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How to make Medu vada? -Breakfast recipes 

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Now we have holidays here holidays means celebration of food festival. In my home everyone wants tasty home made food .So my Son is telling me since so many days ”Aai make idali” Then I told him bring batter from outside so that I could make instantly idali. Then he told no, I never bring batter from outside as it has no taste. I know your idali   has a fantastic taste  noone can make this type of idali.

So I decided to make it .

Soaking time for it  1 night

time for it

prep cook  total

30        30      60

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Course   Breakfast

Food type   Idali sambhar

Keyword  Breakfast recipes tasty idali sambhar 

serve for   4


Rice  1/2 KG

Urad dal 250 kg

Fenugreek seeds  1/2 tbsp

salt 2 tbsp

sugar granules  4 to 5

sodium bicarbonate  1 teas

Time for sambhar

prep    cook total

5            15       20 min


Toor dal  350 gm

oil   250 gm

tomatoes  2  [well chopped]

green chilly  2

cumin powder 1 tbsp

mustard seeds 1 tbsp

hing 1 pinch

Maggi masala  1 pocket

chilly powder   2 tbsp

turmeric powder 1 teas

salt 2 tbsp

tamarind Juice 250 lit

garlic paste 1 tbsp \

sugar  2 tab


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PROCEDURE FOR IT : Keep the rice , dal to soak in the morning .

: Grind it in the mixture to make batter at night .

: Keep it as it is for night .

: In the morning add Fenu Greek seeds, salt, sodium                                                                            bicarbonate,granules of  sugar etc .

: Add some salt to it , stir it well and keep aside.

: Meanwhile make the preparation of Sambhar

: Keep the dal to cook in the small cooker . Take 2 to 3 whistles.

: Now add the idali batter in the idali patra , keep it to cook .

: Take all ingredients ready for sambhar in the big thali .

: Take the cooked dal , add turmeric powder, salt, sugar to it and                                                  crush  it with wire gauze .

: Add hot water to it and stir it well.

: Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it ,add cumin seeds,                                                    mustard seeds, hing, tomatoes a paste of garlic and fry it well.

: Now add chilly powder and Maggi masala along with tamarind juice.

: Stir it well ,add cooked liquid dal to it .

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: Keep it boil for a while , your tasty Sambhar is ready to serve .

:Don’t boil it for more time it will reduce taste of Sambhar. Buy here lots of product with more offers.

Sambhar Recipe For Idali _Masala Sambhar

Time for soaking rice 12 hours   

          Time for soaking rice flour 1 night

     time     prep  cook  total 

     min               30      30       60 

         serve   for    10 


         Rice  1 kg 

         Urad dal 1/4 kg 

         Fenigreek seeds  2 tabs 

         sugar       1/2 teaspoon 

      Baking soda   1 tabs  


           Toor dal *   2 bowls 

Onion * 1 big size [chopped] 

          Tomato  *    2 chopped [middle size] 

          Garlic      *     7 TO 8  flakes 

         cumin   powder    1 tab         Ram Bandhu Sambhar masala      2 tabs 

           chilly powder     *  1 tabs 

             salt                   * as your convenience 

           mustard  seeds   *   2 tabs 

              oil                      *  1/2 bowl 

Hing                     *   2 teas  , Mr. Idli

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  •      PROCEDURE  FOR IDALI   * Take one kg clean rice & 1/4 kg Urad dal  , wash it with clear water & keep for soaking in a  sufficient water. 
  •      Now grind it in the mixture as like paste. Add Fenugreek seeds, some granules of sugar in it .
  •     In the morning when you are making idali add baking soda, salt & stir it. Fermentation of solution takes place automatically & it becomes light to make idali . 
  •     PROCEDURE FOR SAMBHAR * Take the given amount of Toor dal , keep it to cook in a small cooker with enough water. Wait to get 3 to 4 whistles While cooking dal add turmeric & 1 tabs of oil in it so that evaporation didn’t come outside & Dal can cook smoothly..
  •  Take down the dal crush it with spoon Nicely, make it as like paste, now add hot water in it     
  • Meanwhile, you can make the preparation of sambhar. Cut the onion, tomatoes, make the paste of garlic, keep all ingredients ready to make it. 
  •    Now keep the 2 & half lit water to boil. See the dal is cooked or not. 
  •     Keep the big pot having the thick bottom of the gas. Add oil to it , wait to heat it now add cumin’s, mustard seeds, curry leaves, one by one. Add onion fry it for small-time add tomatoes fry it well, add cumin powder, sambhar masala, chilly powder, salt, hing paste of garlic.IMG_20171020_100613 Fry it well till khamang smell spread everywhere. 
  •   at last after frying all ingredients well add dal with hot water, stir it well.unnamed (3)
  •                                                 Well  prepared Sambhar
  • Keep it to heat, not for boiling. Don’t boil Sambhar more time it reduces the taste & smell of  Sambhar.   Currylicious Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


pranita Deshpande

I am an International author of ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” book. I have written 3books which are 1] Future of students 2] How can be student intelligence? & 3] Importance of prayer.

Vada Recipes _ Breakfast Recipes.

Breakfast recipes- Vada recipes.

Medu Vada Recipes

How to make vada recipes?- Medu vada recipes.

Soaking time for it: I have kept Urad dal, Moong dal and Rice to soak for a night

Time: prep  cook total

hour     1/2     1/2      1

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine     :     Indian

food type  :  Vada recipe

KEYWORD :  Medu vada recipe ,


Urad dal: 1/4 kg

Moong dal: 1/4kg

Rice:           1/4 kg

sodium bicarbonate: 1 teas

fenugreek seeds: 1 tabs

salt: as your convenience

sugar granules: 1pinch

cumin powder: 2 tabs

chilly powder: 1 tab

Hing: 1 pinch

coriander powder: 1 tab

Oil to fry: 350 gm

  •   PROCEDURE FOR IT :    Wash Urad dal, Moong dal & Rice with water & keep it to  soak for 1 night.
  •   In the morning grind it into the mixture.
  •    Add  sodium bicarbonate, salt pinch of sugar and powder of Fenugreek seeds and keep it aside

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  •    Prep    cook  total
  • 20 min     20       40
  •    Toor: 250 gm
  •  tomato   :    1 big size [chopped]
  • garlic: 7 to 8 flakes
  • onion    :     1 big size [chopped ]
  • salt: 1 big tabs
  • coriander: 2 tabs
  •  Hing: 1 pinch
  • oil: 1/2 bowl
  • mustard seeds: 2 tabs
  • cumin seeds; 1 tabs
  • turmeric powder :   1 teaspoon

PROCEDURE FOR SAMBHAR: Keep the Toor dal to cook in a  sufficient water.

: Add turmeric powder and 1 teas oil into it.So that it can cook easily and early.

: Take 2 to 3 whistles of cooker and keep cooker aside

:  keep 1 lit water to boil, after boiling water adds cooked dal and mix it well to make liquid dal.

: Now keep the pan on the gas, pour oil into it, add cumin’s, mustard seeds into it wait to splutter it, add curry leaves and fry it well.

:  Now add onion and saute it well, add chopped tomatoes and saute it.

: Add chilly powder, cumin powder, the pinch of                                                                                    Hing and pour slowly liquid dal into it.

: Your tasty sambhar is ready to serve.

IMG_20171210_105639 (1)

PROCEDURE TO MAKE VADA: our  Knead the mixture of vada carefully. Keep some oil on your hand.

:  Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil into it.  Make vada’s on your hand & fry it well in the pan. Fry it till red colour appears & serve it with SAMBHAR.