What Gives Us Challenges -Stay home

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‘’Challenge’’ this word we are listening since childhood. If we are working in the challenging atmosphere then really our life become beautiful and meaningful. But we must have to understand why this challenge came in my life ?and how can I overcome it peacefully and happily.? Is I will overcome it or left it this is the personal question of everyone. But challenges giving meaning to our life. To learn a new language is also a new challenge.

Forex: We know that when there is a match is running in between Pakistan and India then the only name of the country ‘’PAKISTAN’’heal to our people of a country . Then decide how many players will heal for it? We know that this is the real challenge of everyone’s life on match day. So many are missing their colleges, tuition etc and sitting in front of the TV , In the market so many people are gathered around the TV in the shop. Today there is no need of sitting in front of the TV as we have everything in our hand.

But nowadays so many students are running away from real challenges. They want easy, readymade immediate things, they didn’t want to make a lot of efforts, its okay they are becoming smart now using the brain for making life easy. But what about our inner creativity?

Today we have everything in our hand so we are becoming lazy. We are forgetting to use our locomotory organs. To build a body nature has given us hands, legs we have to use it to do exercise

and yoga but to move our organs we are requiring machines and so we must have to go the Gim. I am not telling that going to the Gim is the bad thing but what happening the parents who are not capable to give GIM for their sons and daughters. These things are becoming part of our life and now for every family life become difficult. As their sons and daughters must have to provide all these things. Actually using Gim MEANS FORGETTING TO USE OUR HANDS & LEGS FOR EXERCISE.

Really I am getting worried about next generation How did next generation will work? Because for every locomotors organ there is a machine, for brain also there is a mobile or computer means we are losing our one-one part of a body. If any difficult question is where we are asking to our computers robot, if calculations are there we are doing it with machines everything is on a machine, means we are away from our body parts losing our emotions, sensations all original qualities of a man that is happiness, peace, compassion etc. It is very dangerous to our nature & so far as concert all above questions we have to ask everyone. Is I am on real track? How much time I have to use machines? Is there need to use every time machines for my life? The person has to control for artificial things instead things are controlling to us? Means what we are doing? We are controlling the things which are not in control. and Saying why did life become difficult if everything is in our hand.? So that 8th class student also forgetting things in the shop. If you will tell go by walking to bring something he will tell walking and this much distance?

How it is possible? These are the regular actions of everyday life we are forgetting to use it due to a love of our machines or becoming lazy. Means we have prepared comfort zone around our body and telling to everyone that today health problems are coming in the early stage of life. If you will ask to 40 years man or make a survey you will find every person is suffering from sugar, B. P. etc. We have created this challenge purposely as everything is in hand and no any man will live without challenge. Everyone likes to play with the challenge.

See every human’s nature is that he want a problem for life. If he didn’t have any problem he searches for it and finds it this is called as the self-invention for the challenge.

Let us learn Benefits of our challenging life.

1]  New challenge means the new invention.I think so many discoveries happened due to challenging cases.

1]  New challenge means the new invention.I think so many discoveries happened due to challenging cases.

2]  Challenge gives good inspiration, motivation, the power to work etc .

3] Challenging person always thinks positive, he is optimistic in any situation.

4] Every time he searches for an opportunity, works for others.

5] He has always helping nature as he had gone in so many difficulties. He carries a lot of types of work at a time.

6]  We say in India Ganesha has 14 virtues [GUNACHA ADHIPATI] means he carries 14 arts in his life.

7] We say to the Jagadamba ‘’Ashtbhuja, Ashtavdhani’’ means she can do 8 work at one time with full concentration.

8] These are challenging people & to come to their virtues in our mind due to creative visualization

and law of attraction so we need to worship them or to sing a song for them.

9] In today’s life so many people who have achieved a lot of success have accepted so many challenges in their life.

10] Challenging life teaches us the meaning of life with full of enthusiasm, energy and never gives up in the life.


