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Til Gul Paratha With Fried Beans- Winter Special

This is the well known Paratha recipe in India , specially in Maharashtra. Generally, we are making Ladoo of Til Gul [Sea same with Jaggary] But sometimes kids wants its paratha.

Making this Paratha is very easy as it didn’t require any another ingredients to bring taste. This product itself has its own taste. If we will add some another ingredients to it. It can disturb its original taste. So making this Paratha is very easy in comparison to another paratha.

Let us learn here benefits of this Paratha

1] It keeps our body warm , provides extra energy to our body. So we must have to eat it in the winter season.

2] It is very good food for digestion. Easily digested and mix in the blood easily.

3] Increases blood volume , calcium , iron , Mangnize , etc.

4] Pregenant lady must have to eat this food everyday to keep body warm and to increase the blood volume.

5] It prevents so many diseases, infections and makes bones strong.

Let us make recipe


time for it

prep cook total

30 30 1 hour

author’s name: Asha Digge

cuisine: India



Serve for 4

Ingredients for it

Til : 250 gm

Gul :200 gm

wheat flour : 1/2 kg

oil : 20 gm

Til Gul Parataha with fried beans/
http://Til GUL PARATHA With fried beans /


First we have to make Saran Of Til Gul .

Bake the Sea Same or Til to become red.

Now grate the Jaggary and add it in the sea same

Grind it in the mixture and make its paste .

Now knead the wheat flour and make its dough

Add the ”Saran” In the dough of wheat flour by applying oil to it.

Now roll the dough slowly to make small Paratha.

Bake it with 2 sides.

Serve it with ghee.



fried bean recipe /

oil :2 tbsp ,green beans : 100 gm

salt: 1/2 tbsp

masala: 1/2 teas

lemon juice: 1/2 teas

fried bean recipe /
http://fried bean recipe /

RECIPE TO MAKE IT: First wash the beans with water.

: Keep it to bake on the Tawa, spread some oil on it.

: Spread salt, masala, lemon juice on it , stir it well.

: Serve it hot.

fried beans/
http://fried beans/

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How to make chikoo Paratha – Dessert recipes.

Chikoo Paratha Recipe – Paratha Recipe.

Chikoo fruit everyone knows it well but I think so many are hating to it. Generally everyone wants juice fruits which contain more water. This Chikoo fruit when we open it , it shows dirty appearance . So some small kids are hating to eat it. That much smoothie , sweet fruits didn’t want to eat.

This fruit is cheating with us means sometimes we think that it is good and when we are eating it gives different taste. So a lot of people avoiding to eat it.
http://chikoo weightloss/

But it is good for digestion as well as to increase blood volume. It is rich in calcium along with so many minerals. If anyone wants to increase height of their kids eat them everyday Chikoo . Definitely his bones became strong and increase his height. It is good for weight loss .

http://well prepared chikoo paratha/

This Chikoo, yesterday we have bought at my home noone is eating it . Then why we shall not to try to make it’s paratha/

How To Make Chikoo Paratha

Let us start to make Chikoo Paratha

Time for it

prep cook total

10 15 25 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

food type Chikoo paratha

Cuisine Indian

keyword Chikoo paratha

serve for 3


Chikoo 4 normal size [sweets]

wheat flour 2 bowls

ghee 2 tabs

powder sugar 1/2 bowl

milk to knead it 1 glass

almonds 4 to 5 Paratha Recipes 

cashew nuts 6 to 7

cardamom powder 1 tbsp

oil 2 tbsp


Take the smooth ,nice and sweet Chikoos.

Wash it with clean water .

Remove it’s peel and seeds

Crush it with wire gauze , Ginger Paratha …

Now take the wheat flour, add pinch of salt to it .

Now add ghee, powder sugar and crushed Chikoos

Knead it with milk smooth. Make it’s small dough.

Roll it smoothly and make it’s paratha .
Ladoo Recipes

Bake it on the Tawa on both side.


chikoo's paratha /
http://Chikoo’s paratha/

Now we hope that you have understood as how to make a Chikoo Paratha. We will keep bringing more such yummy and unique recipers for you. Stay Tuned with If you have any query about the recipe feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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Jaggary Ginger Paratha Recipe- Paratha Recipe Winter Special

Paratha recipes – Jaggary Sweet paratha

Pumpkin Recipes- Soup With Paratha’s

Navratri Recipes – Paratha,Soup

Click To Expand   



In India every fruit has a  very good importance in festivals of them this pumpkin has more importance. Means some festivals are not complete with it .Maybe Mahalaxmi or Navratri .In Mahalaxmi we are keeping this pumpkin in front of Mahalaxmi. To grows this vegetable fruit require less place down side but it can grows upside larger. When we have built a new home my mother in law has been planted   this tree at that time we have a huge amount of pumpkins at our home .I think 70 pumpkins had been grown at that time . All have a big size.I have taken image of it with me .

