Basen Ladoo Recipe – Navaratri Special

Hi friends, good morning have a wonderful day. Let’s enjoy a good healthy sweet.

Specialty Of This Sweet

This sweet is very famous in Maharashtra. Speciality of this food is baking skill. The cook or chef who has perfect skill of baking can make delicious food.

Health Importance : This food is made from ūüĎĶ Gram Dal. This Dal is rich in protein. It also clean body. We are making it with pure ūüėć ghee so it increases the proportions of proteins. It is good to digest but,when we bake it properly.

Basen Ladoo Recipe - Navratri Special
Basen Ladoo Recipe ‚Äď Navaratri¬†Special
Basen Laddoo Recipe – Navratri Special

Author name: Pranita Deshpande,


Food type : Basen Ladoo


ūüĒĎ word : Ladoo recipe

,Serve for 4

Time for it :

preparing cook total

15, 30 45 min

Ingredients for it :

1) ūüĎĶ Gram Dal Flour, : 250 GM,

2)Powder Sugar : 250gm,

3) Pure Ghee: 250gm,

Caradamom powder : 1 tbsp,

Dry fruit ūüĎä : As you wish.

Basen Ladoo Recipe - Navratri Special
Basen Laddoo Recipe – Navratri Special

Method To Make It ūüĎÜ Keep all ingredients ready.

(2) Bake the ūüéā Basen flour slowly with medium gas.

(3) Add pure ūüėć ghee to it.

(4) Stir it continues ūüėė to bake still khaman smell spread everywhere.

(5) Now add powdered sugar and cardamom powder to it. Mix it well. Add dry fruit ūüĎä as your convenience.

(6) Make it’s Ladoo. Decorating it with cashew nut or anyone.

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Health and Mental Health

Keshar Halwa Recipe _ Friday Feelings.

Halwa recipes /Keshar halwa/
Keshar Halwa RecipeKesharHalwarecipe/

Hi friends, good morning ūüĆě have a graceful day. Today we are celebrating “Laxmi Mata Vrat”.To celebrate it we need to do the worship of God with full of enthusiasm and love. For it, I decided to make Keshar Halwa. Which can give us more nutrition? It is very simple to make it. Let’s see how did I have made it?


prep cook total

5 10 15 min
Author’s name: Pranita Deshpande,

Cuisine: Indian,

Food type: Halwa Recipe,

Keyword: Keshar Halwa Recipe.

Serve for 5
Ingredients: Rava (wheat flour) : 100 gm ,

Ghee : 50 gm ,

Sugar : 50 gm ,

caradamom powder: 1 teas,

dry fruit powder: : 2 tbsp ,

Milk cream : 2 tbsp ,

cashew nuts: 4
Instructions To Make It: Bake the Rava with ghee till gray color come along with delicious smell spreads everywhere.

Now put off the gas. Add cardamom powder, dry fruit powder, sugar to it and stir it well.

Before making halwa prepare hot water to add it and keep aside.

Now keep it on the gas and add hot water to it. Add saffron and stir it well.

Your well-prepared halwa is ready to serve.
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Sweet Corn Upma- Upma Recipes

 Tasty Upma Recipe- Marathi 

  Breakfast recipes _ Upma Recipe 

This is a real homemade tasty recipe. We can make it more nutritive with good ingredients. If we will attend to make it delicious then, you never forget the taste of this recipe. Yesterday I was in worry what kind of easy recipe I could make? Then I saw there are lots of sweet corns at my home so I decided to make upma of it.

Let us see how I have made its upma .

time for it

prep cook total

10        15       25 min

author : Pranita Deshpande

cuisine :   Indian

food type :  Upma

Keyword : Sweet corn Upma , Upma Recipes 

serve for 3


cornflour   2 bowls [ 300 gm  ]

tomato     1 chopped

onion    1   chopped

green or red chilly  2 to 3

groundnut    1/2 bowl

curry leaves    3 to 4

hing   1 pinch

turmeric powder     1 teaspoon

chilly powder    1& 1/2 tbsp

salt    2 tbsp

sugar  2 tbsp

oil    3 tbsp

cumin ‘s 1 tbsp

coriander    1 tbsp [chopped ]

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

water As your convenience


: Hello, friends for making this recipe we will have to first take some sweet  corn fruits.  Bottle Guard Rice -Slow Cooker Recipe

: First, we will remove seeds from it and then we shall grind it in the mixture this floor we can take for to make Upma.