What Gives Us Challenges – Stay home/

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Are You Secure In – COVID -Lock down – Stay home

Pranita Deshpandeauthor,blogger, affiliate marketer.
More secure and more happy . If you are reading news paper then observe today’s rape cases, accidents, quarrels , etc .All these events have been stopped. Another thing is that before lock down there was a big and tough competition . This competition brings a lot of hatreds, jealousy, comparison, anger in the relationships and this was bringing so many health problems. As like blood pressure, sugar, hyperthyroid, etc and so people are more worried. May be they have so much money there was a competition of showing I am great than you . No one was there to say you are great. As they thought that, If I would be tell them great I would be feel lower and my confidence will decrease. With these thinking people were more worried.
Now we are away from all these things . Of them due to horrible situation criticism have been stopped suddenly. No one wants to critise to the front person. People have been turned their minds to the good situations. Atmosphere become cool. calm and stable. Air become clean . We have made complete change in our life style so no worries.
Now question is of #Coronavirus . But, if we will be careful and will follow the rules of CORONA there is no any question of security. Since lock down we are not in the crowd place then automatically we are feeling that now population has been decreased. Now new questions have been created that is losing jobs, loss in business will cover in 1 year . So no worries ,no any tension. Decide to be happy and always live happy./quotes-on-acceptance-power-to-face-in-lockdown-exit-covid/
More important question is of education . Education is the thing which can be learn ourselves. I think that now real qualities of people will develop as our education system was developing very fraud persons due to competition. But, now students also tension free from comparison and competition so they have more chances to develop themselves. If parents have been giving them good counseling. Also social media have catalyst role to develop good people. As in the social media we have the independence what to chose? So students can chose what they want eagerly and will make great progress.quotes-on-education-in-lock-down-quotes/
Maybe we think that students confidence will be getting reduce . It will happen but definitely their self esteem, self realization power will increase. As  today all people have been turned to work on spirituality. Everyone has a good understanding of spirituality . And  we know that spirituality can teach us how to overcome difficulty ? and how to be happy in any situation ? If the person is getting real happiness he can do anything.
With this we can develop India as wished by Swami Vivekananda.
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Test Your Body With Spoon – Health

Test Your Body with Spoon – Health

SPOON: Do you know this word is making a history in the world? We know that in the politics,

The person who is working as a downline assistant of any leader and he is giving all information or messages   to the leader it maybe good, bad by adding his some words then we say ,that person he is the spoon of that leader.

We all of us watching Mahabharata it contains so many parts of them ‘’Shakuni’’ is the best part in it.

He is working as like spoon with his nephews Dushasan or Durodhan.

We know that this person has developed Mahabharata.

However this is the work of spoon in our philosophy , but in our daily life also we are measuring everything with the help of spoon and if its proportion is less and more we have a lot of problems.

Let us test our body with the help of spoon.

Here are the tastes.12-things-to-overcome-insomnia-health/

1] Rub the clean still spoon with the downward side of tongue. Rub it still saliva will form in the mouth.

2] Keep this spoon in the clean transparent polythene bag. Hang this bag for a minute on  the lamp.  Then check the changes occur in it.

Diabetes:  After one minute if you have a smell of sweet to the spoon then think that your diabetes problems are increasing .health-benefits-of-almond-almond-day/

3] If you can see yellow layer on the spoon then you can diagnose yourself that you have the problem of thyroid.

4] Cholesterol:  If spoon have layer of violet color then we have to diagnose that we have problem in blood circulation or we have stored so much cholesterol in the body.

5]  Body Infection: If white layer seen on the spoon then we can say we have the body infection in our body.

6] Kidney Problems: If there is an orange layer on the spoon then we say that we have some kidney problems.

We can say it as a spoon therapy. If we are running so many therapies then why not this?

Make these test in your home and write your results in my comment section.

