power./interesting-stories-2--self-improvement--exit-covid/
Forget the situation our focus is on the situation so that we didn’t know inner power…
So to remove jealousy we have to increase inner power.
Some offices, schools, homes are filled with jealousy. If any person is jealous of me
then I didn’t have any effect on my mind.I have to do sometimes my work with my good intention./versatile-blogger-award/


To become jealous is the mistake of him not my any mistake then why should I suffer from it.
I have to maintain my belief that another person’s insecurity is not my mistake. So I
should have to create compassion for him keeping confidence with me.

In this situation some time I become depressed but I have to maintain specialty and if a
jealous person is overpowered with me then his negativity will overpower me.So that my
mood is getting off and suddenly my creativity is getting stopped and then I say due to him my work is not completed.
Five Ways to Kick the Jealousy Habit |


Well, I have to keep me self-motivated so that my power remains as it is. Where there is
power there is a growth.
You can do your work continuously with learning new things. Learning never goes waste .
my positivism will overpower you. Then people will tell you after meeting him I feel very
nice. Now, this person becomes the leader and everyone is supporting him.

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How Can Overcome Worries In Lock down – Exit COVID


Why Did We Are Worrying In Lock down?

How Can Overcome Worries in The Lock down 

  Hi friends, today we are going in very horrible situation. So, some people have already

Habit of worrying of them this COVID came in our life. Which had made to the person very weak.  Main important thing is, the person who is running family have to face a lot of worries. Means to bring grocery, taking care of children, parents, family members, etc

How to earn money in this situation? How to keep balance in every field? These are the main reasons of worry.

So, let ’Us Discuss Here What Is Mean By Worry?

Worry is the misuse of power. It carries stress, anger, irritations, anxiety, etc .

When we get up early in the morning, we have full of energy stored in our mind. So, we feel fresh. But, what type of energy we are using throughout the day is our choice.

If we will use positive energy, we will automatically remove our worries but in cases there are the situations which are creating suddenly negative event and we turned obviously in to worries.

For ex : Just now , I have given an answers to the UK Survey , for how did I will overcome the COVID?  But after half an hour we have the news that there is a COVID patient in your colony. So obviously maybe you are so much strong physically or mentally still we have to worry to overcome it.

Means we think that worry must be there. If worry is not there how can we take care but worry and care are totally different words.

Taking care means living in present and keeping worrying with us means we are living in future.

When the person is worrying himself means he is losing his self-control in present and controlling the things which are not in control.

Nowadays so many parents are worrying for their kid’s schools, carriers, futures, personalities, jobs and they are teaching their sons, daughters how to be worry?

FOR EX: If anyone wants to get admission in the good college and it is very hard to get the admission then automatically that students will create thoughts of fear and carry stress, worries, pressure. Instead if we will teach them that, this college is very nice, if you have admission it is better for your life but if you have not getting the admission in that college then it is not to worry. There are plenty of good opportunities in the world if we have the good sense of running life, we can be successful in any field and anywhere. No need to worry.


So many times, we carry so many stories from past to future but we don’t control past and future. So, we can control myself which is not in my control. It creates pressure, stress, anxiety.send-good-vibes-_-exit-covid/

HOW PEOPLE ARE WORRIED?  If there is a question of their son’s job or education, If there is a daughter to marry then some people are worries about her future that. How did she will get husband? How did their relatives will treat my daughter? Can she will be happy in her home? Is she will get everything for her life?

But, in case if she would have been given you perfect Sansakar and self-confidence of how to behave with the front person? Then why did there is worry?  If your mirror is clean then she can handle every situation perfectly but vice versa instead if you have given her a lot of material things without making her mentally and physically strong to face the situation. Then everything is going to waste. No use of that material success. She can spoil both families’ life. If she didn’t have knowledge and common sense. So, worry is depending on us.

Nowadays people are more worrying about CORONA. That if CORONA will come near to my home or in our home, how to face it/? Taking care for it is good but only worrying on it without taking any action means this is the unnecessary working on unnecessary thoughts.

So, worry means creating unnecessary thoughts which are not in our control.


1] Create positive thoughts only for present tense.

2] Work for the future but stop to create unnecessary thoughts about future.

3] Stop unnecessary thinking about your life.

4] Learn to live in the present.

5] Do meditation regularly to control your thoughts.

6] Learn to be happy with inside.

7] Do prayer every day. Keep complete faith on God.

8] Think that my life is protected by God. He never gives me any types of trouble.

9] Spread good vibes everywhere.

10] Try to keep your surrounding happy with open mind. Try to keep mind clean every time.

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How To Overcome Negativity -In Lock down

Let us enjoy STAY AT HOME

Nowadays every time  and everywhere there is a discussion about negative people.Everywhere there  are Quotes saying ”avoid negative people”

Now when I am thinking about this line I think that the
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person who has written this line is with full of positive thoughts or when we also think that front person is negative means we are totally positive. Then I want to ask the positive people that if you are positive then where there is a question of negativity? If you are positive then what is the use of your positivism?the-Liebster-award/

Today for this positivism we are losing our families? If in our family our grandmother is negative then we are leaving her anywhere. But we didn’t know that after she went from our home we became the senior person in our life. What situations have faced our grandmother or father i must have to face it now. Chaitra-Gauri-celebration-welcome-spring-seaso

Not the case for grandmother or father but in a husband-wife relationship also if a husband is not behaving nicely left him to put another home or make another husband it spoils 3 families that are of husbands family, wife family & kids family if they have.