: Bake it well till the color of it changes & Khaman smell spread everywhere.

: Keep some water to boil in the pan and keep another pan on another gas:

: Pour oil in its way to heat it add Cumin seeds and mustard seeds to it, wait to splutter it. 

How to make chikoo Paratha ? Dessert recipes.

: Now ,add tomatoes, Chilies  pieces, groundnut and fry it well, add Chili powder and turmeric salt, Pinch of Hing, add sugar and  saute it  well

: Now, add a sweet corn flour to It. fry it well meanwhile water will boil on other  gas take this water and pour it into the fried sweet corn floor now stir it well.

:Keep the lid on it & give good steam for it.

: Serve it hot


sweet corn ingredients

Baked flour/


sweet corn upma/
preparing upma /

 well prepared upma

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Shahi Sweet Carrot Paratha – Women’s day Special

Happy women’s day! To make any day happy, everywhere women have to be happy and work for others. If she will not happy no one is happy anywhere. Means suppose any officer had been quarreled with his wife and came to the office, he would be definitely disturbed and never work comfortable. This is not case for officer but for each and every person who is living with any women it may be mother, sister, wife, colleague, friend , etc.

We know that every women has the power to change everyone’s life .So she has the power to transform the world. We recite 1000 names of GODDESS JAGADAMBA . These are not only names of any ladies but the parts of all work .Means it may be Pilot, writer,author, publisher, chef, if you will read 1000 names of Jagadamba , you will understand that in 1000 sections she can work better.

Any way today for #HappyWomen’sday I have decided to make Sweet Carrot Paratha.

Let us check here recipe of it .


Prep cook total

10 30 40 min

Author,s name: Dhanshri Kulkarni

Cuisine: Indian

food type : Carrot Sweet Paratha

Keyword : Carrot Sweet Paratha – Women’s day

serve for 4


Wheat flour : 250 gm

carrots : 250 gm

sugar powder : 100 gm

ghee: 1 small bowl

milk cream : 1 bowl

caradamom powder : 1 teas

cashew nut and almond powder : 1 tbsp

Method to make it: Take 250 gm fresh carrots. Keep it to cook for 5 to 10 minutes.

: Remove unwanted part of it and grind it well in the mixture and keep aside.

Take wheat flour, add ghee, sugar powder, Cashew nut and almond powder, pinch of salt to it. Mix it well.

Now add cream milk, cooked carrots and knead it well.

Apply some ghee on your hand and knead it smoothly.

Now make its small dough and roll it slowly.

Bake it with ghee and serve it with ghee or as your convenience.

cooked carrots/
http://cooked carrots/
Ingredients to make Shahi sweet Paratha/
http://Ingredients to make carrot sweet paratha/
kneaded flour for paratha/
http://Kneaded flour for paratha/
well prepared paratha/
http://well prepared paratha’s /

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Keyword: Women’sday


Rich Protein, Sweet Recipes – Green Moong Dal Halwa

Green Moong Dal Halwa Recipes – Sweet Recipes .

Indian vegetarian food

Aliv Ladoo Recipes – Healthy recipe

Aliv Ladoo Recipe _ Winter special 

Healthy Recipes _  Aliv Ladoo


Sweet Desserts Rasgulle Recipes _ Gulab Jamun[Khoya Recipe]

 Rasgulle Recipes _ How to make it?

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein 

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

These are the days of enjoyment we want to eat every types of food , it may be sweet, delicious , tasty , Khata Mithha etc . We always not eat sweets but in Diwali we think what will happen if we will eat in small amount?Maybe diabetic patient . Nothing happen to us as our thought level is upside our level .We are in happiness state.After¬† all every thing is have excuse in happiness state .We didn’t understand what we are eating, what we are doing ,etc .Diwali is the celebration of high state of happiness and removing ignorance, darkness of our egos, jealousy , evil etc .