This is the simple and easy home test of body with the help of spoon. If you have any serious problem. You can go easily to the Doctor.

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Stay home , Stay Blessed.

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How To Overcome Negativity -In Lock down

Let us enjoy STAY AT HOME

Nowadays every time  and everywhere there is a discussion about negative people.Everywhere there  are Quotes saying ”avoid negative people”

Now when I am thinking about this line I think that the
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person who has written this line is with full of positive thoughts or when we also think that front person is negative means we are totally positive. Then I want to ask the positive people that if you are positive then where there is a question of negativity? If you are positive then what is the use of your positivism?the-Liebster-award/

Today for this positivism we are losing our families? If in our family our grandmother is negative then we are leaving her anywhere. But we didn’t know that after she went from our home we became the senior person in our life. What situations have faced our grandmother or father i must have to face it now. Chaitra-Gauri-celebration-welcome-spring-seaso

Not the case for grandmother or father but in a husband-wife relationship also if a husband is not behaving nicely left him to put another home or make another husband it spoils 3 families that are of husbands family, wife family & kids family if they have.

In case today we are getting everything nonliving [material ] things easily, so we can leave easily living things   and reducing our tolerance power, adjustment power, controlling power and focusing power./how-to-deal-with-todays-relationship-in-lock-down/ #Relationship #Lock_down

So what to do with this positivism? If your children are negative, Maybe he carried his negativity since past birth can you leave him anywhere? Can you give a guarantee to anyone that I never become negative in life? Are you living positively in all life? Negativity comes along with the situation. Or with front person behavior also./benefits-of-optimist-person-in-lock-down-exit-covid-20/

I think that it is easy to work with positive people but the person who is living happily with the negative person is the real God in this period. As it is very hard to adjust negative people. e s that accept every relationship as it is. Means today so many people are telling that parents should become friends with their sons, its true for understanding but for some situations we must have to accept that they are parents never become professional friends. 

Same thing with mother in law, today so many daughters are expecting from their mother in law they should behave like their mothers but it never happens we must have to accept her as a mother in law. Some mother in laws are expressing it clearly and it is correct. How can she become the mother? It will happen when the daughter in law accept her as it is then after some days automatically she starts to love her and get closer then she thinks that she is like my daughter, not the daughter.  In some case not everywhere. As today every relationship is depending on selfish bonding. No one is there to love you unconditionally.

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">In India in a husband-wife relationship also husband never become the friend of a wife someone has to be adjusted. They are showing outside we are friends but somethings have to be adjusted, accept as  Indian ”VivahSansakar ” teaches it by giving some difficult situation for both and then they start to accept as a husband or wife.In India in a husband-wife relationship also husband never become the friend of a wife someone has to be adjusted. They are showing outside we are friends but somethings have to be adjusted, accept as  Indian ”VivahSansakar ” teaches it by giving some difficult situation for both and then they start to accept as a husband or wife.

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17 Best Features -Tips For Home- Stay home – Stay Safe

Why Every time remembers home?.

New home necessities

When we are traveling on the road we are watching a lot of hoarding alongside the road and there mostly hoardings are only of our dream Homes. They are showing there a beautiful picture of a housewife wearing the beautiful sari and a joyful look on her face. A big copper pot on her head showing she has abundant prosperity and she can live always happily in any situation at home. Her every wish will complete only in the home not anywhere, she could live stable at home. Not anywhere, she can enjoy her each and every moment full of confidence at her home, not anywhere. having the feeling that ‘’ this is mine home’’


I think no any guest will remain stable and lovingly without home.

If we will try to live them instead of our home in the hotel or on any lodge, they may be providing best quality but they didn’t show any type of belonging or protection or support they will live there as a third person.

17 Points To Remember Home

  • House is a place where we can spread any item anywhere
  • Here automatically we get love, peace, happiness, etc..
  • Only we can accept everyone’s wrong behavior here.

5) This is a place where we can compromise, forgive, make complimentary criticize but again create love.