This pumpkin has so many types and names, some are round , some of name is Devdangan,  The pumpkin which is bigger and have outer side green along with strips is  ;”KASHIBHOPALA” This  vegetable fruit is considering very important . It has a very good taste . We can eat it by cooking it as it is, means without making anything from it .We can make some type of food  from  it .It maybe halwa, soup, paratha, payasam  etc Do you know in India there is a say that the person who want to go to the KASHI  has not to eat ”KASHIBHOPALA” so many people are not eating it till they reach to ”VARANASHI” When they will take darshan of KASHIVISHAVNATH then only they have permission to eat it. My sister has been kept this Vrut as she wondered South India now she has to go KASHI and after that she will eat that pumpkin.Is it interesting life in INDIA?

Let it be we will discuss here which item i have made from this pumpkin?

Today i have made pumpkin soup, paratha see the recipe for it .


prep cook total

10        20    30 min

Author’s name : Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine India

keyword   pumpkin recipes

foodtype   soup and paratha’s

serve for   2

Keyword -Pumpkin recipes -soup,paratha,etc 


pumpkin  250 gm

Jaggary    10 gm

salt   1 tbsp

cumin powder 1 tbsp

peeper powder   1/2 teaspoon

Butter  1 big spoon

PROCEDURE FOR IT  ;  Take the pumpkin , remove its peel , cut it into pieces and                                                              keep  aside.

:  Keep to boil this pieces in the cooker by spreading 1 tbsp ghee                                                  on it.

:  Add 2 cup water to it .

: Keep  it on the slow flame .

:  After getting 2, 3 whistles , keep it downside.

: Now add cumin powder, peeper powder, jaggary ,salt to it.

: Crush it with wire guaze or grind it in the mixture jar .

: Now add 2 glass hot water to it and boil it for a while .

: Now pour butter on it and serve it in the glass.



time for it

Prep cook total

10       20     30 min

Author’s name :Pranita deshpande

Cuisine  Indian

food type     paratha

serve for  4


varai flour  2 bowl

cucumber 1 bowl [grated and cooked]

cumin powder   1 tbsp

cooked pumpkin   250 gm

salt     1 tbsp

chilly powder  1 tbsp

soaked sabudana  1 bowl

oil or ghee    1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take all the ingredients in a thali 

: Grind the soaked Sabudana and keep it in the thali

:  Mix it properly .

: Knead it properly with oil or ghee .

: Make its small dough and roll it slowly .

: Bake it both side properly by applying oil to it.


soaked shabudana
Pumpkin Recipes- Soup With Paratha's/
http://Pumpkin Recipes- Soup With Paratha’s/

Pumpkin Recipes- Soup 

Pumpkin Paratha Recipe – Vrut Recipe 

 Pumpkin Boiled Soup Recipe 

Pumpkin Recipes _ Soup, Paratha’s 


Shahi Paratha Of Potato-Paratha Recipes

  Paratha Recipes- Sweet Paratha Of Potato235x96_top-indivine-post-1-5

Sometimes we want to eat sweet food from home. Yesterday my younger son told Aai please make ”Halwa of Potato ” and I made it . But he didn’t eat it, so it  remain as it is, then, I kept it in the fridge running to work. Today I saw there is a Halwa of potato no one is eating now, so what to do with it? so I decided to make paratha from it. Then, it becomes very smooth, highly tested. It can easily mix with any food while eating.

Now I am searching for it that How to make  Shahi Parathe? Now I understand I have to knead wheat flour smoothly So I started to collect some ingredients.

Time for sweet potato Halwa  30 min

prep cook total

15          30     45 min

Author’s name Pranita deshpande

  Cuisine  India 

food type  Sweet paratha 

Keyword   Shahi sweet paratha- Recipe Indian                         


Potato  2 to 3 middle size

sugar  50 gm

ghee  50 ml

cardamom powder  1 teas

almonds 4 to 5

cashew nut powder 2 tbsp


Wheat flour 1/2 kg

salt  1 pinch

ghee  10 ml

paste of rice flour 10 gm 

PROCEDURE   FOR POTATO HALWA: Wash the potatoes clean.

:  Keep it in the cooker to boil.

: After boiling remove its peel

: Now smash it completely

: Add almond powder, cashew nut powder,                                                                               cardamom powder  and mix it properly.

:Keep the pan on the gas pour oil in it , add   mixed potatoes and sugar in it and stir it                                                                                          continuously to make a good dough.

IMG_20180204_142809 (4)

How to make parathas? 

: Take given an amount of wheat flour in the thali add a pinch of salt in it, now add enough water in it , knead it properly to make its nice dough by applying oil on it.


Now make the potatoes mixture properly to add in the dough of wheat flour.

Add a small amount of dough in it and roll it roundly.

Make its Shahi paratha. Shake it slowly so that it could become smooth.

Serve it with ghee.

IMG_20180204_151021 (1)

Shahi sweet paratha – Recipe Indian 

Dates paratha -chhaya’s kitchen 

Jaggary Paratha _ Navratri special 

Sea same  Paratha _ Makarsankranti Bhojan  

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