Everything we want to make in togetherness, with lightness of mind we forgot all bitterness of our life and get together to enjoy every moment of life.

So to  enjoy every moment of life we have made GULAB JAMUN  together with family.  Here is the recipe for it . \

Time for it

prep cook total

60        60      120 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

CUISINE – Indian

food type – Sweets

keyword- Sweets, Desserts, Gulab Jamun  Recipes,

serve  for  all


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Channa :  1 +1/4 kg

Sodium bicarbonate : 1 tbsp

milk to knead   2 bowls

wheat flour  2 bowls

ghee to fry   1/2 kg

sugar for syrup    1+ 1/4 kg

cardamom powder   1 tbsp

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PROCEDURE FOR IT  ;: Bring pure channa from the market 

: Take it in the Thali make it free .

: Add soda , wheat flour to it.

: Knead it with milk continuously.

: Make its round balls smoothly.

Serve it in the dinner or lunch or for breakfast etc.

Indian vegetarian food rice

Masala Rice -How to make?

time for it

prep cook total

5        5       10 min

author ;  chhaya kulkarni

cuisine  :   Indian

food type :  rice

Keywords :Masala rice, vegetablefried, rice, mint rice, sweet rice, coconut rice 

serve for 2

Dahi Rice Ingredients..:

Cooked Rice: 1/2 kgIMG_20171111_100005

Sugar:      1 tablespoon

Dahi:       200gm

Coriander:  1/2 bowl

Green Chilly: 7 to 8

Groundnut:   20gm

Homemade protein: 2 tablespoon


Take cooked rice in a pan,

It should be cool. Make it free by hand,

add homemade protein, sugar, salt & Dahi in it.

Mix it properly. Now keep the small pan on the gas,

add some oil, cumin, mustard seeds, green chilly & ground nut in it..

Fry it for some time. Serve it with coriander. It also gives a different                                  taste. & we can make it instantly.



prepared  dahi rice

Do you know why Dahi rice .There is a say in India that if any lady has more anger she must have to give this food as a¬† ”BHOG” to the GODDESS . THEN SHE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BECOME COOL .


Masala rice

Vegetable fried rice, 

Mint rice

Sweet rice, 

Coconut rice 

Indian vegetarian food

Corn Salad Recipe – Vegetarian Nutrient

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The salad is the most important and vitamin-rich food.It must have to eat everyone for good health HEALTHY.As it supplies us all vitamins, minerals increases blood etc. It is easy for digestion as it contains good fibers. Really eating salad habit is a very good habit. Sanjeev Kapoor

But in my family none like to eat salad, this is my real tragedy.If every time I am making new food no one is eating it today today I have  fast so there is a question FOR  this salad. Who will eat it? But I must have to make it, as yesterday I have made preparation for it . Anyway, let us we shall see how I made this most important salad.


Prep  cook total

15       15       30 min

Author name : Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine- Indian

food type –¬† salad

serve for  3


sweet corn : 1 big bowl [cooked ]

tomato  1 [chopped ]

carrot   1    [chopped ]

green cucumber : 1/2 chopped

mutter   1/2 bowl

Manchurian masala :   1/2 tbsp

suhana masala   tbsp

salt   1 tbsp

sugar  1 tbsp

PROCEDURE :   :  Remove the sweet corn from fruit.

:  Keep it to cook in a cooker and take 2 to 3 whistles.

: Now chop all vegetables one by one and keep aside

: Keep all vegetables  ready that is chopped  tomatoes, chopped                                               carrots,  chopped cucumber, capsicum, mutter  ready

: Now take the Masala, I used, Suhana masala and Nilson’s¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Manchurian masala ready. @foodeezjunction

: Start to prepare, take cooked corn in a big pot.

: Add all vegetables, salt, sugar, Masalas etc

: Mix it well to make the salad.


As i have to fast today so I gave this salad to my neighbor friend and I took cane sugar juice.


unnamed (41)


unnamed (42)


unnamed (39)


unnamed (43)
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Wheat Grain Desserts Recipe -sweets

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