6) Here we can carry sometimes bad habits, laziness or anything.

 7) This place never cheats to the close family members may be there a lot of questions creates.

 8) It can give us a lot of relaxation after our lot of struggle.

9) We can forget past and create enthusiasm to do work For our great family members for their next life.

10) I think GOD may be upside but always live in this place as he also feels comfortable only in the home.

11) So home is the creation of lord shops.

12) Home is the place that creates protection.

13] We never get pure love and comfortableness in the heaven but it can get in home.

14] Everything we get easily but to get comfort home is very hard to find.

15 ] Without home we became helpless and not getting anywhere value to any person.

16 ]Every thing we can purchase easily but to purchase the home is very difficult.

17 ] So that God also thinks that every soul should be born in home and death also in his home. As it gives peace of mind.3 Join here to read my other valuable posts.

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How To Empower Mind – Stay Home- Mental Health

We know that as the mind as the thought and as the thought as the karma, As the karma as the destiny.

So our destiny depends on our thoughts and our thought is created by mind and this mind makes magic everywhere.

We can buy everything in the market but we can’t buy the power of mind in the market. How could we increase the power of the mind? What is the way to empower the mind? What is the way to control the mind? How can I understand I have to empower my mind?

To empower the mind first we can see what the condition of mind is?. Is my mind now disturbed or in peaceful state?. Can I watch my mind? Can I observe the real condition of mind? What are the thoughts running through my mind?. If they are _ ve the speed of negative thought is fast and so I am getting disturbed now.

When we are purchasing anything we are watching that this thing is good in this situation or not, some like this.

Now we can stop and check in my mind that what is in our mind?.

If I will give an order to another person his mind accept my order and doing the work.  Which did I tell then why did my mind not?

As we have not given counselling to my mind my mind is like child’s mind, and if we have to council any children’s mind then we have to tell him lovingly not forcefully, and we have to attend to my mind what is going in my mind ?.

When we attend our mind our mind became peaceful and we feel calm, relax and stable. As when we can’t attend to our baby crying loudly but when we see her going close to her, he /she became suddenly peaceful and calm the same thing with the mind.

Our mind is same like mobile to do the work we require mobile It became the most important part of life. To turn our mobile we require, full of charging so when we get up in the morning we make our mobiles battery with full of charge.

After some time by using this mobile it becomes discharged and we are keeping that mobile again to charge. But what about our mind.

IN the morning when we are going to the office we are full of charging but when we coming back our children are waiting for us to get the love from mama or papa, but instead of giving love to them we are angry with them loudly. Screaming at them, abusing them so what we are giving to our children? Why did We are working? and we are telling them I am working for them? Why did it happen, As mobiles battery get discharged we have charge it but I have not attended to my mind I have not charged to my mind., Same like mobile I have to make mediation for 5 minutes after an hour. I have to check my mind.&to know HOW  TO EMPOWER MIND?   

My mind is full of traffic control of my thoughts for it I have to stop for 2 min same like traffic control. When the red signal is There, red signal means waste thoughts stop it. Then yellow means input thoughts check and when green signal is there we start to run the car like this change our thoughts.

After every hour how did we can do mediation?. If ego has gone everything gone.

Jealousy, anger, greed, the sex we don’t throw it outside but only we have to keep in mind. Or in memory that, I am a peaceful soul. and I am playing a role of my boss.

     To empower the mind I have to follow these steps.

1)      Doing meditation ( feeding good thoughts) in my mind, in the morning.

2)      After each, an hour stop, check and change what is the quality of my thought by doing meditation for l ,2 min.

3)      To be calm and peaceful make purification of the mind by forgiving, by donating peaceful thoughts to anyone, by giving a pure love of peace. 

  4)      Every time sending good vibrations, by loving nature providing someone kindness, compassion peace etc.

5)      Keeping attention with my thoughts is the best way of empowering my mind.

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