About me- Short story

It can’t express in in one page.

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I am an author, writer blogger, food blogger. I have published  100  posts on my site , I have 10000 recommendation in UC MEDIA.COM . I can write excellent blog posts on any subject . All contents are original 100% devotion for article .Research writing, blog post writing . 

I was from middle class and poor family. Since childhood I was curious , passionate to take knowledge. I heard from my mother’s sister that my grandmother has been rejected me as a girl child and she always hates me. When I was crying she was throwing me outside the home. My father also hates me as I was continuously crying .


But when I entered in the school I  become  a famous clever girl. I like to sing a song, dancing, worshiping , reading etc . In this way I became topper in the class. Up to 4th class I had been with my parents .Then we didn’t have next education in that village so I must have to go to the another village . My elder brother and I went to the another village where my uncle and Aunty was living .I was with them for 3 years . My Aunty had mental disorder problem and she didn’t have her own child so she always hates us and not behaving correctly with us .Still I was with her for 3 years means up to 7 th class.

Then for 8th class education there was again no next class. They send me in big town that is in Latur . We have hiring 1 room for it and started to live there . That room have only 15 Rs rent per Month . I have to make food of 3 people on so  small  stove then I couldn’t make sufficient food for us so we didn’t get complete food to eat . Up to 12 th sci I had been faced this problem.

My life is with full of difficulties and troubles. I have completed my B.Ed. from one school  YCMOU,Nashik. I was first class in B.Ed.

After  B.Ed I was married and shifted to another  village. So I left my first job and I joined teacher job in another school . I was continuously running job after three years of job my elder son of two years was suffered from blood cancer so I must have to go Bombay for his treatment. I lived there one year with him. As treatment was so hard and after that also I must have to go Bombay 5 years for his maintains so and my husband got job (Government) so I decided to left my job.

Then in 1998 I started my tuition’s About me when I am running tuition I was learned about students behavior, students mind , students requirement (Psychological) etc.

I have been written and published small book that is “FUTURE OF STUDENT”. The book is of pocket size but I filled it with best knowledge so that it can develop every students life. That book it self inspired to wonder me in village so at least two years I get up  early in the morning keep my one and half year child in Montessori  and going to distribute that book. In so many school  I was giving small speech on that book and students inspired with that book .In this way I wondered in the small villages about [20 ] by walking, some times by any van .Sometimes getting good food to eat , sometimes not getting good food.

With this book again I was inspired to write another book ”BUDHIMAAN VIDHYARTHI KASE VAHVE? ” This book is running successfully in the market since 13 years .


After that I was started to work for distributing these books . Then I was joined to ”Brahmakumari class” With this knowledge I have written a new book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES ” published by Partridge publishing com USA . 

Then I have published about 1000 valuable posts with my original knowledge. These posts have great value . 

Since 2003 to 2019 I am only giving thoughts  and knowledge to the people . 

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