In case today we are getting everything nonliving [material ] things easily, so we can leave easily living things   and reducing our tolerance power, adjustment power, controlling power and focusing power./how-to-deal-with-todays-relationship-in-lock-down/ #Relationship #Lock_down

So what to do with this positivism? If your children are negative, Maybe he carried his negativity since past birth can you leave him anywhere? Can you give a guarantee to anyone that I never become negative in life? Are you living positively in all life? Negativity comes along with the situation. Or with front person behavior also./benefits-of-optimist-person-in-lock-down-exit-covid-20/

I think that it is easy to work with positive people but the person who is living happily with the negative person is the real God in this period. As it is very hard to adjust negative people. e s that accept every relationship as it is. Means today so many people are telling that parents should become friends with their sons, its true for understanding but for some situations we must have to accept that they are parents never become professional friends. 

Same thing with mother in law, today so many daughters are expecting from their mother in law they should behave like their mothers but it never happens we must have to accept her as a mother in law. Some mother in laws are expressing it clearly and it is correct. How can she become the mother? It will happen when the daughter in law accept her as it is then after some days automatically she starts to love her and get closer then she thinks that she is like my daughter, not the daughter.  In some case not everywhere. As today every relationship is depending on selfish bonding. No one is there to love you unconditionally.

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">In India in a husband-wife relationship also husband never become the friend of a wife someone has to be adjusted. They are showing outside we are friends but somethings have to be adjusted, accept as  Indian ”VivahSansakar ” teaches it by giving some difficult situation for both and then they start to accept as a husband or wife.In India in a husband-wife relationship also husband never become the friend of a wife someone has to be adjusted. They are showing outside we are friends but somethings have to be adjusted, accept as  Indian ”VivahSansakar ” teaches it by giving some difficult situation for both and then they start to accept as a husband or wife.

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12 Things To Overcome Sleep Disorder – Health

Today’s life becomes very competitive, there s a huge fear of competition that if another person is ahead of me? With this sentence, we have to lose so many powers. With this thought, we are losing our relationship, peace, satisfaction, etc. So we have a lot of problems in the relationships, worries about future, insecurity about the future, etc and we are carrying a lot of fear in the mind, losing our real happiness, real love, real health, real food, etc and losing our sleep.

But, still what to do for this position? We must have to get all these things but without disturbing all the above qualities.

http://12 things to overcome insomnia/

Let us we will see here what to do for it?

1] Do meditation and recite some mantras in the morning.

2] With good intention we have to realize some things in the meditation.

3] Observe your self is I am on the right track? How I am? Where I am? What I am?

what HTTP://what is Insomnia/

http://sleep disorder/

4] I know today we have a lot of work at night but we have to do this work without burden, if we will do it with more burden then definitely we will disturb our life and creating so many other health problems.

5] The most important thing is, keeping faith in our sleep that, I can sleep easily, I didn’t have to do any efforts to sleep every day. I can sleep very well at any time.

Don’t keep these thoughts while working every time otherwise, your sleep will become your lovely sister/friend and any time she will run with you. This is very damaging to progress you.

6] Do some physical work, so that you could get easily tired. And a tired person can sleep easily.

7] Try to remove your worries, try to give your worries to God and think that he is doing best for all. Keep complete faith in him.

8] Keep in mind that God never does anything bad for us, he made a beautiful world to do good for us.

9] Never concentrate on your negative thoughts, if thoughts are coming to turn your mind anywhere

10]Try to take blessings from everywhere. No one will have the daring to touch even your smallest hair.

11] Always work for good karma as giving motivation to anyone, help for poor, keeping love in the relationship, remove your ego, etc.

12] Say thanks to God while sleeping as he has given you a good day.

If you can’t sleep with the above things then do the following things.

1] Drink buttermilk with salt, sugar, ginger powder, cumin powder, etc.

2] Make a paste of ”Jaiphal” and apply it on your forehead.

3]Eat Brinjal with honey, eat cashew nuts, almonds, raisins.

4] Make Masaj on your head, enter cow ghee in the nose.

5] Avoid drinking more times tea, coffee, etc as it can create lactic acid in cramps at night and we can’t sleep well.

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How to overcome suffering happily- QUOTES

http://how to overcome suffering/
Image result for quotes on how to make suffering happily/how to overcome suffering happily-

Image result for quotes on how to make suffering happilyhttp://How to overcome suffering happily-chhayaonline.comhttp://how to overcome suffering
Image result for quotes on how to make suffering happily/
http://How to overcome suffering
Image result for quotes on how to make suffering happily/
http://How to overcome suffering
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